The final part of the four part series involving the diecast masters, affordable line of 135th scale, licensed cat models. This is going to be the review of the cat d7e track type tractor. Now, as you can probably already tell, this is not the same d7e that they debuted in the 124th scale rc product line, if you guys have not seen that video and you are interested, if you take a look at the top right corner of your screen right Now you will see a suggested bubble pop up, and that will take you to that video. That dozer was based on a more conventional d7e. This tooling, or this casting, is set up in a pipeline configuration very similar to diecast masters 150th scale version of the same dozer, so it has a winch on the back. It has an angled blade. So with that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at the packaging that this bulldozer comes in before we get on to the actual model review again, it is very similar to the packaging that all the other models come in. It comes in a clear window: packaging with a nice sky background inside the box. Besides, the model you’ll find a directional sheet, the controller. These models are held down by twist ties and a pair of twist off screws, which actually work very well because they securely hold the controller to the side of the box. This is item number two.

Three: zero, zero. Two once again, one to thirty fifth scale, d7e track type tractor. It is a remote control model, this product line in particular, although it can cater to cat collectors of all ages, including us adults. It was specifically engineered and designed for young collectors, ages, 8 and above the side. Flap full functional construction, rc frequency, 2.4, ghz’s, authentic, licensed scale model, active movement, multi players, control range up to 25 m on the back. You’Ll find a picture of this model as well as the 950m, which is another one of the four in this collection. Thus far, specifications full function, radio, controlled frequency, 2.4, g’s, authentic scale model. You will need a total of six aaa batteries that are not included with this model. So bear that in mind. If you intend to give these as gifts, you will need to stop by the store and pick yourself up a pair of aaa batteries. You will need four for the vehicle and an additional two for the controller, and i will show you where those go as we get into the video that’s. The packaging let’s get back into it with the model. We’Ll check out the details first, because it is always worth pointing it out, especially when we do anything on this channel. The tracks are linked together and they are plastic. This model has another nice feature on it that is not controlled by a function on the remote. It has a fold down ladder at the rear, which you can see right here and you can fold that back up with your finger, as i mentioned during the introduction, this is outfitted with a winch but again it’s, just detailed into the casting it is not functional.

Nor is there a winch line in the back of it. You see cat up here at the rear of the air conditioning unit, the top has some hand and grab rails and air cleaner and exhaust. This model is in the previous cat nomenclature or trade dress. It is in the power stripe logo which cat used all the way up till last year and they are now using the cat, modern, hex design. Another very nice detail is the decal that they used to simulate the grille on the side or the perforations of the see through again d7e the d7e, the electric drive dozer has a single blade cylinder which is replicated here cat logo, two forward facing lights and again We have our blade on the front looking underneath the machine. This is where four of your aaa batteries would go. You simply take a small, phillips, screwdriver undo this put your batteries in make sure you turn the machine to on. Here is the controller which likewise takes two aaa batteries undo. This put them in alternating directions, put it back on and you are ready to do some rc work. All right, let’s see what this machine can do. We have two triggers at the rear, both left and right, and then two toggles or joysticks as i like to call them. So if i push up on the left hand side, the dozer goes forward. If i push down the dozer goes in reverse.

On the right hand, side, if i push up the dozer steers to the left, i push it to the right direction. The dozer steers to the right so again left dozer tracks to the left right. Dozer tracks to the right now bring him back into the center of the screen. Turn him around, so the left side trigger this button here raises the blade up the left. I’M. Sorry, the left side trigger raises the blade up. The right side trigger raises the blade to the down direction. Now it is one continuous motion, meaning that the angle of the blade is adjusted slightly as it’s raising and it once again is adjusted slightly as the blade is being lowered. Watch again there you go as we lower it once it goes towards the ground. You will see it being adjusted slightly again. There you go now. Obviously, you can do this slowly or conversely, in one continuous motion, so that is it for the controls for the d7e track type tractor or the bulldozer. It is very simplistic, it’s, very easy to pick up for collectors, young and old, which is the whole idea behind this product line. Overall, my views are that these are very accessible, they’re, very easy to learn very easy to pick up. The controller itself is very ergonomic. Making it once again very easy for collectors of all ages to pick up on these make perfect gifts for young collectors that may be into rc or maybe into caterpillar equipment, and they make a great gateway vehicle for perhaps getting into the more high end area of Our hobby, whether that be die, cast vehicles or more of the higher end rc line, such as the die cast cat excavator or the western star dump truck or the freightliner cascadia.

You guys. Let me know down in the comment section below what you think. Would you like to see more models added to this line? Would you like to see more added, perhaps to the 124 scale line? Also, it is important to note that at the time that i am filming this review, i checked a couple websites all four of these models, whether it be the dump truck the excavator, the wheel, loader or this model, which is the bulldozer they all have the same. Msrp, which is just shy of 35 again, making it very affordable to families from all walks of life i’m tommy with diecast emporium. Thank you all so much for watching until next time take care and be safe.