This is going to be a breakdown of what i think’s been my most controversial car. So i did a little review of this. Did a little bit of a bash and there’s been some quite negative responses. Not to me or anything but negative responses to this truck lots of people saying there’s, horrendous issues with it. They have issues with transmission with everything, everything, everything and so it’s a load of crap. So i thought right. I’Ll do about six or seven packs, so i think i’ve done seven packs through it now and we’ve bashed it as hard as we can we’ve done back flips biggest jumps. We can do we’ve done everything we can to it. So in this video i’m going to take the lid off we’re going to get the camera nice and close and we’re going to have a look at everything and go through it and i’ll be honest and i’ll point out what’s gone wrong. What hasn’t gone wrong? Yeah! Fair review to um how durable it is. Okay, so i’ll point the camera down and we’ll have a little bit of a look alrighty, so let’s have a look, obviously clearly got. Hardly any pins left back split smashed in so the shells seen better days, tyre’s shredded that happened on the last video on the last jump. So let’s have a look inside proof. The showers. Definitely, though it’s taking a beating, we haven’t gone easy on it. Now. Let’S have a look inside, pin missing on here.

Mesh and gears are still perfect. They look pretty good center diff’s doing what it should rear. Diff’S doing. Okay, bumper looks split, okay, here’s, a problem, so the screws – okay right – so i don’t know if you can see that close enough what’s happened here is the bottom of this. Bumper is keeping the hinge pins in, but both screws have sheared off i’ll just change the camera, so you can see that so both screws are actually sheared off in the plate. There that’s going to be an absolute pig to try and get out so that’s, not too clever. So there’s there’s issue number one. You know they’ve cheered straight off, come straight out the holes so that’s, not very handy that’s gon na be that’s gon na be quite tricky to get out. Okay, so we’ve definitely found a problem. There not huge, it can be fixed and it will be cheap. Okay, that’s, the only problem so far, let’s have a look at the front bumper front, bumper’s intact. That screw we can see, is in the other screw i can’t tell, but this bumper is intact. All the hexes look pretty good. All look pretty good! All screws are in there everything’s in place nothing’s loose, so i was told about these coming loose and i did put a bit of um thread locker in them and they’re fine they’re all where they should be you’re all okay. I can only see this bumper.

That is the only problem i can see a good clean off. Okay and that’s come loose. Yeah c is on there nice and tight, but i did i did bodge it on. You can see all the grip ties here to keep it nice and tight. This obviously come unstuck, no big problem. I can only see the bumper that’s it every single other screw is where it should be worn intact. So yeah got a new wheel. I bought a set of wheels. These cost me 20. Pounds took me a few weeks. Get here from ali express but i’ve got two wheels there for 20 quid, so 10 pound a wheel, so we’ve got a 10 pound fix and we’ve got. Essentially, the bumper looks intact, it’s, just the screws that have sheared off, but the is actually intact. So two screws priced at two screws. You know 50 pence, so, okay, seven packs of batteries. We’Ve got a trashed shell that’s to be expected. That’S, nothing there’s, nothing of a surprise at all, that’s. Fine! Everything else is intact, so overall i’m quite impressed right. Overall then, guys i’m not quite being able to confirm the issues. People are saying just yet doesn’t mean that that that case is closed. There might still be problems along the line, but so far seven packs of batteries going really really rough on it. My kid’s driving it grinder, dr my dad, driving it nobody’s, driven it well, they’ve all trashed.

It beat up on it and been horrible to it and it’s not in bad shape, it’s, not in bad shape. At all, quick, clean up new wheel, new bumper screws, it’d be fine, it’s good, so i’m, quite impressed that’s, pretty good, but yeah it’ll be a little while guys till i get this video edited. So i know i said i’m doing some um hpi savage converts i’m. Doing two one of them is complete, so there’s, my conversion that is finished and the next the video will be coming soon, so one’s done ready to go and it’s pretty damn good. I think it’s come out. Nice and clean, looks really really good. So this one i’m well impressed with the next one i’m doing completely different electrics. This is hpi electrics. The next one is going to be budget electrics and we’re going to test them out, see what we get for our money, see how good they are. Okay hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to subscribe. Leave me a comment if you want to um yeah, if you want to contest what i’ve said about the maximus i’m, not finding problems with it, but yeah feel free to leave me a comment. I’Ll answer you and yeah we’ll have a little chat about it, but i think it’s a good truck. I still stand by what i said for 270 bucks. I think it’s a really good, strong, robust truck great fun what’s not to like anyway, get out there.