My name is nolan in today’s video. I am out with my friend elijah and he has got his x max. I have got my x, maxx and we’re going to rip them around and eventually we’re going to run into this rc right here, full speed and see what that does to it. It’S, probably going to be broken a little bit of speed nice. All right, you can go ahead and hit it. If you want nice well, you’re up right, all right guys, you guys might remember this rc. I actually got it sent to me for free from a deer, rc, um and it’s, just not up to par with uh. My other rc’s it’s, more of a toy quality rc. It only cost like 34, so they said. All i had to do was do a unboxing and unboxing, which i did and uh. Then i could have the rc for free, which so now i can do whatever. I want with i guess so: it’s not very capable it just can go kind of forward backwards. It doesn’t turn very well so it’s, just not that very good it’s, not very good of an rc it’s, not a very good rc, so that’s. Why? I thought how about we just go ahead and run into a full speed, so i think elijah’s going to go ahead, he’s going to get his x max and he’s going to run to this thing at full speed, and hopefully we get it on camera.

I think he’ll get destroyed, but we will see all right guys elijah’s going to go ahead, he’s going to come with his x, maxx and he’s, going to drip it along here and he’s, going to run into this rc right here and we’re going to see what The fate of this little machine is all right. Elijah. Let me know when you’re ready all right go ahead. I’M gon na just drive right into his path. Oh let’s go check out the damage, oh no guys it broke. It broke the shocks. The bottom of the shocks broke and the drive shaft came off. This is actually not even a real drive shaft. This is a fake driveshaft, because the drive doesn’t even come from here. The drive actually comes from a motor on the wheels so it’s a fake drive. Shaft all right guys, but i think it’ll still move yeah we’re still good. We can keep on going. We can hit it again, guys Music Applause coming back for seconds all right, guys so here’s the damage report. After running into this deer rc, with both my x maxx analyzers x, maxx. This is uh. This is what we’re left with. So we did quite the durability test with it um it didn’t do the greatest uh it’s, mostly in different pieces. Now it doesn’t have drive anymore either that’s the most unfortunate thing. It lost all drive, so that kind of sucks, because the first time elijah hit it.

We lost rear drive, but we still had front drive, but then the front one just pulled right out what cheap quality stuff look at that that’s, even metal right there. This right here is a metal piece. This is this: is metal, uh, paneling and look how easily it bent bent broke the cage isn’t worth the crap, but that’s kind of what you expect with the toy quality rc’s that yeah it did not hold up, and this is something i kind of wanted to Do so, hopefully you guys did enjoy the video, and hopefully you guys, like the slo mo shot of me running into it and elijah running into it with the x maxx. If you did, please go ahead, give it a thumbs up. I had to sacrifice an rc for this video, but i don’t feel too bad because it’s not that great of an rc and i didn’t pay for it. So i did it for you guys in entertainment, so hopefully you liked it did like video hit thumbs up. I look forward to seeing you guys another video also make sure to subscribe.