So these are the tires on the one i used for about. Three months before uh the servo died, so i got ta get a uh anyways. They actually sell a kit to convert it. Brushless so that’s something i’m going to be doing to uh this guy in the future. But for now the company sent me this one as a replacement, and these tires are still working, but i mean they’re already lost quite a bit of tread, so we’re gon na give this a shot and see if these tires work, uh, which is funny uh. The more i look into the teating, the more i’m like yep i’m gon na get one of those because it is fully waterproof and it’ll, be my one and only car that i like good uh. You know when it rains i’m, like oh i’m gon na, go outside and play because typically you ruined tires, but these types of tires there’s, no foam in them, so you’re not going to get uh foam wet and you just squeeze the water out of it. It’S not a big deal which is uh the same thing with these tires: there’s, no foam in them, so getting them wet isn’t a big deal, let’s compare them, so they look a little bit white like they’re, definitely flatter, and these have more of like a curve To it, so this should be a better overall tire, but looking at the patterns yeah, this is exciting.

Let’S see if this fits. Oh, my gosh, it fits now if we can just get the tire to mount on there with the screw. Oh wait: uh you’re actually supposed to check the rotation, or do these not matter uh. At first glance, these don’t even have holes for water to get in them so interesting, but it doesn’t say left or right and it doesn’t have like a rotation. So i don’t think it really matters. I know on the higher end ones, where the tires like balloon and get huge and stuff. They got not only do that foam inside them, but it actually has a way that it’s supposed to go so don’t know if it matters really whether you do it that way or not, but this is super freaking awesome. Look at that. That looks freaking great. Give me formulae come on. You see water’s already coming out from the other tire when i squeeze it, because i run this thing through water it’s, not waterproof, but anytime, it dies. You just take the body off of it, put a fan on it and just let it air out and uh all is well well for me. It has been anyway that looks freaking awesome, freaking awesome, i can’t believe it just literally just plug and play that looks. Freaking dope, look at that tread old tire, new tire, old tire, new tire and now we’re gon na put these on the other side, so i’ve already showed how to do it.

So what we’re gon na do now is just fast forward to all four of these tires being new tires. Sometimes they are sometimes they’re a giant pain to get off all right. All four new tires with the old ones: i’m, not throwing these away because they still have tread, unlike these, that are like literally like slicks. First, we have to swap out the dead battery, well, it’s, not dead, but it will be soon with the freshly charged one. These are 1200 ml powers, not the 800, that it comes with uh by default or 850. Sorry. 850. These are 1200. So these get you about 20 minutes of runtime off of a full charge. So it’s quite awesome. Awesome let’s throw this one on the charger and there we go. We have letrax teton tires on the drc 9310 and i must say they look pretty friggin awesome. Just look at that. Well, these days i’m gon na switch out the bushings for bearings. I just have to figure out what size bearings it uses for the inner and outer uh and then buy four inners and four outers and if they’re, all the same just buy eight of them but they’re, probably not all the same anyways i’m going to play.