This is a 2s remote control vehicle that goes pretty fast, probably about maybe 27 28 miles an hour, so let’s go ahead and get into this. It is four wheel drive now uh. My steering server went out on my original one here that i got for christmas. So this is on its third month now. My steering servo just went out, sir no longer works. Obviously i beat this thing to the ground. The tires are, you know, no longer much uh the plastic bearings inside there’s, not bearings, but the uh figure they’re called they’re. Not bearings they’re uh, but anyways they they’re they’re done they’re shot um, but yeah, so servo went out and the company was kind enough to say we will take care of you, so that is so awesome and since this isn’t something i can just go pick up. Parts from a local hobby store uh. My a arms are still good on here. I have not broken them, so i can take some of the things off of here uh and use them on there. If um something’s gon na happen to this, so i actually opened it the wrong way. Let’S go ahead and dig into this. Let’S get this guy out of here. So we’ve got the instruction manual. We’Ve got our information about like the warranty and you know, be careful about the battery and all that other information in here we’ve got a nice little carrying bag for the accessories let’s open that up and take a look inside here so looks like we’ve got one Charging cable, which is unfortunate because just one charging cable you can get more but yeah uh, and then we do have some other stuff here, like more body clips and more screws, we’ve got this to take the tire off.

This is very, very important because i many many times have popped. A little drive shaft out, which is another thing this this has not broken yet that i can use if i break a drive shaft, but if you’ve been want to break one um take the tire off and you can pop the this little part comes out right Here this little part comes out and you can uh that’s so shot. Look at that uh. Those plastic bushings bushings they’re, not bearings, they’re called bushings anyways uh driveshaft connects from here to there, and this is popped out and the wheel will like turn like that and stay stuck uh don’t force it uh when it first happened. I didn’t know what to do, but yeah you take the tire off and you pop it back in there, and then you put the tire back on so make sure you carry these two tools with you. When you go out playing we’ve also got a little brush. That’S, pretty cool it’s a neat little brush clean it off all right, then we’ve got the truck man. It’S i’m gon na. Compare these two in a moment, it’s, so nice and then in here we’ve got a battery it’s important to note that this is a very small battery, it’s only 850 milliamp hours. So what i did as you can see, i purchased it on february 25th. I bought two of these guys and they come with their own individual charger.

So you have two chargers: two batteries, so you could charge them both at the same time because they do take about three hours to charge so that’s the batteries i have – and they are right here and i fully charge them. These guys are 1200 milliamp hours. So if you do the math they fit in there perfectly, the only thing is the cables a little bit longer like there’s, more cable, i guess sort of anyways or just the weight come out like this is on the left and the right this one’s, all in One spot that’s only a big difference, but it fits that perfectly and honestly you’re going to get so much more runtime and considering this truckload comes with one charger. In the first place, it takes three hours to charge your battery so that’s three hours and then wait. Three more hours at six hours to charge two batteries where, if you buy these guys you’re going to spend more time outside playing – and you can even bring these batter this battery with you and you’ve got the two chargers that come with these two batteries. And then the charger came with your truck, so you’ve got four batteries, three chargers so yeah and then we’ve got the remote. Now, since the um remote here is only going to be needed, because this will be a parts truck, i can uh everything, but the servo which went out i can go and grab the batteries out of that and put them in the remote this little guy.

I also bought on amazon for just eight dollars. This is incredibly useful uh. I will link in description below if you’re into rc and you’re using these types of batteries. You need this. The battery that just came with it is at 76. So technically i can go outside and play with this guy right now, because it’s 76 percent now this battery, that i just charged, is at 99 so and this other battery is at 94.99. I have taken batteries with me and gone to play at a friend’s house. A family, member’s house and realized my batteries were dead and without this guy you’ve got no clue so let’s take a look at the truck and compare it to our yes. This one has literally been just like. I have been so hard on this thing. For the last three months, playing with it in snow yeah you i have videos of it on my main channel. You should definitely go check those out uh. I will have them linked description below, but yeah. You can see the tires. Look so good on this. Guy. Look how small these are. This is a 160 you can’t even tell how much bigger they are because it’s got tread. If i brought the camera down lower, you can see it. That would be hard to do, though, and my limited time here, filming this on my break but here’s a 116 tire, so you can see a difference there in the size of tire, and then this is a 1 5th wow.

I need more room in the video frame. Wow there’s that yeah all right let’s take the pins off of this guy definitely bring pins with you because these pins will come out if you are playing with this thing and you will need more pins to keep it from uh. Like i don’t know, that’s enough. Oh my that looks so nice under the hood that’s, just letting you know that it’s gon na be hot. Your other battery is currently in here. You just pull this little pin out and you pop the battery out and then the balance lead just pull out of there. We’Re gon na go ahead and take one of our uh again. Those are 850. This is 1200, so that’s not quite double, but significantly more. So we’re going to pop this battery in here all right, see it fits perfectly we’ve got our little balance lead in there. You just put the little thing and see it’s kind of annoying changing batteries, because you’ve got five clips to deal with and routing and stuff. So having a 1200 milliamp hour battery means less changing batteries i’m, not sponsored or anything. I just i bought these with my own money and i think you should buy them too if you’re gon na be playing with this guy. Look at that look at the difference. Like here’s this nice and clean and then here’s this, obviously i could clean this up, but i would need to replace other parts on it and replace the servo and the bushings.

But here we go so let’s go ahead and plug this. In always turn your remote on first and then you got a little speed control here. So if you’re handing this to like a six year old to play with, you can turn the speed down and they can’t wreck it. So before we wrap this, video let’s just go ahead and take the body and put it on we’re gon na go outside and play with this. So first we’re gon na turn our remote on we’re gon na turn. The truck on and we’re gon na put the body on again. This wire is a little bit more of a wire to deal with than this guy just the way it’s. It is it’s just not as much anyways. No big deal, oh yeah, and one thing i didn’t know at first was this right here actually comes off pleasure. Remember the protective film so just take this just take this and pull it off boom and then put the body on it’s a little difficult, sometimes to find the holes, but just keep sliding it around. Until oh, my gosh, you find the hole put the clips in. I don’t know if there’s like a better or you know what the best way of doing it is like, if you should do it this way for the front or if you should do it. This way, like i really don’t, know if it makes a difference but uh yeah, so i just want to get one last shot of this with the body on it.

So you guys could see there. It is in all of its glory nice little car it’s awesome. So turn it on very nice if you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up.