It looks absolutely epic and check out the size of it. es ist. Definitely a handful that’s. Was sie sagte, i’ll tell you what guys um, i really do have it nailed when it comes to looks. Oh, schau, parcels just turned up. We’Ll have a little look to see. What’S in there a little bit later, hast du einen Job, den du hasst? Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie könnten bequem von zu Hause aus mehr Geld verdienen. Das war mein Traum und es wurde Realität, als ich anfing. Verkaufen auf ebay und ich habe jetzt Hunderte von Menschen gelehrt, meine Geheimnisse, also schauen Sie sich einfach die Ergebnisse hier von einigen meiner Studenten. Also, wenn du es satt hast 90 Oder 5 – und Sie wollen mehr Geld verdienen als ein Arzt aus dem Komfort Ihres eigenen Hauses, then click on the link down below and i’ll show you how check out the arrow on this thing. Guys it’s got a diffuser under there really aggressive rear wing. We’Ve got some more downforce going on in the front here. Let’S have a look to see what’s inside it, so i wasn’t originally going to buy this car because it is actually based on the armor infraction it’s. The same chassis it’s got most of the same parts in there, but the felony does have a few differences. Zuallererst, we have much wider tires on the rear and they’re, also taller so they’ve had to change the rear.

Diff ratios we’ve got all this extra aerodynamics going on and guys. I can’t wait to try it out so we’re, going to run it on this 3s bangered lipos, both together to make it success and we’re going to charge you up on this charger here. If you want to know more about that, there’s going to be a link down below and there’s, also going to be a link to where you can get this car from all right, let’s see what other junk we get in the box. You get the controller which is pretty decent, it’s got avc on it, which is pretty much a gyro, and it helps you drift it. Im grunde, if the car skids out the wheels are going to counter steer into the opposite direction. Also im Grunde, if you’re a noob you’re going to look like a pro, then we’ve got stickers. Extra shims for the diff toolkit, hohe Geschwindigkeit, gearing and some body show accessories. We’Ve got a supercharger we can put on there, these trumpet things or twin turbos intercoolers and a tube. So no idea what that is. If you know what it is guys give me a comment down below success, Baby, so steering plenty of speed and power. That is gon na go and it’s gon na go even faster once we get the high speed gearing on there. Oh, i see what’s in this parcel. Oh, schau, it’s a little drift car we’ll unbox it and have a little play with it later on.

In diesem Video, all right let’s give it a rip. Oh pop carpet, Applaus, guys that looks sick let’s, get it out in the real world. Wir sind vor Ort, Wir haben, got clarity in the house. They’Ve got their felony down here. This one’s a black edition one and they’ve, got some really cool bits on there from customize the upgrades and some other nice goodies. So if you want to see that you can head over to their channel claire’s, just celebrating her 10 000 subscriber special 20 000 nextand here we have my oneslet me know in the comments guys, which one do you prefer. I reckon they both look. Really cool let’s go oh that’s, a weapon. Alles klar, let’s get the gopro on there ready steady, Gehen, get it that’s the thing with these guys. I pick up these so quickly. Uh Applause – Oh, that was close, guys absolute weapon, but we do have a couple of minor problems. Ersten, one is tire wear which is kind of my fault, but you know you can’t really help yourself when you’re having this much fun. Zweite, one is which is kind of related to that is that the diffs are a little bit loose, Wie Sie sehen können, sometimes you’re trying to donate it or slide it. It sort of unloads all the power onto the wheel with the least grip that just spins up the other side is just sort of not spinning at all, and it just wears the tyres out and also it puts double drpm through to the other tyre that can Cause them to blow out so in the future videos we’re going to take this apart, we’re going to put some thicker diff fluid into the diffs, then we’re going to take out for another one, but all in all an absolutely epic piece of kit and one of My favorite rc cars and, if you want to know we can get it from there’s going to be a link down below.

Auch, i reckon we can get this even faster than 80 miles an hour if we play with the gearing so we’re going to do that. In a future video i want to see if we can get this thing to go over 100 mile an hour just for playing with the gearing so make sure you subscribe and smash the bell. If you want to see it all right, let’s see what this drift car is all about. Oh check it out guys and it comes with a controller batteries, charger and a set of drift tyres, so let’s chuck them on the car and then let’s take it out for a whip check it out guys now guys i’m, not gon na bore you with all The techno babble so i’m, just gon na put a link down below for all the specifications and also where you can buy it from and guys. This is dirt cheap, so let’s get the battery in there and take it out for a whip and see if it’s any good, Alles klar, let’s rip it – Applaus, oh Musik, Musik, oh Musik, so, Musikapplaus! Oh, schau! Jungs! It’S got this protective film on there pull that off.