We did this in a previous video with a combination of these paddle tires and luck. So it got me thinking. This truck has already mastered: earth, water and now we’re, trying to master air that’s right. We’Re going to be making a flying rc car besides the truck, almost weighing 30 pounds, the problem is, i don’t, know anything about flying, so my plan was to just wing it. The second problem is, i don’t own. A wing, and apparently my local hobby, store doesn’t, sell any airplane parts, so i spent a few days scouring the internet searching for a wing until my cousin told me that he’s got the wing at his garage, so we’re gon na go check it out and guys. You got ta see his car. It is awesome. Music, yeah, no problem, look at the size of this guys, it’s it’s, almost as tall as me, that’s, crazy, and just like that it was time to start building. First, i had to clean the rig. Then i had to do my first test fitment, i made sure to bring out a tape measure to look like. I knew what i was doing. Then. I used my high tech engineering gorilla tape to fasten it down all right. This is the first time we’re going to be putting this on the truck after building it. So let’s see uh, see how she looks. Look at that. Oh, my god. I am so excited to try this out.

I don’t want to jinx it, but i’m excited all right, guys, we’re at the spot, with this x max aeroplane and the first test we’re gon na just try and go as fast as we can and we’re gon na see. If we get any left let’s give it a shot. Three two one go Music it’s starting to lift up a little bit Music. It wants to fly it just wants to fly all right. We’Re gon na have to give this another go. Let’S just try right now. Oh, it got air a little bit. You saw that we did get some air, but i think we need to jump. The thing wants to take off it. Just it’s, like i don’t, want to be on the ground anymore, so i think the best thing we could do here is grab the jumps and see what happens we’re gon na see if we can get this thing to take white guys, Music. That was amazing guys. So the thing it was, i call that gliding or flying whatever you want to call it, but it worked and that wasn’t even going fast so now, we’re gon na, send it and see how it goes. Let’S go i’m pumped i’m pumped we’re gon na give this one last shot, and then we might have to reconvene to figure out how we can get this to fly even better let’s. Do this Music? Oh, we got ta go get that that was nuts.

I hope. Nothing’S broken that was insane guys. I went. I hit the ramp with the back tires because i did a wheelie i was like i got pumped. I was like this thing’s gon na go rocket and the back wheels hit the ramp and just made the truck. Do a front flip and uh i mean it was pretty sick i’m. Not gon na lie when it hit the ground, the body exploded off and then the body flew away it was, it was actually it was beautiful. It really was the wing’s intact. So i think that’s a win for today, given what we just did to it. We are back in the shop. My idea is to add a wing that’s a little bit further back and i actually talked to one of my friends who’s big into airplanes, and he gave me some pretty good advice. These tabs are called ailerons they’re panels that are near the tip of the wing that move up and down, causing lift to increase when they go down and decrease when they go up so making sure that these tabs are down should help get this x maxx off The ground and last but not least, we added a rear wing all right guys, so we are at the spot and what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na try and go really fast, and hopefully we get this thing off the ground and after all, that Hard work, it looks like something’s finally going our way because right here, the truck is finally off the ground.

I think we need the rams. I think, it’s time for the ramp Music. That thing works pretty good there all right. Last time it actually flew we’re gon na see if we can get supply a little bit further, and this is exactly what i was trying to avoid. We totally broke it, uh it’s on it’s, barely on there. So what i’ve been doing is i’m gon na be taping uh, the brace back up that was wild. I you know: what’s happening is i’m i’m, giving it the beans right before the ramp and it’s, causing the truck to do a front flip and it landed on the wing, which is the last thing that we wanted it to do so let’s give it one last Shot and then pack it up Music. Oh, that was sick. We flew all right. We got the x maxx to fly that’s insane holy cow. We did it. One of my favorite sayings in the whole world is to live outside the box and that’s.