An hour plus maybe look at that, the bulkhead is gone. We can see the differential in there, but no big. If you want to know we can get all these parts from and all the techno Music. So these chassis do that. So here we have the servo, and this is ask: how do i get out snapped screws? You could use one of these sort of look its way too small were not going to get that in there. Hey ive got these fun not enough on there to quite grip. It so piece here into the voice edge of clamping helm. If we wiggle his welding rod, we should be able to wind it Music. So here lets get all this stuff and put it back in there play. If you have too much play between the crown wheel here and the pinion inside there actually comes some shims. We can put those onto the diff and it still turns lovely and freely sort of its coming loose. A bit of grease ive, put into a syringe for easy application. Bezaubernd. Wenn Sie hier hinsehen, Sie können sehen,, the standard shock tower is completely bent, so these stock standoffs, i have a habit of bending and breaking the new extreme, a lot thicker than the stock ones. So it comes with a drill bit. So here we have the new m2c hinged minute when its on there forgot about these boom. nächster, we got ta do exactly the same again on the front end, so as we can see with the m2c hinge pin system if he was to crash on here, the suspension knob is trying to rip all of this off.

Of the button makes it like double or strong. It shares the load over both sides. A lot lot stronger, so weve got it all screwed. On on this side, we cant use and theres not enough room to get not on the other side of it. So were going to drill another hole and next were going to get all this stuff here back in again boom. So next weve got to order a couple of parts. I need some new side going block can accept some sort of a skid plate on here. So were going to get them and these stock ones they bend really easily. So i think aluminium chassis next were heading over to a main, and we want both. jetzt, while were waiting for the postman to show up, we need to get the body fitted im thinking. We can do is what weve done with this typhoon, which is also well just attach it on there somehow and we have skin plates turned up, and maybe we can just leave it full length. Oh, Nein, so, apparently you wind it in or out lets come out. Lass uns einen Blick darauf werfen. No maybe i got a dagger. Oh mein Gott, guys that is in the here. Du gehst. Is it going to come out? This technique has never ever let me down every single time. Ive had a screw. Oh post came from custom rc upgrades. Wenn Sie es wissen wollen, we can get one and the 7075 m2c chassis, i dont think bible tape and shoe goo to the bottom.

It makes the body last about 10 Mal. Dont forget guys. If you want to know we can get the car from down below. Oh, schau: whats turned up brand new live pies from the crew. Oh, you got italian as well. You race, Musik whoa. We got all the contenders lining up whats this one thats, seltsam, yes and another teddy thats, the one ready were coming through were coming through. This is so fast out. There maybe were going to stand a chance. One more come on. Oh dein, one yeah next location and were gon na see how high we can dump it hit this. It probably lost 70 Meilen pro Stunde. Oh, we got clear in the house, we have inspection going on here. Can i have it? Can you ever go yeah next kielans going to go flat out, weve got the dumbo range, so you can go all the way over.