I took this body out the other day and was testing it and both times i had it out. Both speed runs both times at the same speed it started dragging on the body. Why is that? The aerodynamics? This body is so aerodynamic it just squishes to the ground. I did have a lot of rubbing in the fenders as you can see it ate it away right here, so i’ll just get rid of those, and i actually cut the back off that wasn’t broken so that way, when the air came, it would stop um. It wouldn’t stop sorry, it would just flow down the body kind of shoot around it. You know what i mean if it went out like that, instead of catching on that second lift and shooting inside there now, this body, like i said, is very aerodynamic guys. The one bad thing is the jag. Has that line right here right that helps with rigidity. Also, these wheel wells help with rigidity, but when they’re gone, let me show you something. I just lost my back piece it’s very wanting see that it wants to bend really easy. So how do we get rid of that there’s two ways: carbon fiber it which that’s? What i’m going to do put an inlay in the front or run the splitter, the splitter will hold it up. Bennett delta plastics actually came up with that, or hopefully they come up with a three or four millimeter with this body.

I would really love to have three millimeter. Four millimeter is awesome, but man it’s a handful to work guys. It takes a while to cut a body, three millimeters right on the edge and it works pretty good. But i was super happy with this body. It was shooting straight as an arrow before it uh gave up on me. It started rubbing check this out. This is how much this body started rubbing. Let me see if i get a better view so right there on the side, see how much is there now? Look right here: there’s, hardly nothing it’s all bent over. It was rubbing really bad rubbing really bad everywhere in here. Um super happy with it, though i think this will be a great body. One thing i did do is uh. I normally put a sharpie under the front. You guys seen my videos, which is basically that high in the front the first run. I said man i got to lift the front of this body it’s just bending too much. I put it so high to where i could fit my whole hand underneath the front guys and the second run you’ll see i’ll post that one later same exact, speed, identical speed and started dragging so um. I think the rigidity rigidity of this body is going to be uh, be in question, but with some a splitter under the front, like mr delta plastic said, or carbon fiber, i think we’ll be in business.

Hope you enjoy the video i’m out guys peace. God bless. You what’s up guys got the new delta plastic fc 100 out here on the infraction arma limitless gt got the new flow pack. Wings came out real good. My boy did a good job with them and we’re going to see what this thing will do. So let’s start it Music. As you can see, it started, 12 satellites let’s go see what she’ll do got that mini ntf fan come along all right, no gyro, i don’t use gyros. If you do fine that’s fine do what you got to do. I don’t need nothing to drive my car for me. Take off my glasses, hopefully that sun gets covered by that shade. That’Ll be nice for a trend that’s, where the throttle feels very weird right now, all right guys. Hopefully no cars come just get down here. A little ways high ladder step stool, i, like all the sweat from my face, tried to come out here early gentlemen had two good runs so far. Hopefully this will be a nice run. Look at the road, though you got ta, really watch what you go on this road that crack in the middle there’s some big spots on it. So you really got ta watch honestly. All right, i think, we’re ready guys, which side am i going to run down, though i think i might run down that side. We’Ll see all right, gentlemen. Give me a second all right, gentlemen, body’s too low see that aerodynamics, you can have a perfectly it’s fine right.

There see look at that it’s, probably 40 miles per hour as soon as you get into that throttle man that body sucks down this body right here. You could tell it’s got a lot of aerodynamics to it. I probably i don’t know we’ll look at the gps right now i probably wasn’t above 100 i’d. Imagine. It was already sucking down. Look at no rubbing whatsoever, but as soon as you start smashing into that throttle, she sucks down. So just got to do a little body change, real, quick, lift it up and we’ll see what happens guys. Hopefully we can get good run. She seems straight as an arrow guys, i say no gyro. If you need a driver to get down the road by all means, man have fun, get your gyro go down the road. If you know how to set up your car to where you don’t need a gyro that’s awesome too, i got a video i’ve been looking for. I got like six sd cards guys, so i come out. I pop a new sd card in the gopro and i come out here, but i got ta find it. I had a arma typhon. The servo was unplugged when i got down to the end of the road and it ran right next to the road, and i just stayed in it. I didn’t realize i didn’t have steering because you turned down your jewelry, so much got down to the end of the road and looked and because it wouldn’t turn around.

My steering was unplugged now that’s, how you know when you got your car set up just right. All right, so i want to see, as you can tell guys, there’s a there’s a nice gap under there, but it was sucking down to the road. So i wanted to see where it was at when it did that 109. 109. It was already smashed into the road so got to lift this body up. Let it cool off for a little bit, um guys that are blowing your escs right now. Let your car cool off man um! I know a lot of guys are new to the speedrun scene, but i promise you let your car cool off and go back out. You can get another pass out of it. You don’t you’re gon na end up replacing stuff Music, so basic castle system, guys no 52 canyon, guys told you, you don’t, need it um. What do i know, though, right so good luck on the next run, hopefully, i’m going to mess with the uh body adjustment. See if i can get it to pop up higher, i don’t know. If i have much room yeah, i got a little bit of room.