Obviously, as you can see in front of you, but before we delve too deep into the 950m model, let’s take a look at the packaging that it comes in. First, here is the box. As you can see, it is a clear window style package with cat at the top left. The item number for the wheel. Loader is two three zero: zero, three one to thirty fifth scale: 950m wheel, loader construction, rc collection and these rc models. Unlike the more higher end die cast masters, rc models are designed and developed to cater to collectors of all ages, specifically younger kids, ages, 8 and up the flap of the box reads: full function, construction, rc frequency, 2.4, ghz, authentic scale model, active movement, multi players, control Range 25 meters on the back of the box, again a picture of the wheel, loader and also the d7e, which is another model in this one to 35th scale. Rc series, just to recap: full function, radio, controlled again frequency, 2.4 gs, authentic scale model. You will need a total of six aaa batteries. There are four that go into the actual vehicle and two that go into the controller, so that’s the packaging let’s get that out of the way bring our model back in let’s go over the detail before we do. Our product demonstration – this is a wheel loader, so it has obviously wheels and it’s a machine that loads dump trucks. We have our cat 950m, the m version, the 950m wheel loader.

This is in the previous generation of the cat logo or the cat tray dress as it’s known. So this has the power stripe and not the new modern, hex back of the machine has some detail as well on the radiator cover or the engine cover. You have cats, some lights, some casted in where the rear view camera would be some lights here, a simulated, towing, hitch and again some bottom lights as well. You have some rearward facing lights at the top. An exhaust and air cleaner here is a nice feature that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see on these affordable models is some very nice venting detailing that’s on the side of the engine, some oversized hand and grab rails. These are done in plastic. Some rubber tires with some bolt detailing inside the wheels access stairs some mirrors that are on the cab lights on the front, which again have turn indicators in orange highlighted. This is a material rehandling, smooth bucket on the front cat right in the center part of the top of the window, and that brings us back to where we started. Let’S now take a look at the controller, which is identical for all four of the models in the series it’s a very ergonomic, meaning that it is very comfortable for hands of all ages and there are very simplistic controls, as i will now demonstrate in just a Minute, you have you, have these two joysticks and then you have two triggers at the rear.

That is it. This is your on off switch, which, of course, you need to make sure is on, and then you need to make sure that the model is on by making sure that switch is clicked to the on direction as well. All right let’s check out the functionality. Now this wheel loader again because it is made to a certain price point, it does not steer like a conventional wheel. Loader model will, as you can probably tell from the casting there’s no articulation joint here. So the way this model steers is through the front axle pulling the left joystick forward drives the wheel loader forward pulling it back, sends the wheel loader in reverse the right side, joystick controls the steering which you can see if i turn it to the left, the Machine turns to the left. If i turn it to the right, you can see the wheel turning to the right just like that, and just like that now, the two joists or the two controllers, the two triggers, if you will at the back control the main bucket function. So the left side, if i hold that down that lifts the arm and the bucket up in one continuous motion now you can lay off of it such as bringing it down on the right side. I can click it or, conversely, i can hold it down and it will raise in one continuous motion. Music. There you go now the lift arms, the bucket tilt bucket angle, that’s not operated separately again.

It is all one continuous motion and one function on these. Two controller mechanisms, so that will conclude this review of the die cast masters 135th scale 950m wheel, loader overall, i have to say it’s a pretty nice model. What is most important to keep in mind throughout all four of these 1 to 35th scale plastic cat rc models by diecast masters, as these are made to a certain price point, and mostly targeted towards a younger collector demographic at the time that i am filming. This review, i checked a couple – authorized die, cast masters dealers and all four of these models. Again at the time that i am filming and publishing this review. They are all listed just shy of 35. Each us, which again for any licensed rc model in any scale, is extremely reasonable and that also allows it to be affordable for families from various economic and social economic backgrounds. If you guys have any questions comments or concerns i’d love to hear your thoughts, leave them down in the comment section below. You can also take a look at your screen now, where you will find another suggested video for another cat model in this one to 35th scale, rc line, as always: i’m tommy with diecast emporium. Thank you all so much for watching until next time take care and be safe.