When you press the button on top the Bears back and then the back comes with whoa, you can open it. Wow looks like you’re only a shop, and it comes with a lot of tools and what’s inside there and with his side right name a queen here’s break needlessly. He doesn’t have any wheels so the Lightning McQueen that it comes with house no wheel and you have to fix them up cuz. He is getting ready for the big race right, so here’s. What it looks like under the hood special wheels are very little so here’s all the tools that it comes with and here’s the Lightning McQueen wheels alright I’m ready to put my McQueen together. I want to do like in the front, yellow and back, and it comes with all the little screws free to use. So there you can rearrange all the tools on that Music. You use the lever to raise the suna Music screw it in a job Music. You can use your hands that works too one wheel down three more to go. Pressure tires because his wheel is flat: Music, lefty, loosey, righty, tighty, yellow in the back and read and write yellow under set red in the front yellow in the back. Also for ten fixes or join our super fast we’re done close. It Lightning, McQueen, cooler, night night inside no I’m, not waiting a queen is going to the race Applause. You are here. My I just have.

It sounds: crazy drive, crazy ride like a queen upside down. Music Applause, Music, all right, Lightning, McQueen. We got ta practice for the big race.