Here, we’re gon na feature a couple of cool rc trucks from deer rc. They contacted us and wanted to introduce their lineup to all of us. Guys we’ll leave a link there. You can check it out in the description. They got a really cool lineup of a lot of cool rc stuff. This is the one that we like the best uh it’s, the deer rc 300e. It is a 4×4 brushless high speed monster truck. So this thing looks super awesome, guys it’s a 118 scale, brushless motor metal steering servo 2.4 gigahertz. So, of course, guys you can run that as many as you want metal, cbds, brushless, esc, uh, there’s, your controller uh, things of note. We always have to note this is recommended for ages, 14 and up guys. So this is a pretty high speed truck. It is four wheel: drive uh, ready to run. Anything we want to hear see over here, probably have to get uh. What does it look like three double a’s. For the controller guys, this truck looks so cool uh that’s enough for the box. I think that’s what it looks like brushless rc cars from deer rc so guys i didn’t really know much about deer rc until they got a hold of us and i started looking at their stuff and they got a lot of cool stuff guys. So let’s get this unboxing going. Remember guys always cut away from yourself with the knife, all right, Applause let’s get.

It opened up, of course, guys, as we always recommend, read all the literature that comes with your new rc car uh. This looks like a customer service card for gear rc, which is cool. I always love to see the rc stuff. It comes with support, so you can extend your product warranty to 12 months, so you scan that qr code and do what’s prompted to do so. That’S cool go through your product manual, guys and overall rc junkies, but it makes sense to just familiarize yourself with the unit user’s manual for brushless rc car esc, all right so go through your literature guys. You know. We always recommend that this is just a quick unboxing and then we’re going to take this thing out and bash. It do a review with it. So let’s pull it out. No money inside guys all right, let’s check out the goody bags, real, quick! Oh! What is that? Okay, so you got a usb charger standard. What is this look at? That guys looks like it comes with some uh a couple extra spur gears, some pinion gears, huh that’s, unique cool. They must know me all right, so that’s, cool goodies and, of course, Applause got your little four way and a little screwdriver and what oh, some extra body pins a couple extra screws in there. Oh that’s cool guys, a nice little goody bag in there guys. This is a pretty much a hobby grade. Truck too you can do some little upgrades with it.

Uh you break anything. They do have uh spare parts you can buy. There’S our battery looks like uh what we got there: 7.4 volt 1200 milliamp Applause, lipo battery cool and there should be an extra one in the truck too so let’s pull this beast out and see what we got that’s. What she looks like guys – and this is another cool thing with this track – guys check this out. It comes with an extra body, so that’s awesome and they both already look pretty sweet Applause, cool that’s, very unique right guys. All right, let’s take a look at what it looks like sitting down. Here. Applause looks like it has full independent suspension, Applause, nope Applause from the back awesome let’s. Take this thing off and see what we got going on on the inside. Yes, we’ll be upgrading the body clips to our favorite, pull tabs pretty sweet. Looking all right there we go there’s our extra battery on the inside there’s, our cool brushless motor that looks pretty sitting in there got our esc receiver metal gear, servo, pretty sweet. The shocks. Look pretty cool too uh guys. It looks like everything. Is these the little phillips head screws? So we can do uh any kind of adjustments. It’S got some extra holes in there adjust for ride. Look inside there guys those metal drive, shafts, pretty sweet that’ll be a big help from my driving and then the back too. You got the metal driveshafts, pretty awesome, pretty sweet, looking truck guys.

So what we are going to do is we are going to get these batteries out and get them charged up. We’Re going to head out and uh put this thing through its first rc insider’s bash. All right guys, pretty cool don’t, forget to check out drc, got a whole bunch of cool little uh, 18s and 12s, and some other stuff too guys so go ahead and check them out all right. We’Ll see you out in basheson all right guys, we’re out here with the 300e from drrc. I forgot to show you guys the controller in the unboxing part, pretty nice controller. Actually i know i got it on i’ll run it up my hands. It’S at four wheel. Drive nice little steering wheel here, another cool thing guys is you have a speed limiter here, so you can start out real slow if you got a new new uh cool, rc, guy or girl. Of course, you can turn your speed all the way down and all the way up and anywhere in between you got your spear steering, trim and, of course, the indicator light pretty nice feeling controller, though nice and comfortable so we’ll. Take it out here and just start driving this baby around we’ll do some of our normal stuff we’ll test the turning radius in it Music, and it is peppy guys right off the bat, so here’s the turning radius on it nice and tight, as you would expect From a 118 people are out and about now guys guys it’s got some speed to it tonight, check out the acceleration Applause Music.

All right, so it’s got some real nice acceleration. What we’ll do is uh we’ll run it all the way out that way until it runs out and then i’ll walk it off of course, get my little daily exercise in and we’ll find out what kind of range we got on it, that’s some pretty good rain. All right guys, 375 feet on the control range. That is awesome right. 375 feet could barely see the car anymore and that that’s, where we lost control, i forget what they said you would get out of it. I think it was 280 feet, but we actually got 375 feet of range out of the 300 e sweet let’s go bash. This thing on the baseball field let’s go play some baseball Music, guys Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, let’s, get dizzy and do some donuts; Music Applause, Music Applause, Music backwards; Applause, Applause, guys, there’s; actually, people out playing baseball now, it’s awesome it’s been a long time Music. Here let’s check the different speeds on it. So, like i said you got this little dial here, you can turn your speed all the way down and anywhere in between. So this will be your low speed. We’Ll turn it up to let’s, say, mid speed, Applause, Music and then, where we like to live. This will be all the way up. Speed Applause, so let’s see how it does in this grass out here. Remember: it’s a 118 scale, but it is four wheel.

Drive all right guys just see how nasty thick that grass is this 118 scale with that brushless polish, no problem, Applause, Applause, Applause, let’s see if we can get some big drifts, going Applause, wipeout, guys, Applause Applause, i don’t know why i like driving on the test Court so much i remember when i was a kid how much i just like to walk on the tunnel. Sport like it was so cool. Now i get to drive rc cars on tennis, Applause, courts. Applause, me, Applause! Oh Applause! A good bash session is not complete until you’re upside down, alright guys so what’d, you think of the drrc300e pretty sweet little basher right guys. We did some stuff with it um the initial charge. Time on the battery for the first charge was about 30 minutes and we actually got just a little over 20 minutes out of the battery. So two batteries 40 minutes of action right guys, uh bash, is pretty good. All in all, i would call this one: a win for deer rc uh. Thank you dear rc, uh glad to be introduced to your lineup got a nice lot of nice. Looking trucks and stuff we’ll be happy to bash anything that’s. What we do bash it right guys don’t forget to check that link. Uh, you know, check out deer rc’s stuff. I mean they got a lot of nice cool stuff and as far as the 300 e goes pretty sweet right, guys, Music Applause.

Oh, he almost got a flip out of it all right, guys, don’t forget if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button before you go we’re gon na do something fun and cool. Every week, uh we’ll be announcing our next giveaway soon so make sure you’re signed up for the giveaways until next time.