It comes with 2.4 gigahertz, whatever that means suitable for kids, ages, 4, and up now the price can vary. I got mine on sale for 20 to 49, but I’ve seen it for as high as 49.99. Now this is hope power. You can control smash through any adversary using Hulk massive arms. You can also flip over against a wall and do high speed. Willy spins Hulk smash is pure power and includes ten phrases and sound effects. Here is the side of the box, which includes an awesome piece of artwork. Now the RC vehicle does come with batteries included, but you will need two additional double a batteries with a remote controller. Let’S just try this smash button and see what it’s, like Music let’s, see that one more time Music, alright time to get this thing out of here, don’t worry about ripping this wire it’s actually supposed to come off, be careful when you’re pulling this out, because I Just got a paper cut all right, we’ll just cut this string right here, there’s actually two more strings down here you need to cut as well Music and they really did not want anyone stealing this. So here is basically everything you’ll be getting. You’Ve got the RC vehicle Hulk’s left arm, which we’ll be attaching in a few moments. Here is a closer look at the remote control left, stick to move the RC vehicle and the red button, I think, is to make them spin all right.

Let’S attach that left arm up is much better. You see this wire right here is going into the remote control you’re actually supposed to rip it off. Don’T worry you’re not going to damage anything there’s. Also another wire that is attached to the vehicle yep, you guessed it rip that one off to this sticker here Heights, the onoff switch, will be taking that one off too Music. Okay, there we go now for the remote control. I was actually really scared about doing this. At first thought it was some sort of mistake when the manual said to remove the cables let’s put in some fresh new batteries Music. Although the batteries on the bottom and back to the vehicle are included, I would suggest replacing them because who knows how much of a charge they have lessened it? Okay, here’s everything all set up. What do you guys think, I have to say, I’m really liking the details on the Hulk figure overall, just really well built feels sturdy and solid. I mean it. Doesn’T feel cheap at all and here’s one last shot from the side: Music, okay, let’s test. This thing out, don’t forget to turn it on. First and here we go Music, Music, Music Applause, roll. You know let’s take this outside alright, so I got like a good prince fighting around here and he’s going to show us how Hulk smash okay. So we got Hulk right here: he’s going to run over Baxter Stockman apocalypse and bebop Hashanah battle today: Music, Music, Music, Tyson.

You know that Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay. So what do I think about the remote control Hulk smash? I have to say I love it absolutely fun toy to play with only downside is you need a lot of empty space for enjoying it either that or take it outside build quality is great easy to pick up and use. Although I am skeptical about the price, if you can find it for around 20, then it’s definitely worth picking up but I’m, not sure if this toy is still in production, so the prices I’ve seen for it. Brand new has been in the 46 50 price range and sometimes maybe even as high at 60. Still, if you’re able to fork over the cash it’s, definitely worth it remote control, Hulk smash comes recommended. Okay, guys, I hope you’re liking. These toy videos.