We’Re gon na take this little guy out and do a quick little review on it uh. It does come with a 720p fpv hd camera, really simple installation guys it literally just clicks in onto the top of the car, and then it plugs in right there for power. So you will be able to take pictures with it and you will be able to film uh. You know it’s not 4k, but it’s 720p. So hopefully it’ll get some pretty decent. Video uh we’ll drive it around the yard. Here do a couple things with it: get a good review in and see how it runs. Remember guys this thing’s only like 60 bucks super cool rc car. You know to have the fpv camera and stuff mounted on it. Just show you real quick on the phone. What you got to do for the app so it’s called the deer rc d2 app in your manual. You can scan the qr code or just go to your play, store and that that’s what it looks like it’s called the the de 36w you’ll see the picture of your truck and then it’s got a whole bunch of cool things. You can do with it guys. So you can control it with the phone uh. You know you can record video on your phone or on the back of the camera, you can actually put a memory card in it. You can record that way or directly to your phone.

Uh that’ll be like your stored pictures. This will be your stored videos. You know you can email them to yourself. Whatever you want to do um you can actually control it. It has gravity control with the phone once you get the app running. So basically, what you would do is you probably can’t see it because of the glare but there’s actually like a forward. Reverse right, left right, left forward, reverse, and then it also has this weird thing that i discovered that’s, gravity, control and i’ll. Show you how it works in a little bit, but basically, when your phone is flat, it won’t do anything you tilt it forward. The car will go forward backwards right right, you can control it that way and then, of course, you can control it with the controller and that’s your phone mount. Basically, you can fit any smartphone in it. It’S completely adjustable got the little screw on the back. So basically it’ll fit any smartphone in there, snap it down and that’s what you’ll have so, basically just install that app it’s, nice and simple, and then you’ll have complete functionality of the car and you’ll, be able to record video, take pictures and all kinds of neat Stuff that you can’t do with other cars so, like i said, for 60 bucks, hopefully it’s pretty decent. Just give us a couple minutes here and we’ll get set up and we’ll start running this thing. We’Ll take some fpv video, hopefully snap a couple pictures and see what the quality is all right, guys all right, guys.

First thing: we’re going to do we’re going to drive it around here and see what kind of speed we get out of it and then we’ll do a quick range shot. So this is it right here all right, not too shabby now let’s. Take it out for a range to see how far range we can get with this thing, i’m gon na stand in the middle guys. This time. That way, i don’t have to walk so far. All right, we’ll start from there and we’ll run it out and see what kind of range we can get out of it. So all right guys. So if you look back there right here is where we lost control uh 225 feet, which is really impressive um. You know it’s not really a super hobby grade type of truck so getting 225 feet out of a 60 rc car with a camera i’ll. Take it now that 225 feet that’s with the uh that’s with the transmitter. Okay. I’M not sure how far we’ll get with the wi fi, but we will check it out. Um it’s, pretty neat little buggy, guys so far. I like it so Applause all right guys. I know that the glare is kind of probably horrible on here, but that’s. Basically, what the camera looks like, so this is one of your options once you’re inside the app as you can control it with your phone right. So if you look down at the truck, this is right turn right left and this is forward and backward Applause.

So this this is very you, i’m, so good with the transmitter. Let’S see how i can control it with a phone, oh it’s, actually proportional. So the more you push it forward the faster it goes. So there is like a an esc in there wow that’s hard to get used to guys Applause. So if your transmitter ever goes out, you can just use your phone, but that would take me some time to get used to all right. So there’s one more feature inside here. If i can remember how to get to it, it’s called uh like a gravity where you can use your phone. Let me see if this is it, i can’t see my phone just as bad as you can see it guys. Where is it anyway hold on give me one? Second, let me try to find it in the app all right guys so talk about getting used to it. This is this. Is the gravity feature in here? So if you till, if you got it flat, it’s nothing, you tilt your phone forward backwards. That’S pretty awesome. Left right, all right so starting out from perfectly flat let’s see if i can control oh yeah Applause, so that’s something cool and fun to try to get used to, but Applause Applause. So anyway guys! Oh no! So you got to be careful when that’s on, because it will just take off when you tilt your phone, so something pretty cool and fun to try to get used to all right guys.

So in the app. This would be. Your record just simply hit the record button. It’Ll start recording, stop it whenever you’re happy, and this is the picture. So if you see something cool along the way you want to stop and take a picture: pretty sweet, little pitcher thing there and that’s cool all right. Uh enjoy a little fpv we’ll see what kind of video we can make with it. Alright see you in a bit enjoy Music, so Music. Okay, so what did you think of the video uh, the fpv parts? There uh? I think it looks pretty decent. Obviously, it’s not on a gimbal. You know um it’s, not a super high dollar camera, but it takes fairly decent video um. Remember guys. The whole thing is only like 60 bucks, so um what’d, you think of the drc, the de 36w. I thought it was a pretty pretty sweet, little rc car um. Obviously there you know it’s, not waterproof, you’re, not going to be uh rock climbing with it and you’re not going to be mud bogging with it, but it’s super fun. You want to take some cool, fpv, fpv video and you don’t want to spend a ton. You know you get get the cool truck, the cool camera. It is 720p, which is you know, fairly decent. We can call that hd. I guess i’ll call it hd uh. Overall, though, guys uh pretty sweet for what it is, i mean 60 bucks i’m completely happy with it 100 percent.

What are your guys’s thoughts on it? I like it like now. I can take pictures of myself and video myself all right guys on a serious note, though uh pretty decent car guys uh. Let me know what you guys think in the comments uh don’t forget. If you’re new to the channel hit the subscribe button, we’re gon na do something fun, something cool each and every weekend uh. We will be announcing another giveaway soon. So make sure you check the description for the you know that link to enter that if you’re not already entered. If you already entered you’re already entered you, don’t have to do it again, but if you haven’t make sure you check that out, go ahead head over there get entered we’ll, be announcing that giveaway coming up shortly, uh other than that guys leave a comment.