Our friends over at deer rc has offered up this uh de 36w 116 scale truck for us to do a review on and introduce it to you guys, uh guys, we’re just going to do an unboxing today from the secret underground bunker. Here we got pouring rain and cold outside, not gon na be able to get it out, but we will very next video do a full review on it, but we wanted to let you check it out real quick in this quick unboxing. So obviously the first thing you’re going to see about it is it has a camera on top of it, which is what drew our attention to it. So it has a 720p camera. You mount right on top of it get some. You can control it with the app that we’re gon na check out when we get it open, so you can control it right from your phone or you can control it with a controller. It is a full function. Rtr rc truck pretty awesome stuff, so you’ll be able to you know, take pictures with the camera record with the camera you know, you’ll be able to watch fpv on your phone. The phone should mount right on top of the controller, so take a look real, quick and there it is so your phone mount will be right. On top of the your transmitter should be able to hold any size, smartphone um, not a lot to look at on the inside.

Like i said it is full function. Rtr should have some nice independent suspension and such like that um guys. What we always do is tell you, the manufacturer’s age recommendation is eight and up so a little bit less on this one right guys so let’s go ahead and jump right into the unboxing. Get this beast out of here and see what it looks like so guys about a week ago. It was 80 degrees here in michigan and then on wednesday of this week we got six a half a foot of snow. I mean that is crazy, went from shorts and t shirts back to full heavy duty, winter clothing and right back the sloppy slushy snow. All right got to get this thing out of here. How do we do it all right? This is the first box that pops out let’s see what’s in here Applause. Maybe all right. This looks like our transmitter. Pretty nice little transmitter simple on off switch. It looks like our hole mount there for our camera mount and i believe you’ll need four double a batteries and that’ll be all you need to get going positive steps decent trigger, pretty cool something else in there looks like your standard usb charger for our batteries. Cool little operators manual, little uh screwdriver there that’s ready to take that screw off your battery cover plate, guys always read the manual right. We all go through it. We’Ll actually probably have to read the manual on this one, to figure out how we get that app Applause see if it just pops up real quick.

So you got your camera operating manual there we go. Look, i opened right up to it, scan the code or you can get get it directly from your play. Store, so you’ll need the app to operate the camera to do your recording and stuff like that. Nothing else in that box all right, let’s go ahead and see if we can get the animal out of here. No money, no money in there, guys dang it got ta get lucky one of these times so here’s our 116. truck pretty awesome. Looking truck. This is the dr 36w rc truck let’s see how we got it. Oh there’s, some more boxes hanging on the back. What do we got in here looks like our extra battery and that battery is a 1000 milliamp, 7.4 volt lithium ion battery, so it does come with two and supposedly you should be able to get about 20 to 30 minutes out of each battery pack. So after their charge, realistically, you could probably run for an hour or better so that’s cool, we’ll assume the other one’s right in the car there’s. Another box what’s this box Applause, that is our camera and our camera mount. So that is the camera. It will operate on the wi fi from your phone, a little receiver antenna and that’s it that’s a 720p camera, so it’s not on a gimbal or nothing like that. So it’s not going to be super stable as you’re driving but it’s.

Pretty awesome you’ll be able to shoot some fpv take fix, uh some video and hopefully some cool pictures, so we’ll set that aside let’s get this thing off of here looks like it’s. Just got some little plastic screws back here; Applause, maybe Applause. I think they’re just screwed in there Applause what else we got holding it in there we go, we got it out. That is the dr 36w right there guys pretty awesome. Looking little truck looks like it has four wheel: independent suspension, no two wheel, independent suspension and then on the back. We got the old, solid axle, but each axle does have a shock on it, see the shock operating there. Oh, i wonder if we can get that body off at some point guys and put some nice oil filled shocks on it, it’d be cool and that’s, one of the screws that was holding on all right, i’ll figure out how to get out of there. There’S your trim, though guys it’s not on the the transmitter it’ll be right there on the bottom, your left and right adjustments. It looks like the body is held on by a bunch of little looks like phillips head screws. So if you ever want to get in there, you probably can well on off switch and there’s your battery compartment uh. It does say it is. You can run it in some wet mud and sand, not waterproof but splash proof, but figure out all that later.

So pretty awesome uh guys just a quick unboxing there with the deer rc de 36w. Like i said guys, it is just a torrential downpour this weekend, uh everything got pretty rainy, so we will definitely get this thing out. Our very next video for a quick review. We’Ll go through it. We’Ll check out we’ll get that app installed on the phone um. Everything comes with it. Like i said, you’ll just get the app. You can scan the qr codes in the manual or you can just get it directly from the play store. I’M. Not sure the name of the app yet, but when we go through the run, video and the review will have all that information for you, oh there. It is so you can scan on your ios or android, or you can go right to your play, store and it’s called the deer rcd2 so that’s how what we’ll need to get the full function out of it. So all in all guys so far looks like a pretty neat track. I’M excited about it. We’Ve done some other fpv stuff that’s about what the camera will look like when it’s mounted and we’ll go through all that stuff and review we’ll, get it out, we’ll record some video and uh. You know see it in in action all right, guys, um don’t, forget guys if you’re new to the channel, you know hit that subscribe button before you go we’re going to do something fun or cool every week.

Sometimes more, you guys know the drill again dear rc. Thank you for the opportunity to show this cool little truck to our to our family. Here, that is the deer rc de 36w.