Q33 176 scale, cart, racing, rc car, and so this little guy comes in an fpv form. I think thats most popular, but i opted to get the one without fpv and without the transmitter, because i watched another channel and they were reviewing this guy and they were talking about the transmitter and the transmitter. Didnt, look like it was good at all, because this little guy runs the fly sky, af hds protocol, and so i opted to get a different transmitter. So this is a nicer transmitter and i thought that that was going to help with the steering problems that people have been having with this guy and im. Sad to say that this guy is just plagued with negative things about the steering that i have to say. And so for one, as you guys can see, the tires are pretty fat and wide theres a lot of rubber in these tires, but they dont have any treads in them, and so that leads to this guy slipping and sliding all over the floor. Not to mention that its a little back heavy because the wheels on the rear are larger than the wheels in the front, and i think the battery is about here in the middle and so a lot of times. Theres not much weight on the front of this guy, and so it doesnt really stare that well, especially on a smooth surface. Because of these smooth tires there theyre wide but theyre, pretty smooth and so a lot of times.

When you turn all the way in one direction, you end up just still sliding along forward, and so that is one thing that plagues this guy. It actually has a buggy staring the steering, it wont turn when you hit the turn, or sometimes it just wont, turn deep enough, even if you get this guy. Turning all the way, the turn radius isnt that small, so the turn radius. The turning is way too wide in order to run this guy on a little track. I was disappointed because thats the main reason that i got this guy its not really a scale car. It looks like a cart. You know um, just like a little mario kart. It reminds me of something like that, but this guy doesnt drive well. It cant drive on my little tracks, because i thought i was going to be racing. I was going to have another car to be racing against these guys. This is my favorite right now, and i have these you guys who frequent the channel a lot know that i love these 176 scale rc cars from turbo racing. I absolutely love these things, and so, when i heard about these, i thought that this was going to be as good but im highly disappointed in the way that this guy drives it doesnt turn well. Its kind of buggy and the quality doesnt seem that good at all, and so let me turn this guy on, so you guys can see.

Let me find it so. This guy runs the fly sky protocol that i mentioned earlier in the video. So if you get your own transmitter, you can just get this one for 50 bucks and get you a nice transmitter or if you already have a transmitter that runs that protocol you can bind it easily and so how you bind it. Is you hold that? First, you have to turn it on by holding this button down and then once its on, you have to hold down the button again until it starts flashing there and thats how you bind it, but mine is already bound so im going to turn it off. Then turn it back on so its bound to this transmitter here and check out how it sounds. It sounds like a bunch of racket is going on when youre running it. Actually, so i guess thats probably just nitpicking. Some people might think that im nitpicking by uh ragging on that, but it just sounds like rubbish to me and the way that it drives is just not as good as these. These are little precise machines and i think thats. What the draw is to these little guys is that theyre, tiny and theyre, precise and all and theyre you know theyre hobby grade little vehicles here. I forgot to mention that this does have proportional steering and variable throttle just like those do, but its just. Not that precise its buggy again, the steering man im just disappointed with it its a little back heavy as well.

I was thinking since it didnt have the camera on it that it was going to be a little better with the front wheels touching the floor and its not, i think the problem is probably par. I think part of the problem is probably them having this rear wheel, larger than the front wheel here, and so when you its kind of fast, it might be a little faster than this one, but both of them are comparably faster than this one. But anyhow, when you slam on the throttle with this guy, i think the wheel being larger in the back kinda lifts it up a little and so its just a bad combination with not having any threads on the tires. The tires are wide and smooth on the bottom, with no treads, and so that makes it slip, and then you have the buggy steering to deal with, and then you have the fact that the wheel in the back is larger and it kind of lifts up a Little and so a lot of times even on open floor when youre going forward, and you turn all the way in one direction, this guy will keep sliding forward, even if youre moving slow and so very disappointed in the way that this guy drives it doesnt turn Tight enough to even drive on my cars uh tracks that i built for these guys here, so i have no chance. If i choose this car, it just doesnt have a tight enough turn to drive around the track comfortably and so um just disappointed with it.

The way it drives, let me show you guys a little bit of the turn radius, so the turns are wide. I can barely like navigate around in here. You see theyre a little tighter than that, especially in one direction. It actually turns in one direction uh harder than it does in the other direction and heres an example of the turning being buggy check it out its stuck its stuck in one direction, and this happens a lot. It just gets stuck on me and so there it is so i snapped it back in place now so now its going to turn for me, i guess so check it out so pretty wide turn. It can barely navigate around on this small desk here check it out, yeah see the turn, and i have it turned all the way, and i think part of that is that its um smooth on the bottom, it slides a little but going slow like that. Its not sliding too much the turn. Radius is just too wide. The turning is just too wide on this guy, but its pretty fast, though so it can run over rugs if your rugs are not too high, because it does have these large wheels on it. But i just cant have a lot of fun with this. Guy is its night and day between these two. This one is my favorite for sure, and i like these as well, but this one uh, i really dont, think im going to be running this one.

Maybe i might uh add fpv to this, because this little piece here does come off and you can uh stick a camera on top of here and there will be a hole in there for you to run the wire if youre going to get this guy get The fpv version and youre going to be able to run it on the floor. Maybe an open floor would be better with fpv, but do not buy this thing. Thinking that youre going to fpv on one of the small tracks that you made because its not going to work, your turn is going to be way too wide and dont buy it in this form. Thinking that youre going to race on the track because of the same reason, you can remove the top cover here by removing those two screws in the back and thats how you can get to the inside and all. If you wanted to add a camera youre going to have to do some soldering, this here looks like a bind plug like the ones that exist on these two guys but its not. This is actually the charging port there and thats a negative for me because its sort of a proprietary charging thing – i guess, because you have to use a jst. This is the jst connection that you have to use for charging and so the other, these little guys here use usb type c and so its a little more universal with the charging on those.

And so you just plug this in here, and it starts to pulse slowly like that to let you know that its charging and once its done charging the lights will go solid or there or they will turn off. I cant remember which one, but this guy has a pretty decent run time run time on. This is probably close to the same on that one, but i havent run this really all the way to the end of the battery, because its just not a lot of fun. For me on the floor, it slides around the steering being buggy and all not being that precise, not being uh able to run on the tracks that i have its just, not a good experience for me. I was highly disappointed with this guy, even with the good transmitter. It just runs like this. I think thats just a characteristic of this car. Hopefully they will improve it and make it better, but for now i would advise people to stare away from that one and stick with these little guys. If youre gon na have fun on the floor, i would say: run this guy purchase this one and, if youre thinking about a track, you can run this guy here on the track pretty nicely even the older ones, the tinier ones i dont have one close to Me right now, but those are awesome on the tracks or whatnot, and even this one you can run on the track, but uh, i think its a little wide for my tracks.

I did build a another track for this guy to run on thats a little wider and all, but i would say both of those would be my choice over this one. This one i wouldnt buy at all because its pretty buggy and all and all of the things that i mentioned about it, is the reason why i dont like this thing. I really dont like it, and so it doesnt have any lights or anything just those lights. On the bottom there for charging, you know it doesnt look like a real car, a scale car. I was thinking that i can get past the fact that it doesnt look like a scale car. It looks sort of like a mario kart racing or something like that, but i was thinking that i could get past that if i was able to run it on my track – and i was very interested in seeing how this matches up with these on the track. But this one cant even run on the track, and so i would steer clear of this one. The diatom q33 line of sight version not really that good come on guys get us some threads on the tires, maybe make the tires a little skinnier and make the tires the same size man to get rid of the fact that its heavy a little on the Back and the front wheels barely touch the diatone q33 cart racing rc car thanks for watching Music.