This is a different kind of drone that dji is used to building. This is a first person view drone. So not only does it look completely different, it also flies completely different. As well, this is, i think, like the formula one car of the drone world. It is so fast it is so maneuverable, but it also results in you. Getting some amazing first person view video you can see from here that the props are actually quite short. They don’t fold in so, unlike any other previous dji drone, none of the foldable props, these are fixed. Props they’ve also got the the triple blade propellers as well. So that also gives a gives the drone a lot more maneuverability but uh. It is a lot shorter. As well so it’s, the the the length of the body is actually quite small and the the battery actually makes up half of the body as well, so the the design this take. This takes the weight of the battery into into account and also you’ll notice that the the back of the battery also forms part of the landing gear. So when the drone actually lands it’s actually landing on the base of the battery as well, here is a top down. Look at the drone and as i mentioned it, it’s actually pretty short, so it’s it’s not a very long and flat drone like like the other dji drones like the mavic and the air drones props, are fixed triple blades on each of the propellers and you’ll notice.

That the camera is a single axis front facing camera which can move up and down so that rather than the typical dji drone, has the camera here sort of tucked underneath the nose of the drone. But in the case of the dji fpv, there is nothing in in the way for to do of what you’re shooting so you’re. Getting this true first person view now being an fpv drone. That is first person view drone it’s designed to be flown with goggles. So you’re getting the true first person view. So what what the drone is? Shooting you are seeing live in these goggles, but there is one little thing here: in australia: the civil aviation safety authority, which is the the aviation safety board, the the governing body that that sets the rules for drones and other things. The rule is that you have to have a line of sight on the drone so that you need to with your own eyes have we have a site of the drone? So you need to be watching it with your own eyes, not with a pair of goggles. So this is technically illegal in australia. If you’re flying outdoors, i think the law allows you to use the goggles and first person view indoors. If you’ve got a venue big enough, you can fly the drone indoors, but outdoors, unfortunately, you need to have line of sight, or fortunately i should say because that’s for safety’s sake, because having line of sight allows you not only to see the drone but also see What’S around it whether there is a obstacles or buildings or any other dangers or other aircraft helicopters having the wearing the goggles means all you’re.

Seeing is what the drone is seeing and that limits you, because you can’t see if there’s a a power, cable or a pole or a cliff to the right or wherever to the left, so you’re very limited in what you can see. Hence the reason why these laws exist and why you do need to have eyes on the drone, maybe allow one of your friends to wear the to wear the goggles. While you fly the drone using the controller, it is pretty fast. If they’ve got a bit of a queasy stomach, you could even make them sick because it is a very fast drain. We’Ll talk about that later, but uh in in terms of the the laws and the whether this is legal. You can’t use the dji fpv drone with the goggles, so you have to make alternate arrangements, which is what we had to do so. The the controller that you get with the drone is right here now this everything links together, so the goggles link to the craft and uh the the controller links to everything else, and so you control you’re, still nothing changes with the controller you still in all situations. This is how you control the drone, whether you’re wearing the goggles or not. So what we had to do was set up an another way of viewing the camera feed from the drone through the goggles. So what we did we set up an ipad next to us.

So within easy view, so we had it set up, so we could just glance down when we’re not looking at the drone. We could glance down to the ipad and see exactly what was happening. How we did that we had to. We had to link the the goggles to the craft and then through the usbc cable. We we attached the usbc to the ipad, which was running the dji fly app and that allowed us then to see the live view coming from the drone. One downside of that situation, though, is that none of the information on the screen normally when you’re flying with with the with the screen at a phone attached to your to the controller, you can see information as well as what the the camera’s seeing you can see. The level of your battery, you can see all this other information. You can see that how many minutes you’ve been recording you can get safety warnings when you’re wearing the goggles. You get all of that information, but when it’s connected to the ipad and we’re just glancing down, all we see is the camera. We don’t see the battery level. We don’t see the the how long we’ve been recording the video, how much how much memory we have left and any other safety information, so that’s really uh one of the downsides of using this in australia at least i don’t know what the laws are around the World but the having having the the goggles linked to the ipad and having the view from the ipad while we are controlling the drone with this controller, was the only way we could do it.

We couldn’t even attach a phone because there’s no there’s nowhere to attach a phone to this normally a dji controller has a clip that allows you to attach a phone that wasn’t the case with the dji fpv. The other way you can control the dji fpv is with this new motion controller. So once this is linked to the drone, as its name suggests, it’s controlled by motion, so the trigger acts as your acts as your throttle and then your hand movements then dictate the movement of the drone. So if you want to go left you’ve got to move it left. If you want to go right, you need to move right. If you want to go up, you need to point up. If you want to go down, you need to point down now. There are some other buttons here, so recording buttons and similar controls that you’d find on the on the goggles themselves. I’Ll give you a top down, look at the controller, so there’s the trigger for to to accelerate and then you’ve got your recording controls and your your other, your other uh little joy, joystick there and other controls there’s a lock switch here as well and again as I, as i mentioned the the control, you need a pretty steady hand to do this so and i’d recommend you need to be a pretty experienced pilot because any any slight movement, if you, especially if you’re traveling at speed uh, could end up you ending up in A tree or into a cliff or into another obstacle, but this is a really liberating way of flying the drone you if you’ve got a steady hand and just even subtle movements.

It is very responsive. It is a really fun way of controlling the drone without having to hold the larger controller. Okay, let’s talk about performance, and this is a very fast drone i mentioned earlier. This is like a formula one car when compared to a regular, dji drone. This is capable of speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and can go zero to 100 in just two seconds, so it’s fast and i think, should be in the hands of an experienced drone pilot. This is not a beginner’s drone. This is something this is a drone that should be flown by someone. Who’S had a bit of experience. There are different modes for different different pilots. There is, there is an s mode which allows you to enjoy the speed and maneuverability, but with very simplified controls and there’s. The m mode, which is all all systems, go all the controls, all the speed that you want, but there’s, also n mode which allows you like a beginner, for example, to still fly the dji fpv, but the speeds are reduced, everything’s simplified. So it does fly like a regular drone it’s, not just off the leash like on those other modes. So if you are a beginner in mode which i think stands for normal mode is what i would i would recommend, because you don’t want this to be going too fast too soon, if you’re a beginner in the hands of an experienced pilot, you can capture some Stunning footage and the speed and the maneuverability really requires a skilled hand at the controls.

Now the video quality of the dji fpv is remarkable. I expected nothing less from dji 4k at up to 30 frames per second, so you’re, getting really crisp, really clear, really colorful accurate, accurate colors as well for whatever you’re shooting and the type of video you’re capturing here is, is more a sped up version of what You would normally get with a regular dji drone. I think the dji traditional drone, the mavics and the airs are more for your scenic shots, your quick shots. This is for capturing a really fast, really exciting footage, and when, with a bit of practice, you can actually, you can learn to fly this low to the ground, close to close to trees and obstacles uh as well, and can really produce a stunning cinematic footage. Probably the biggest question you’ll have is what about the battery life? What is my flight time with the dji fpv? Well, that all depends on how you fly the drone. If you are in m mode, if this is unleashed and you’re flying uh at top speed, maneuvering and really going for it, then flight time is roughly about 10 to 12 minutes best. We got was about 11 and a half to 12 minutes on a single battery. If you’re a little bit more conservative, if you’re flying at 40 kilometers now on the end mode normal mode, then you may get up to about 20 minutes of flight time. With that in mind, i would recommend anyone who’s seriously, considering purchasing the fpv.

I would opt for the fly more kit now. What that involves is you you get. The drone is purchased on its own, so you get that and then there’s no fly more combo in this case, so you still have to buy the drone on its own with us with this battery the controller and the goggles. But the fly more kit adds two more batteries and a charging hub so that you can have three batteries in total, so that if you are really wanting to go for it, capture that really high energy high speed footage, then you’re gon na burn through the batteries. Pretty quickly so having three batteries at least increases your flight time. So, if that’s the sort of pilot you are you’re going to be going hell for leather, i would opt for the fly more kit, so there it is the dji fpv uh. This is a drone of a different kind, if you, if you’re after a traditional drone, something that you want to just capture some nice photos, nice footage enjoy the quick shots. Then there are plenty of other choices. This is a pretty specialist drone and a drone that will allow you to capture a different type of videos, really high energy, really high speed, it’s a really it’s a lot of fun to fly. I’Ve got to say i really enjoyed flying this just seeing it fly around making those sharp almost 90 degree turns it’s remarkable the performance that you get from the dji fpv, as is the video footage that you get as well.

That is remarkable, as also so i think, if you’re a good pilot, you want to capture that that really high energy footage, the really fast footage, then the dji fpv is definitely worth worth a try, it’s priced at 2099 australian dollars. If you want to go for the fly more kit, which will get you, the extra batteries that’s an extra 429 australian dollars and if you want to go for the motion, controller, add that to the package that’s an additional 229 australian dollars as well. So the dji fpv it is a rocket ship. It is a formula one car it’s, all those things i’ve described it. It is super fast, super, quick and the videos you get are also equally fast and exciting. The dji fpv. If you want to read our complete review check it out at techguide.