I’Ve got it. That is so fast wow it’s fast! Hier geht es hier her. We go wow, you guys it’s pink i’m, so excited. When am i not excited, Obwohl? I’M always excited uh, first pink rc car. This is the lc racing. Truckee uh, this is our second lc racing vehicle we’ve ever had on the channel nate’s, going to tell you a little bit of insight that we learned after having our first lc buggy on the channel. But i am just excited to get this out and run it because um do you guys remember the dest 210? We probably had this on the channel either in 2013 Oder 2014.. If you’ve been around that long, let us know in the comments, if you remember that video it just reminds me with the white hubcaps, just the style, Weißt du, es ist, like a stadium truck just reminds me of that, and i really like it. Ich, like the looks, i hope this performs well and the last time we ran lc racing. We did it at the track, which was pavement, but today i said, let’s take this on some dirt, so dass das. What we’re going to do today? Nate get the truck ready. So this little guy comes in at 260 Dollar, which is extremely steep, and we still highly recommend that most bashers, most casual rc people that are like us pick up something like the purple buggy or the black desert. Buggy we’ll have them both linked in the description box below they come in at half the price, less than half the price, but basically get the same thing done.

There is a big fan base for this brand, though of racers. If you want a ready to run race ready vehicle of this scale, then this is what you want to go, Für, i will say the one thing i’m disappointed in with this is that it didn’t come with a charger. You know it comes with a battery. It says it’s ready to run and it’s just a little 2s battery. I really would have thought it would have come with a charger. Ours did not. Maybe that was just a fluke, but i had to charge it with my hobby grade. Charger i’m also slightly disappointed in the radio. Only the fact i mean it comes with all these trim, functionalities and that’s great. It has an extra third and fourth channel but i’m disappointed that it has a hard plastic wheel, not a foam wheel at 260 Dollar. I just would have expected a little bit more. Weißt du. Sometimes we learn just as much from our viewers as we do try to teach you guys and when we learn stuff in a video we’re able to pass that knowledge on in a future video like this. So yeah super expensive, but if you want to get into the race scene, this is where you go. Also here’s gon na it’s gon na blow all of our lc racing fans minds. You can buy one of these and you do not have to race it. You can just off road bash it, which is what we’re going to do today, Alles klar: Okay, you’re ready, so it’s brushless, es ist, vier Rad, drive already wrapped, though i hear it.

Yeah let’s, take a look. Let's, take a look! It doesn’t, Ja, Ja, ja! Look at that so abby’s just turning sharp go ahead and do it again andand that is rubbing super bad, so i think they should trim that back more. We should, i mean that’s an easy thing to do. We have some body trimming scissors actually doesn’t seem to be doing that on the left, though yeah it’s picking it up. So if you turn sharp it’s gon na it’s gon na look it’s running nice and quiet, though other than that it’s got some power. This going uphill wow yeah nice. Can you just cut that right now? Do you have a knife? I have a knife and it’s super annoying won’t be able to cut it. Okay, but uh scissors will do it. They actually make some body trimming scissors that we have so we’ll clean it up, abby’s, Ersten, Rosa, buggy or truggy. I mean it’s driving, really good it’s just every time. That grinding is just like ear piercing because it makes you sounds like we’re uh grinding gears, but it is just the body rubbing the tires super fast whoa. Oh, you got me wow wow, that is fast super fast fast for 14 Skala, right and 2s yeah and it’s a good thing. You didn’t get yourself. You got sandals on basically, so the reason that hurt my toe so much is because of this awesome, Aluminium-Chassis. Ich meine, ich werde sagen,: lc racing didn’t take any shortcuts.

They just you know they charge them well, actually they did take some shortcuts. They didn’t come with a charger and i’m, not a huge fan of that wheel. You guys tell me why would they release a buggy that clearly has a rubbing issue right yeah? Am i missing something? Is it maybe because normal people wouldn’t, like racing wouldn’t, turn this sharp? Gut, it comes out of the box with that. You could turn your steering wheel rates down, but then you can’t turn a sharp steering trim right, no dual right, so turn it down it’s going. I think that might do it. I might do it. I think that yeah definitely did well you’re still grabbing it, but not as bad. I got something stuck in it. You’Re good, a race ready out of the box, 260 dollar vehicle shouldn’t come with that rubbing issue. Meiner Meinung nach, meiner Meinung nach, got ta be a little critical of this being so expensive. merken, es ist! Still a 260 dollar rc i kind of want to do a speed test on this. I know we’re going downhill a lot, but also uphill. I mean oh it’s, popping wheelies it’s got a lot of punch for a 2s battery nice. This is this is the kind of stuff that we like to do. I just like to do whatever i want. Ja, Hallöchen, look how fast this goes got it. That is so fast wow, es ist, actually really scary, it’s uh it’s it’s got some weight to it.

Ich meine, if that hit your toes you’d, be feeling it for a few days no it’s powerful. Okay, i think it’s stuck it’s wedged in behind this little wow. Okay, almost got it uh yeah, oh right into the wall. What are you doing throttle when you full throttle? It is like on this surface kind of crazy, Okay, Ja. Is that fun ouch? That was my foot oh right into it. I like never hit you but twice twice in one video. Oh, meine Güte, Alles klar, let’s see how much better you can drive this than me. Your first pink buggy yeah. I don’t like the rubbing it’s fast wow. It can just hop right up on those rear, wheels i’m guessing this isn’t going for longevity it’s going for performance completely that’s the way it’s geared you know and on that 2s battery with the jeans plug there’s ample room in there for a bigger battery too. You do not have to just run the one that’s included. Look at that wow. What i’m saying is, Ich denke, we’ll have a short run time yeah. This needs a speed test. Yeah it’s crazy, take it through this that’s. I think it’s fine going through the dents. You ready well, wenn Sie es nicht tun, have a full throttle, it just drive it through it’s fun. Oh, i forgot to tell you not to break my truck. It did like a corkscrew that was cool yeah you’re right you don’t have to.

I don’t have to do full throttle. I don’t have to do full throttle. I always feel like when we’re up here we’re like an advertisement for honda. I know it looks so good. Oh, you know online. I thought this looked like red white and blue, but it’s definitely pink isn’t it is it blue or purple you guys because i would say purple, but some people, you know it’s like that, color that people argue about is it purple? Is it blue? Maybe what does that mean is the indigo? Is that what that means? I could see blue, but then i want it to be purple. Obviously that is blue. Okay, now that we discussed colors in this video, because that’s what’s important, that is what’s important here we go herewe go wow that’s, like maybe the fastest 14th scale. Oh super fast, es ist, Verrückt, it just hugs to the road. This i feel like is so much better than that buggy how fast it goes uphill. I mean it’s going uphill it’s crazy. If people just tell us in the comments, if you want to see a speed run, let us know i want to do a speeding i’m. Just hello it’s crazy, such a little guy. I really like this. Oh welcome to block of shame. That’S three it’s back to you. Lack of shame, Spaziergang der Schande, Gehen, Gehen, go Laughter, Das heißt, not shame see. People can do that. Nate can do that.

Maybe if i uh, i can’t do it back in the owner’s hands yeah it’s, yours i’m, glad i got to drive it though, because that’s really fun really powerful. If this is meant for racing, ich denke, es ist, ziemlich genial. Es ist schnell, Ja, i'd. Take this on a track, get a bunch of noobs together and just blast it around the track. I like it even at the low end of power. Those tires are blurring like crazy. Look at that nice wow, sehr beeindruckend, rc we’ll have this buggy linked down in the description box below plus, if you’re more budget minded we’ll have our two current favorite wl toys, rc Autos, a buggy and a desert truck down there too, for you guys to check To check out but i’m really impressed with this for 14 Skala, it’s super fast um. I would love to see a ton of these racing. I think that would be a lot of fun me too wow flames up right here. Gut, Zu, Das ist verrückt, sehr zäh. I like this spot because it really puts the rc’s through their paces like if they can, if it can make it through this. Just like that rally, car did, it is extremely durable. I’Ve literally ran this into a dirt wall, yeah and stuff like that wow and it comes out in one piece, Das ist verrückt. So the one issue we had with the other one that we got on the channel was the rear, spoiler shattered after a crash, but it’s because of the material it’s made out of to make it lighter weight.

It looks like this version has the more durable rugged. Very flexible forgiving plastic on there so that’s why nothing has broken i’m, a huge fan. Now it is expensive. Oh, that would look crazy yeah if you’re just in it to bash. Maybe not this yeah, maybe not just the bash, but it was fun. Ich, like the speed of it. If you you know, if you’re a person that likes the x maxx, sie sind, Verrückt, du bist, Okay, with dropping 900, this would be probably one of the best 14 scale things you could buy, slowing down battery running out yeah. I feel like it might be okay, so it really just depends how much money you like to spend in the hobby, but we have, as abby said some of the best recommendations linked down below too. Wenn 260 is too much for a 14 scale vehicle for you, but abby likes it yeah, i love it for such an awesome car and to be able to share such an awesome experience with you guys. I just want to thank god it’s a beautiful day. We have a lot to be thankful, for so thanks to the big guy, upstairs also want to say a huge thank you to our rc patron family members. You guys are the backbone to our channel. You know who you are. We love you, you guys rock uh before we go i’m gon na, have our other lc racing buggy popping up right about now, for you guys to check out if you’re interested in this brand it’s, the only other lc racing vehicle we’ve had on our channel.