For so, if you have the dji fpv, goggles, uh and you’re flying three stall quads or you bought the dji fpv drone that came with the goggles and you’re, not quite confident to go flying manual mode, you know you can build up a simple rc car like This mounts a dji system on it, the goggles will bind directly to it and now you can fly. Excuse me not fly now you can drive this around your house or your driveway or your neighborhood uh as cheaply as 15 that’s right. This is a really inexpensive car, that’s 15 bucks uh it’s. I like this one i’ll have the link in the description below, because i’ve designed these 3d mounts Music. I have a larger single piece, one that you can use to mount on a large rc car, and i have this two piece: one that’ll go on small rc cars i’ll have the links for these that you can download and print out and start driving around with The dji system – this is the ishi nebula micro um. This is uh not as good as the dji vista unit, but for something you’re not going to be flying 90 miles an hour, it’s, absolutely great. I had these on sale for i bought them for, like 87 um, there was some crazy deals popping off. I bought four of these and i specifically wanted to save one for an rc car project. So here it is let’s go through the build.

If you want to build one of these up um and get some of this stuff for cheap, join the fpv sales alerts, facebook group that’s, where this deal popped off on a lot of people, were able to get these now. The reason i like this car specifically is because it’s really easy to take apart. You just push this little button back here. This top cover comes out, it’s, just two double a batteries and there so there’s plenty of room to modify things in there. If you needed to – but you really don’t need to here and i’ll, show you why this little cage you just kind of bend it and it comes off same thing with the seats just kind of bend it and it comes off. So now we have an area. We can run our antenna up through this little hole to get a little bit better reception. I noticed that the reception was not perfect. Okay, so we have that now put the cover back down. Now we have a place to be able to mount our camera holder. Like this with some double sided tape – and we can mount our vista holder back here, the antenna should come out here so we’re going to transfer this over to that very easy. Now this will work with the dji camera or with like this is the nebula eachine micro it’ll also work with the nebula pro or the nebula nano. If you use any of those adapters, i made this at 20 millimeters, but since it’s uh printed pla, it’ll bend in just a little bit in order to fit a 19mm camera like this.

I like it because it’s red so it’ll match the color of my jeep. Now this camera does only have a 60 frame per second refresh rate, unlike the dji version, which has 120, but when you’re traveling on an rc car, which is going to be going much much slower than a drone. It’Ll work completely fine. So this is actually a really good instance for this i got these were super cheap on one of those bang good sales. They were 87 bucks each now here’s, where i can show you the wiring for this uh vista unit. All i did was take an xt30 connector. You can also use an xt60 and i just hooked it up to the ground and power pads right there. So now it’s completely ready to go on like this. I can go ahead and slide this antenna. I can reuse that same zip tie. I had securing this. This will keep that antenna in place. Um there’s some other types of mounts that you have to put the antenna in first and then run this, but i prefer just to slip it on place like this. Have it open is easier to take on and off, and i don’t have to do it in any particular order and i’m just going to use one little nut, since this is not going to be traveling really fast. Now, how am i going to attach it to the car i’m going to use some of this mounting tape right here? I also really recommend this 3m extremely strong.

I use this for anything that’s going to fly 30 pound if i was mounting a vtx or a receiver or anything like that. But for this i can use a little bit of the lighter duty stuff and this will work. Just fine. Give me a little piece like this: take the backing off put this underneath right here and then that will allow me to mount it to the car. Now, if i was doing this properly, i’d run this wire in through the windshield i’m, just going to show a quick example of how i would mount it i’m going to kind of get it in the rear. Most position like that and just touch a little bit of pressure it’ll, stick on there pretty good, now, it’s not going nowhere i’m going to go ahead and do the same thing for the camera. Just take a little piece. Take the backing off, put it on the bottom and position it where i want it. I’M gon na go ahead and hide this wire a little bit in this little notch. I want it like right in the center of the hood, and i want it angled kind of like that so it’s kind of flat. Now i can adjust this angle if i want to so that’s pretty much center, so i’m, just gon na apply a little bit of pressure, and now it is done so check this thing out here is my new fpv rc car only took a few minutes.

If you have a printer, you can do this i’m going to release the files for this. If you have a larger size car, you can use this mounting solution and i’m going to release the files for both of these. So you can make this at home. This is a 16 car guys and now it is compatible with my dji fpv system. I have a little bit of room over here on the side for a small lipo battery i’m, going to put a 2s, probably a 300 milliamp in there, that you would use for, like a small drone, that’ll be able to power this it’ll fit in there nicely And it’ll be all ready to go really awesome way to get some additional use out of your new dji setup or to just get acquainted with rc cars in general. This is definitely toy grade. I mean for 15 bucks. What do you expect, but if i can add the dji system to something as cheap as this, you can really do it on any rc car, and all you need is a little bit of double sided tape and a 3d printer.