It is very similar to the style packaging that the other models in this series comes. You can see it is a clear window style package with the cat logo in the top left corner. The item number for this model is 23004. The description once again is one to 35th scale. Cat 770 mining truck. It is part of the construction rc line, and these models, in particular in this product line, are catered towards collectors of all ages, but mostly younger children, ages, 8 and up the side of the box has the details associated with this model, such as full function, construction, Rc frequency 2.4 ghz. It is an authentic licensed scale model active movement, it can have multi players and control range 25 meters back of the box has very similar synopsis, such as full function, radio controlled frequency, 2.4 gigs. It is an authentically licensed scale model for caterpillar. These models require a total of six aaa batteries that do not come with the models. So if you are purchasing this as a gift make sure you pick up a pack of triple a batteries, you need four for the actual model and then an additional two for the controller. You have some pictures of models in this series. Obviously we have the 770 that we’re taking a look at in this video, but also the 336 next gen hydraulic, excavator that’s, the packaging let’s go back and turn our attention to the model. We’Ll start out with the details because for an affordable line, this truck has quite a lot of casted in details that you really may not appreciate unless you get a chance to see it up close.

These include some nice hub detailing on both the front axle and the rear axle some realistic, tread design on the rubber tires. The graphics are very nice, including 770 and cat. This is the power stripe nomenclature, which is the previous paint scheme, uh or tray dress, as caterpillar likes to refer to it now, they’re on the modern hex design, there’s, also some detailing in the dump box, with a lot of perforations or holes. The back of the truck you can get a better appreciation for at least the rear tires, with an accurate tread design or a realistic tread design. You have a casted in mud flap for the rear, tire some exhaust mirrors hand and grab rails access stairs. We turned to the front of the 770, the 770. The 772 were unique in off highway trucks for cat, because the operator’s seat was in the middle of the truck and not offset to one side and that’s replicated in the model. You also have some wheel chocks here that are on the front again some protection railings, and that brings us back to the side of the truck, which is where we started: okay, let’s back him up and we’ll go over the controller functions. This is the controller, and this is designed again for hands of all sizes and all ages. This is where you would put the two aaa batteries in all. You need is a screwdriver to undo that you put the two phillips screwdriver, you put the two aaa batteries in put this back on with the help of your phillips screwdriver, you are ready to rock underneath the truck.

This is where the four batteries go. Once again, you put those in turn your knob to on and you’re ready to do some rcing let’s go over the functions again. This is the controller you have what i will refer to as two triggers in the rear which operate the dump box, and then you have two joysticks at the front which control the direction of the truck and the steering of the truck. So let’s start off with this. If you push it down, the truck goes in reverse. If you push it forward, the truck goes in the forward direction. So again, back is reverse forward, makes the truck drive in the forward direction. Let’S bring him back close to us. The right hand, side, joystick or controller controls the direction of the truck. If i turn it to the right, the truck turns to the right if i turn it to the left, the truck steers to the left. So again, you have to hold that down, while you’re driving there’s the truck turning to the left and there’s the truck. Turning to the right very simple, very easy to use. Let’S turn our attention now to the two triggers at the rear. The left side trigger raises the dump box, which can be a continuous motion. If you hold it all the way down or you can gradually raise it, as you saw me by clicking on it lifting off clicking on it lifting off the right side, then, as you may have guessed, lowers the dump box there you go just like that.

Those are the only functions that are associated with this truck, which is really all you need forward: reverse steering, left or right, and the ability for the dump box to raise and lower again very easy, very simplistic. You can pick up the controls within a couple minutes of practicing on this truck and again these are made. It is important to keep this in mind. These are made to a certain price point, as they are intended for younger collectors specifically, and they make great gifts. Being that they are right, around 35 from most authorized diecast masters dealers at the time that i am filming this review. So again they make great gifts, and this also allows younger collectors. Another vehicle, if you will to use a analogy as a gateway into our hobby, of more advanced diecast models or more advanced rcs as they get older. So that will conclude my review on the diecast masters cat 770 off highway truck or mining truck in 135th scale. I’M interested to hear what you guys are thinking and what your opinions are of this series in 1 35th scale. Please let me know what your comments, questions or concerns are in the comments section below until next time, i’m tommy with diecast emporium. Thank you all. So much for watching make sure you check out the screen right now. You will find a suggested link for other videos in this four part series with the one to 35th scale, rc product line such as the 336 excavator or the 950m wheel.

Loader again, thank you. So much for watching until next time take care and be safe.