The battery lifes, not bad, and you know what its quite fast even on 2s battery. So the people over at drc approached me by email and said: weve got this new rc car, its called the 300e. Its a brushless truck little pouch of goodies lets. Take a look inside here, a cleaning brush. I guess whats in here these look like spurges theyre. Perhaps the drive gears it looks like they give you two pinions for the differentials and then these two are motor pinions in here weve got a screwdriver, weve got a load of screws and the outer wheel. Bead locks, a usb lithium ion battery charger, a hex wheel, wrench and a load of spare body pins and spare accessories now lets take a look at the truck. Oh okay, it comes with two body shells. You can choose the red and theres the yellow that it comes with advertised on the website that is really cool. Even the body pins have got these little rubber grippers, so you can pull them off nice and easily thats cool ive got steering wheel so left and right. This is fully proportional acceleration. Braking youve got trims on the top and on off switch as well takes three double a batteries. Yeah nice little remote control, this its light. It seems to do the job and its 2.4 gigahertz: Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Applause. So this truck costs about 160 and it will ship to you pretty quickly on amazon as well ill put links down below if youre interested in picking one of these little beasts up and remember its not for girls.

Of course, girls can play with it its just. What their slogan says for boys one of these, then the branded drc batteries 7.4 volts. So you get two of these batteries included with the pack im using a third party charger to charge faster. Looking at the truck more closely, you can see, it has fully proportional steering. Youve got the green shock caps, just there and theres the motor in the center. Its got a blue style to it. Heres, the three motor poles going into the esc and the on off switch just there, so thats your space just there for the battery. I think we should put the bead locks on and make these wheels look. Awesome. Applause, Music, Applause, Music, right, weve got the gps speed meter lets see how fast this little 300e can go. Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music ive had about 40 minutes of fun. With this truck now and its pretty much time for us to head home, nothing has broken on it, its pretty good, actually um, yeah first impressions. This would be great for anyone starting off in a hobby of rc. You know it comes with two batteries, two shells. I love the b lock wheels. You know its a good little bit of kit really for the money that says 18 miles per hour, guys that is not 35 miles an hour that must be on 3s lipo, not 2s. It is quite hard to control, especially at higher speeds.

I dont know how you would control this on 3s lipo, to be honest, its probably too much so thats – why they give you 2s, because its about right, its quick, 18 miles an hour, its all right, its not too bad at all. Thank you drc for sending me your truck for review and testing its pretty cool. So thanks for that uh guys. If you want to pick up one of these trucks on amazon, therell, be a link down below and as always ill see you next time bye.