Rc 4×4 monster truck full wheel drive also known as a px toys, 9300 a model and here’s the Box on. Obviously the box you’ll find it doesn’t. Look exactly like the truck that’s inside it’s got a brushless motor, which is 2440 with an eighteen year, brushless esc 4300 kv motor, which is good for 2 s lipo’s, and this actually comes with 2 2s lipo batteries, 1200 milliamp batteries. It also comes with an extra shell, which is the body for the truck it actually comes with a yellow body. The one that comes on the truck is red. It has the extra yellow one in the box, along with the tools, comes with two of these batteries. 1200 milliamp comes to the USB charger now we’ll take off the lid the cover here. The body I’ve obviously already ran this outside. I streamed it up a little bit, but this is the body to read plastic body, not too fancy the yellow. One is exactly like it where this one’s red, the other one’s yellow on the inside, got the 18 amp brushless esc. We have 4300 kv 2440 brushless motor, which is waterproof. The ESC is water resistant as well, but I don’t believe this switch is water resistant. I think we’d be okay for puddles of water, but I don’t think you’d want to run it through anything larger than a puddle of water. It has rubber tires soft rubber tires with no foam. The shocks are your average just spring dampener, which would be nice if you could add oil to them, but you can’t, bumper it’s, pretty flexible.

Overall, it seems like a pretty fast little. Car it’ll run up to 35 miles per hour and the batteries last well. According to the box that says 20 minutes each battery, but I got about 15 minutes per battery to run time out of this in grass, no short grass, you can’t it won’t work on tall grass, it is full, will Drive and it has metal drive shafts. All four corners and then a metal drive shaft in the center, which you really it’s hard to see there. You bet it’s metal and it also has metal differentials. The transmitter has that throttle and steering dual rate settings. The throttle trim setting is actually a speed setting. It kind of you can speed it up or slow it down, whichever you like, so if you’re a beginner using this for the first time, you can put it on two or three which will make the car slow or you put it on ten it’ll go as Fast as it can go, it has a foam steering wheel on it. It feels good in your hand, standard left hand, controller and it feels good to the touch it’s responsive and it seems to work really well. I didn’t have any problems with transmission range. I actually used this and it went quite far at least 200 yard without shutting off according to the instructions, the package it says, a hundred meters 328 feet up, but that’s unobstructed view outdoors. No, I was outdoors.

I ran this far enough that you really couldn’t see it so it’s kind of hard to control it anyway, but it still didn’t lose control. I was still able to turn it around and bring it back. These little tires are pretty soft rubber tires. I wish they had foam in them, but other than that I mean this is just a good basic kids toy even comes with a little tool as well for the tires, and the package there’s also a screwdriver in it. If you want to move the shock positions, there are multiple shock positions on the tower that you can adjust here on the front or the rear. Now that’s been the unboxing of the dear RC 9300 e 18 scale RC and in the next video I’ll. Take it outside and run it. This is ace here, just a short unboxing. Video have a good day. Everyone make sure to LIKE and subscribe to my channel.