This is the first time i put my voice in the video, so please um understand that if i sound a bit awkward, yeah let’s begin another way: Music, let’s. Take a look at the front section: first and there there are some wooden parts that Music will allow these wheels to rotate um Music yeah. You can see the joints here, Music and some strings that holds it yeah and it works pretty well Music and look for the middle section. There are a bunch of electrical circuits here like there are two arduino owners and one hc: 06 bluetooth, module and 7.4 voltage. Lithium polymer battery, there are two of them batteries and there is sg90 s servo and um l298 and motor driver Music yeah. Those are the parts that i used and there’s the yellow motor yellow geared motor that many people love to use yeah. That is it um for parts like let and let’s talk about the design um. It basically is supposed to look like the bumblebee from transformers Music. So the radio between section by section there are all fitting to the camaro and the wheels diameter is 6 centimeters. So the outer shell will be fitting to this thing my friend supposed to make the outer shell but he’s, still working on it, um he’s, even slower than i made this i’m. I completed this project like um weeks ago, but he’s still working on the our show. He’S really slow yeah and you might wonder why there’s two arduino uno there yeah it’s, because Music, because of that bluetooth module.

I don’t know why this thing is happening. But when i connect this bluetooth, when i pair that bluetooth module to some other bluetooth device, then the server starts to start to uh, shake it’s, really weird um. I thought that one is weird, so i made some experiments too, like having only bluetooth module on the servo and experiment, whether they can stay together, yeah um, when the bluetooth module is not paired, it’s, fine, but right after it gets paired it’s, not okay. Definitely not the motors servo motors shaking really hard, so the server becomes really hot, which is not supposed to be like yeah um. Well, i think that is it for the car. Let’S put this thing away. Let’S talk about the controller Music. This is the controller for that thing and, as i mentioned it’s supposed to supposed to be look like bumblebee from transformers, so there that is autobot logo and here’s the logo for chevrolet and here’s, a lever that you can control the speed and here’s the handling wheel. That you can set the direction Music and here that’s the charger charging circuit um the same thing the same thing over there Music. So you can share the charger here. There is the switch. This light switch to um to turn it on and off and over here it can be opened like this. There are a bunch of circuits, so you can fix it when you need to fix by just opening it and since it’s a bit boxy.

So we can put some stuff like this. This is this string. This long thing is the charger for here, and here this one also fits on the same places, but it tells you the voltage of the battery yeah, that that is for the explanation and let’s see if it actually works before the test drive um. I would like you, i would like to pick something like this and see if the functions are all working. Fine. Now, first, we turn the car on Music at the first first time, um right after you turn it on and it’s on the basic positions, um and there’s, the blink Music, which means it’s, not paired, let’s turn this thing on turn this thing on too, and if The blink stops means it’s ready to run it rotates, as i rotate the wheel Music and for the lever Music. If i push it it forwards, if i pull it, it backwards, yeah that’s, the really simple control isn’t it yeah um. I think it’s time for the test drive. Okay, we got the car at the floor and we got the controller on my laps Music. Okay, let’s move. It works pretty fine let’s get to other another place, Music, so Music yeah, as you see um since it’s, not really fast. So i can’t make some drifts on the floor, like i’m selling rc cars, which is quite expensive, so i couldn’t afford yeah. It can’t make some cool tricks too, but well um.

If you try it and it’s pretty fun to hang out yeah. I i really don’t want to say um it’s, my first time, speaking in my video huh it’s too awkward thanks anyway for watching my video, which is pretty weird and awkward and anyways Music yeah thanks for watching.