This is lovely. So here is the bashing area. Hey guys. I love the gmc there you can classic the tracks. We are going to patch today x, max udr carriage fox fs, hp, ibalia and let’s, see here in this truck: oh gazidim, Music and armor creighton. Oh, my god, two hpi and one here is the truck completely loaded with armor cretans. Oh boy, look at this pinion whoa, and this is one seventh, the traxxas up hello, and this is the borza, and this is the kratom itself again Music. Can you see the size difference? The wheelbase almost the same put them together, align them. Yes, the length is the same, but the width, the width of the crate, let’s, see the width. Okay, Music. This car is five feet: Music, hey guys! This is the traxxas cdr after the great rail arms, Music. Okay, guys this is the that’s. The six max 160 scale in the same place, you can see the track it’s back with the tqi remote, and here we go. We here we go. This is absolutely a beast Music guys. This is absolutely i mean i love it. I love it Music. This is Music Music, as you can see without the body. This is how it will climb and run you hear the sound, the noise two stroke engine oil Music, all right guys. As you can see, it will run a 6 cell battery 6 cell only inside with the casino xlx and for the upgraded alloy, 5b.