Sie wollen es ja sehen, Das ist also Transformer Robot Star, Es ist also ein Transformator-Roboterauto, Und jetzt heute sind wir gon na überprüfen dieses Auto. Wir werden es öffnen. Wir werden sehen, wie es funktioniert. Gefällt es Ihnen ja, Sie möchten es öffnen. Können. Tu es, aber vorher, dass, if youre new to my channel and you havent subscribed to my channel yet then please dont forget to subscribe our Channel and like this video yay, this remote control car toy is available on Amazon. I have given the link, so you can check the description for this toy car. Dies ist eine Fernbedienung, transform car Robot, es hat 360 Gradrotation, it moves forward backward, it turns right and it rotates 360 Grad. So this is the remote control and functions are very easy. It can be really easily operated by the kids. Now you can see it has these functions, it has got LED light and One Click Change in one click, it transform into a robot. So now we are gon na open this one. So this is our car. This is a remote. This battery operated, so this remote is battery operated and the car is also battery operated foreign ing this one with the screw and Im putting batteries into it. You can see those LED lights, then I switch on and switch off button behind the car, so you can switch it on and switch it off whenever you want now well start playing with it see its one button deformation card, so remote control car is very easy.

Remote control car is very easy to play and you have to just press a button and it will transform into a very strong robot to play with the kids by pressing the Auto demo and then press deformation to rotate 360 degree and move forward. Flash lightings are also very attractive. It is made up of very sturdy and durable plastic. This toy car is perfect for the childrens age 5 years and above its very easy to play for the kids forward and backward, and it turns left and it turns right, Auto demo and one click deformation. The transform police car can be transformed into a 360 Grad. Robot, Okay, one two three yeah during this holiday season. This robot car is a perfect gift for the kids. So if you like this product, I have given its purchase Link in my description box. You can go and check there, so this was the Shanas holiday gift and if you liked our video dont forget to press the like button and if you havent subscribed to our Channel, please do subscribe to our channel for more such videos. Vielen Dank.