This diatom 233 176 scale, fpv rc card Music, Applause, Music, all right! So im just going to crack this open here, theres some plastic wrap all right, so first ill show you guys the box. So this is the front heres the top. This is their 10th anniversary release heres the bottom. It just tells you what model you have. This is a blue model. Sides are blank. This side just has some spec information, so this is battery life and stuff right here. This is for without the fpv camera, and this is with the fpv camera, and then here is the back. So it looks like this is a sleeve right here. So just push the box out like this Music, all right. So we have this tab right here and then we can open up the box. So we get. This awesome die tone card right here, very cool. We also have this manual right here, Music, so ill. Just give you guys a little run through of whats in here here it is in english, Music, and then this is what you get in the box. So they give you this little die tone cut right here, and this is just a coupon code for your next drone purchase from them. So i wont be able to show you the inside of that but thats a custom code and then right here we have the transmitter. So this is just a little toy grade transmitter. So we have our throttle and then steering, and then this is the on switch and theres.

No batteries included so its pretty simple little transmitter, and then you have batteries that go down here and it takes two double as so: thats the transmitter and then right here is the rc car. So, as you can see, theres an fpv camera on there and this piece of phone was protecting it. So heres a close up look theres a little antenna, so this is one of those all in one camera and vtx units thats just sitting on top of the car car does weigh a pretty good amount, theres a little charging port on the bottom right here and Then heres just some of the decals and stuff it says, die tone in the back right there. So this is pretty cool, so thats the car and then with all their kits. They also give you this custom white canopy, so you can customize this. However, you want, and then you also get this little thing right here, and this is just a little keychain. It says 08 right there, but i guess its just a general daitone rc car keychain, so thats pretty cool and then in here you just get this little usb charger. So this has the little plug on the end here. They just assume that you already have a usb brick so thats, how that will work, and that is everything and then the other one right here should be exactly the same. So this is the exact same thing, so its really nice, because you can actually drive with friends so driving around with other people, would definitely be really fun, especially in a big area, just kind of chasing each other around.

So this is really cool, so yeah, like i said, i highly recommend that you get two because you can, you know, drive with other friends and its a lot more fun that way so thats what i have all right so to power on the car. What you want to do is access the little on and off button in the bottom right here and click. It and youll see lights, flash in the bottom and theyre going to blink, and then you want to take your transmitter and power it on and if this continues to flash, that means that they arent bound together. So you want to turn the car on by pressing the power button, and then you want to hold button. Then youll see that the car is flashing really fast, which means its in bind mode. And then you want to put this in bind mode by holding the button and turning it on and now you can see theyre connected so its working now and then we should have throttle response, so thats really cool. So i could drive this around the desk here. Its in the slow mode right now, so i i cant really go fast. This is like the fastest. I can go so i just want to go over some specifications and features of this little car. So starting with features. If you want to turn on the car, you just press the button and then, if its, not binded, itll just flash, if you want to put it into bind mode, you just hold it while its on and it will start flashing really quickly.

And then all you have to do is take your controller and hold this button. While you turn it on and it will flash really quickly and then once theyre binded youll see it twitch and the light will just blink, and that means that you are connected. This is the camera fpv slash, btx module right here. This is a 25 milliwatt module with four channels and, of course, its on 5.8 gigahertz, and it has a working voltage of 3.3 to 5 volts. Looking at the steering angle, you have about 30 degrees of steering proportional, like i said before, the throttle is also proportional. It will last anywhere from 17 20 minutes using the fpv camera and the model without the fpv camera will last about an hour on a full charge. This version weighs 24 grams and the non fpv version weighs 19 grams, and you have about 50 meters of range with this little car. Of course, this is a 176 scale. Rc car the controller operates on 2.4 gigahertz. The fpv version comes with a 140 milliamp hour battery and the non fpv version comes with a smaller 110 milliamp hour battery, since it doesnt need as much power here are some size specifications of the different components on this car and then here are the written product Details from their page and it comes in six colors – it comes in gray, blue, green, pink, yellow and red and thats. Basically, all the specifications and features of this little q33 rc car.

So, given that i just took this out of the box im gon na give it a little charge, then you can take this out for an fpv driving experience. So, while the car charges it does have this slow, pulsating red light and its just using this little jst port right here, as you can see to charge it, and so when its done charging, the lights should just turn off. So the lights are off now, which means its done charging so just some final stuff about this car. It does have a three stage reduction, so a one to three gear ratio from the original motor, and that makes it go fast, while conserving energy. It does have braking so when youre going forward and then you go into reverse, it will break. And then, if you let go and then go and reverse again after that, it will start backing up. So when you turn the controller on, if you turn it on and it pairs with the car and the light is solid. That means its in beginner mode. So the throttle is limited so, as you can see, thats full throttle if you want to put it into advanced mode. What you do is turn this off and you hold this button down and then turn it on and then you let go and then if this light is flashing now that means its in advanced mode and so now, if you look at the throttle, its even faster, So im going to be driving in advanced mode, so we can go really fast.

It does have a very tight turning radius, which is why it will flip over if youre, going too fast. As you can see, all right so, like i said, were in the advanced mode im. Just gon na drive around my house dont mind the boxes or anything theres kind of a little bit of construction going on, but im just going to drive around here. So this is really cool because everything looks really big like i can go underneath here: Music im gon na i can go underneath all these chairs and stuff, so its really cool. I got ta watch out here, theres rugs over here. I just found out its really hard to control when you get to the top speed, which is why they have beginner mode, because the beater mode is basically the maximum. You could drive without spinning out of control. But i like the advanced mode, because you can basically control how fast you go. Oh and i flipped over. Let me go correct myself. Alright lets go so it is very fast theres, a rug right here, so i got ta be careful im on, like the complete other side of the house, which is really cool. Reception is really good, and the quality of this tiny camera is amazing. For i mean how tiny it is, the sensor must be small, but works its working out really well and its just really cool because, like you can go under chairs and stuff like this, and everything looks really big, even stuff like this little hole and go right Under it, look how fast this thing goes too.

You have to consider how small it is. This kitchen is very long, so its going very fast to full throttle. Oh my god, something i noticed too. If i go full throttle and then reverse it completely. Does a 180 so im not even going to touch the steering right now watch this im going to go forward full throttle and then break because its a complete 180, not even touching the turning im just going straight and then break straight break, so thats actually really Cool it makes it really easy to turn if you want to using stuff like this. This is really cool. I can go under here, some pretty cool, exploring with this little guy. It makes everything an adventure, because everything just seems so massive go under the couch. I have some really bad breakup right now, because im across the entire house, all right lets do some more exploring here. So the cool thing about this car is the camera will run up to. It will run on 3.3 volts, but not any lower. But of course the car will run a little bit longer. So, even if your feed goes out, youre not killing the battery and you could try to drive it back so yeah the proportional steering as you can see, works. Amazingly, you can even see it in the video feed. Look how precise that is and just make it so easy to steer when youre focused. You can go basically wherever you want.

Whenever i also like that, you can see the 33 on the little car canopy its really cool its really cool, being able to see the hood of the car with the wheels so yeah. This thing is very fast, its not even on full battery, because i did drive it around a little bit before i started recording just to get some practice, but, as you can see, even when its not on full battery, its very fast over here go under. Oh im, something just happened. Something weird is happening. My video feed is coming out. Why cant? I not see so. The exact thing that i was talking about happened the video feed cut out, but, as you can see, the throttle still works and the steering still works. So it actually just died, but thats kind of what i was talking about before. So this car is really fun great product by dietone, proportional steering, worked amazingly and its overall just really fun to drive around you know. Furniture and objects and obstacles so ill. Have a link to this in the description if you want to purchase it yourself, like, i said, very, very fun, definitely worth it, especially if you have friends to drive with im, probably going to make another driving footage video in the future, so stay tuned. For that.