This is an underwater camera. Well ROV, I would say a remote operated vehicle. It does have a tether on the back. That goes to a radio that establishes a Wi Fi connection that talks to my phone it's very complicated, but it still lets me get some great photos from the camera up front. You'Ll see that I also mounted up a GoPro Hero 7. This has a GPS location unit on it, which allows me if I ever do find the drone to at least know where the location of it is no more talk. Let'S get it into the water there. You can see it in the water. I bring it to the top and then I can bring it down alright. Here we are at 1.2 feet below the pond, welcome to 22000 inches below the pond I'm, your host Aaron Cousteau – and this is your five fish interface on your tablet. You can see your depth, you can see the water temperature, you can see the the drone or ROV in relation to its position in the water in the lower left hand corner so right now, I'm on a downward angle. Looking straight down at this biomass in the water, I call it a biomass, because this pond is teeming with life, whether it be microscopic or a little bit larger. This is what the GoPro looks like. I just turned on my LED lights and I'm trying to figure out if the light is going to help me today or not, and the reason why the water is so green is because all that algae is starting to grow or algae or whatever you want to Call it 20 feet deep, you'll notice in the lower right hand corner.

I do have a compass so it's generally helping me look, and I know a ton of people scrub through this footage. To help me look, thank you. Here'S. The first portent this giant boulder come from I've, never seen this before. I would call this a five fish killer, because we've got that tether on there. I would hate to get wrapped around a boulder like that, because getting you out of there could be very challenging. Now top right hand corner, says 95 that's, 95 percent on the battery, and you can see that I'm recording this right from my live phone as a screen capture. This is what the five fish is actually seen through the lens with the watermark on there of the depth and temperature I'm. Just looking for my drill, the DJI phantom vision 2 was a large flying drone. We should see at least a blade or something a lot of people saying that that this the drone may have sunk down into the silt. But I don't know if that's the case, because that giant rock was sitting right on top or was it was just a tip of a mountain, and so here I'm just swimming along I'm, like oh, a worm like oh there's, my first worm at least I'm, seeing Something you know kind of interesting other than these little jiggers, that move around by twitching around they're kind of a worm as well. 26. Point 6 feet deep. Can you imagine having a backyard pond that's? This look! Look it I'm! Looking up at the Sun from 26 feet below that's what it looks like if you're drowning the pond by the way I'm waiting to find a skeleton down here, I'm so glad I haven't so here's the bottom again, really not a whole lot to see in here.

Let me know if you're still watching at this point, are you a treasure hunter like me: do you scrub, through these videos and you're, watching for the drill? The same time I am here. What is this? I thought okay, finally, something interesting to look at and really I'll flip over with my GoPro, not a whole lot to be looking at here, just a shape so onward onward to a new area. You can see I've been down there for 16 minutes already. Oh hello. Mr. worm, my kid likes to call them Joey worms, there's, there's, Joey worms, mate they're, very slow moving. I guess, even though it's warm and I'm twenty five feet down so still looking around still on my way, just moving my way through the murky water really trying to keep an eye out for a prop or a leg, or you know the camera from my drone. So this is as close to the bottom as I can go. I can set my depth lock to be there and then I can float forward right without doing any propwash, because if you get too close to the bottom, it just does tons of dirt and soil. Look at this one, two worms: three merciful, whoa freaked me out when I first saw it like. Oh my god, it's like a biomass of meat worms. I showed this to my kid at 28 feet down he's like dad. It looks like spaghetti, and I didn't know what I had discovered here, if there's any biologists that are watching.

That knows what I'm looking at here. I think these worms basically were trying to save themselves from being drowned and they came up from the ground just like we see on a rainy day on a sidewalk, but these guys they ain't moving, which means, I don't think there's a lot of fish down here. That would be eating these, but, if somebody's afraid of worms, this is definitely the video for swimming in a pond. This is why this pond would be very itchy if you feel having it and came out, which I did one year to get one of my RC boats yeah pretty pretty weird, so I thought okay! Well, if this is a nightmare for someone, I might as well get the heck out of here continue my drone let's sail along the bottom. Look, how green it is. I could almost use like an amber light like if I could change the color of the LEDs. That would be very helpful for me. Oh there's, prop wash ah totally getting stuck there and what's happening is look at the look at the sub. In the lower left hand corner I'm trying to figure out, I know I have to get off depth lock and raise the sub a few feet. Then redu depth lock and move forward, but then I'm, like oh there's, still weeds. Is it stuck in my prop? So again, I'm trying just to get out of there and move away and then re angle down there's my lights, so you can kind of see it.

It does help. But if I had an amber light or a way to change the hue, I could change the light to meet my circumstance. You know what I mean like. I wouldn't have a lot of reflection of white off these little microorganisms. I'Ve been going for 26 minutes at this time, I've been underwater with this drone 13 degrees. I keep traveling around. What is that nothing? It was obviously a box that I did not pay any attention to and I'm still floating here I come up to 16 feet now. The bottom does change. You know it's only 34 feet at the deepest part for like a few feet and then the whole sides gradually get higher as we go. So my next goal will be to get some way to map this area out. So I can search one area and then move to another area without you know worrying about anything and missing anything. Look at this. This is how much of a nerd I know I am like. Oh, I found a shelf I'm taking a selfie right now, yeah. I know I'm a dad. There is this underwater shelf. I thought okay, so I'm at nine feet, I'm very close to the edge. Maybe I drop to the drone around nine feet and it's being in there for six years. At this point in the film is a very long time. I know the chances of me finding it are like slim to none.

This is like a fishing trip for me. I just go out to relax practice my underwater flying or saline and there's another big rock that can grab my tether if I'm, not careful so I'm. Looking around the rock to make sure that there's, nothing that I'm missing I'm gon na back up a little bit and then go around or up over the rock is what I would prefer to do Here. I am ten feet. Maneuvering my way around, you can see. I'Ve been going east and west trying out trying to go along the shore and then what the heck is this? What the heck is this I came along and found this at seven feet in and I'm like okay, this is a slab of concrete, but what the heck with this slab of concrete, be doing in here then I'm like okay. Maybe this is where the skeleton is. I don't really want to see a skeleton I can't post the video look at this I'm. Pretty sure this is rebar that's coming through there and again another five fish killer, because if I get anything wrapped around those pieces, I know that I'm gon na be in big trouble but I'm trying to have a good look kind of figure out how, in the In a pond that there's this big a broken slab of concrete, it makes no sense at all, and I am not seeing my drone in this image. Believe me, when I get home with multiple cameras and hours worth of footage, I scrub through every single second see.

If I saw my drone, but a second set of eyes is always the best. It does help the most. You can see I'm looking above the water or I'm looking up the water and now I'm. Looking in the areas where I know the weeds are going to grow, the tallest here's, the slab, this area I'm gon na lose searching here within the next month, because it'll all become so high. All the weeds will become so tall. I won't be able to get the props in there without damaging the props or getting them tangled, so it's, a very small window of time. I have turned here to find this this drone and then there's that slab again so really having a good look, making sure that I didn't miss anything. Here. We got to see the worm cemetery. We got to see these huge random boulders that could catch my five fish. If I wasn't careful, we got to go down to 27 28 feet still absolutely nothing I'm beginning to wonder someone commented they're like you, should sink some boats in there and try to go and find them and I'm. Like I already said drone in there it's almost impossible and for Keener's that no, I did lose the top of my fire rescue boat on the other side of the pond. So, yes, I may make an attempt to go and find that one day, but, as you can see here, I'm really not having a whole luck.

I went all the way back out again 23 feet. I can't believe it's 12 degrees in this water, even though it's so deep. Now I see low battery look at this an hour and 13 minutes of run time, not only runtime but recording a stability it's. Communicating to me so an hour and 13 minutes is amazing. I know I have to work my way back to the shore, basically a big and failed attempt number 4 to try to find my drone, but it was absolutely a blast as I come to the top here – and I know Michael pros already like on zero battery. So it's great to have you guys along thanks for the dive today. I hope that we get to go back out.