So i thought this boat was a good thing to get because we live on a lake and we have two small kids and i myself was interested in taking it out in the water and see how it performs this one was a best seller on amazon. It was decently priced im not trying to race anybody or anything. I just want to take it out on the water. As i pick it up here, it looks pretty sleek its a pretty nice aerodynamic design, its pretty lightweight right here you can see the propeller and it also came with this display holder. It fits nicely on when youre not using it. It just slides right on top. So some of the specs of this boat is that it goes up to 20 miles per hour in ideal conditions. It comes with two of these batteries, so once one battery runs out, you can kind of switch, so you have kind of a longer playing time. So right here is the remote control and it actually has a low battery alarm function to let you know when the boat is about to run out of battery. So once it starts beeping thats, when you know you can kind of bring it on to land and stop playing or exchange the battery there. So this is on right now and you can tell im trying to move it and since the boat isnt in the water it doesnt engage, which is a nice safety feature.

If you have kids okay, so i have the battery charged im gon na go ahead and take it out on the water and see how it runs all right. You guys im out here in my backyard. As you can see, we have the lake, it is ideal conditions right now. The water isnt choppy right now, its really really calm. So its a perfect time to test this h120 out um. The boat is not engaging at all im moving it its out of the water im gon na go ahead and throw it in and lets see if it works. Applause. Okay, there we go so it clearly reads that its in the water and im gon na lets see im gon na test it out theres a bunch of lily pads out there that i want to avoid so im going to try to go around it wow. This is really fast Music. That is awesome. The controls are really sensitive. It really turns on a dime, but it is really really quick. Im gon na see how far i can get it out there without losing it. Oh no ran into a lily pad Music Applause. Applause: okay: i ran into a little bit of seaweed and lily pads there before it ran into that it was going pretty quick, so im gon na try to avoid it and go kind of out this way to avoid the weeds. Here we go Applause, Music. So the range is pretty good.

I would say its over 50 yards out im gon na turn. It back around Music Applause, all right im, not gon na lie. This is really really fun yeah. What i like about it is its super quick im im already starting to get used to the controls Music. So i like that theres also like a reverse function, just in case something gets stuck. I need to back up a little bit as you can see, im making pretty sharp turns and the boat isnt capsizing. I know that is another problem with the remote control boats is that they capsize really easily, especially if you make a really really sharp turn all right. Something else i want to try out is that this boat has a reverse cap. Size functions so im going to go ahead and flip it over and see if i can get it to flip back over um itself, so lets try it alright, so its capsized right now lets see if we can get it to flip back over. Oh, that was awesome, so a problem that some of these remote control boats has has is that water gets kind of on the inside where the battery is located. The housing is nice and sealed. I dont assume thats happening but im going to go ahead and check to see if everythings dry and, as you can see here, its really easy to take off the housing all right see inside nice and dry.

So that is a plus its well designed. So no water gets in and makes a boat malfunction or anything like that, so thats pretty nice, so im going to go ahead and pop this back on, walk. It then well go ahead and put the top back on and lock it in place and all right. So im gon na go ahead and take it for a final spin. I do like that. Its very very user friendly, all i got ta do – is put the boat in the water, so i feel like me, and the family are gon na, have hours of fun with this i feel like. It would also make a good holiday gift. If you have a pool or somewhere else, where theres still water, so im gon na go ahead and leave a link in the description down below for this deer h120 remote control boat.