I hope you are too were going to be doing a quick little review and of the deer rc de 43, but guys before we get started on that um, like i said, uh john, never responded guys to the drc de 36 w giveaway, so we are going To do a redraw for that on wednesday! This next coming wednesday so lets sunday monday tuesday, wednesday. So in three days were going to do a redraw for the de 36 so guys over the years, weve had a lot of luck with deer, rc theyve proven to be a a really good rc company for a great price right. Um have found a lot of value in the de uh deer rc stuff so far, so drc has given us this de 43, so were super stoked about it. So lets go ahead and just take it out real, quick and see what you get. Oh nice, all right we are outside. So, if youre a bunch of noise, oh it could be that cool, looking thing going by listening all right. What do we got in here? What is that thing? Its a bobcat all right guys, so this is the de 43. So right off the bat guys, it just looks super cool right um. This is a 114 scale. Rc the body is a cool alloy, metal, thats, really really cool. The paint job is awesome. Now guys it does have four wheel: independent suspension, nope. Okay, i take that back, so the front wheels are independent suspension and the rear rear is solid, actual suspension, Music.

Well, its got some really good flex. On the front there um guys uh from what i understand the the steering is not proportional, but the throttle is so we can control our throttle, 100 and steering will be full left full right. Obviously it has forward and reverse and left right steer. The only thing youll have to get guys to start running with this is two double a batteries: Music for the controller Music and the batteries for the car come with it. It comes with two batteries and a cool little kit. Here you got your standard usb charger. All right. You got your directions in here for the de 43, always guys read your directions. Get familiar with your vehicle. Um got our second battery here and then we have a little screwdriver and it looks like four extra little screws, so pretty cool little tool, kit that comes with it well check out the bottom here. So this is the battery compartment, one little phillips screw there, and hopefully our second battery is in here yep there. It is so it looks like a 7.4 volt, 1200 milliamp battery cool and guys um a lot of times. Youll see uh steering trim on your controller, but on the de43 it looks like the steering trim is going to be right here. So if youre dog tracking a little left dog tracking a little right thats your steering trim right there. So initial impressions are well, it just looks really super cool right and if you pull a trigger – and it makes something, go then im in im.

All in i love it. Um, like i said, the cool alloy metal body seems really cool, and then you got you know front and rear bumpers to protect your rc. So give us a minute here. Guys and uh were gon na go through. Do our little series uh, you know, check out the turning radius and, of course well check out the control distance and and do a little bashing with it and see what it does all right well see in a minute: Music, Music, so Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music Applause, so Music Applause, turning greek Music Applause, Music, so guys, like i said, its um Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, all right, well, head down here and then well do a distance stuff. Here we go with the distance test. Well, just drive it out until it stops controlling and well walk it off Music. So all right, all right guys, looks like thats it right there well walk it off and well see you down there and see how far it went all right, guys, control range on the deer. Rc de43 was right around 200 feet, which is not bad at all. Guys sweet lets go, find somewhere else and beat this thing up so: Music, Music, so Music, Music, foreign, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, Music, so Music Applause now, Music. Thank you, Music, so, Music, Music, Music, Applause, Applause, all right guys. What did you think of the deer rc de 43 um its a blast uh its not as fast as a lot of the stuff we deal with, but guys its like 35 bucks and and you can have a blast with it uh charge time the initial charge Time on the battery was about an hour and 10 minutes um we got.

We actually got about 25 minutes of run time out of the battery, so with the two batteries youre looking at about. You know, 45 minutes or maybe 50 minutes of runtime, which is awesome. Um my favorite thing about the truck is the look of it uh this this uh alloy metal body. It does look, really sweet. You know its got the extra wheel on there so its like a cool little baja truck um, the lights are actually pretty cool. They look sweet, so you might want to do a little bit of nighttime trail riding all in all, though guys for 35 bucks. I think its a really good deal. I would definitely buy, buy it for sure, a perfect gift gift for somebody just getting into rc. Um guys, like i said, weve done, weve done a ton of drc reviews on the channel. Well leave a couple links. You know if you want to go check out some of their uh higher grade stuff. They we, you know weve done like the 300e brushless truck. That thing was super cool um, a lot of cool stuff from drc and uh. This is another cooling, uh drc, good job uh. The look of the thing is thats whats, cool man. I love it. I love it like, i said guys anything you pull a trigger and it makes something else go i like it. Uh home, run well, call it a home run with the de 43 guys um dont forget guys, do not forget uh tune back in wednesday at about.

I think around five oclock were gon na. Do that redraw for the other cool deer rc, the de 36w, you guys remember, had the cool, fpv, camera and stuff on it, so thatll be wednesday at about five oclock um dont forget tune in.