So heißt es für acht plus lässt: Fahren Sie fort und packen Sie es aus. Es sind also Jungs, die sicherstellen, dass Sie es auf den Kopf stellen. Sobald Sie dieses Stück herausziehen, weil Sie gon na brechen Sie diesen Reißverschluss und bekommen Sie auch Ihre Batterien hier direkt hinein, alle richtigen Jungs. So, das war's jetzt. It is protected with a thin layer of plastic, so peel off a corner and peel off the entire truck. All right guys check this out. Is that not cool or what that is really cool, so theres the front end you guys can see inside the cockpit there. I say cockpit but driver seat on the back here. You actually have two spare tires right on the back. Plenty of ground clearance looks like theres plenty of room inside here for mounting a gopro. You can take the body off, but theres a lot of screws. If you want to take this body off, aber es ist möglich, so we flip it underneath here, you just turn these levers to access the battery bay, so it looks like wow. They either give you two or three batteries lets, go ahead and open up this battery compartment. If you use a knife, Sei vorsichtig, Sie tun es nicht, cut the wire so and heres the charger, and it looks like a second battery, so they provide you with two batteries, and these are pretty big batteries like theyre theyre, big battery banks, so youre gon na have some Fun with themand you just simply connect it in like thisit just you just charge it with a usb port plug in your cable right here and plug it into any usb port.

This is your remote control, just a standard, Fernbedienung. You turn it with here. You have your on and off right here, trigger right. Es gibt äh, it looks like lets, see lets go find where we put the batteries in at battery compartments on the side, so guys it takes two aaa batteries for the remote Music. I just wan na Music Music because they treat me like an outcast. I aint gon na take that stay back ill, be swinging on till the hits coming off caps. I aint gon na lehne zurück bete, dass jemand gon na hilft mir aint. Niemand so. I aint gon na wait. Thats all fat give me one shot and ill, never get the throne back. Im sick of being cautious ima go cause something cant. Stop this imma steal, everybodys name call the shoplift sick of hearing. Everyone complain when they die less taste. The pain its like candy canes, it makes me, go changing to a better frame into Music in the bags Music Applause Music. I wont you cannot tell me Music all right guys, so the final verdict on this rc truck so its not going to win any awards for speed its not going to win any awards for its turnability, so it corners things very wide um. You got forward. Reverse the speeds. Okay: this is definitely the perfect um starter rc. For any kid i mean im telling you guys. This is the perfect for a kid, because its durable its not super fast, so theyre not going to destroy it uh i could go through water mud.

Very you know snow, but very um thin snow, so not that deep, Insgesamt Jungs, its a great rc for a beginner. I mean absolutely great, because theyre going to have a very hard time of breaking this and theyre going to have tons of fun with it.