These are the new 2.2 sized genius tires from RC four wheel drive. I have them mounted up on 2.2 sized aluminum ballistic rims aren't. They sharp they look amazing. My friends, the last few days, I've, been doing a lot of editing of a series. I do called the big dirty 2016 and it's one on one fifth scale racing event, but I've been spending a lot of time at my computer. I kind of wanted to get outside and stretch my legs a little bit and I thought I may as well enjoy the sunlight with my new rock crawler. Now last night I was switching tires over and getting them all mounted up on the rim. So I could put it up on my axial XR 10. The XR 10 is a discontinued, dedicated competition, rock crawler from axial now notice. Some of you who are viewers of the show know what an MOA is underneath those links is a little 35 turn brush Tekin motor hooked up to its own individual FXR ESC, which is basically the brain. Now, on this axle, I have another motor, a motor on Axel moa attached to another FX R, which is the brain that controls this axle in the middle I've got a step down voltage regulator to run a proper power to my front servo and to both motors. When the ESC s are calling for it now, a lot of people may be asking you know. Why would you want independent motors on each axle? Well, that means no drive shafts.

I get all the power I need for this axle from this motor and because it's a dual ESC setup, depending on the radio that you have, you can run it, so you can lock out either the rear, axle or the front axle. Why would you do that? Some people would be asking: why would you want to lock one if the whole machine is supposed to be rolling, and I have covered it before in different Tips? Amp Tricks, videos I'll cover it again today, but you'll see how it adequately moves this vehicle around. On a pivot point to help it maneuver through different kinds of gates and a point system, some of you may be asking me why the heck. Do you have your treads on backwards because it certainly looks like I have them on backwards? Hey. You is on the back wheel. I actually have them flipped around again, so they both are are kind of what you'd call backwards. This is so I can have a crawling type of action up the rocks. So when my wheels are spinning forward this, instead of trying to spit mud out at the sides because it's not a mud machine, is actually using these as teeth or claws. So it will help grip, the rock and carry me up the rock, whether I'm going backwards or forwards, isn't that an amazing tread pattern. So I know a lot of questions will come up in the comment section unless I show this, so I want to show the type of radio that I'm running is actually the the Futaba 4px.

This particular controller actually allows me to set up dual motors and dual ESC s right from the screen, so in here just simply going down to the mixing menu clicking okay going over to dual ESC. It shows you the front axle and the rear axle. If you want to turn the mix on or off or not if you're running, each ESC, the receiver and the radio will now be able to tell that in my old Futaba, it actually had to be set up by very complicated mixing, and all I did was After setting up the dual ESC, I went straight over to my dial select up here and when I went down, I just chose the switch that I wanted to be dual ESC, which is closer to my thumb. So I can just do it while I'm. Turning and now it can control each axle independently, hope that helps here's. My pit dog hydro body that was made for me back in 2014, so I took a few moments to setup a little course. You know just to give myself some practice get back out on the rock show you guys how those locking axles work so I'm going to start here. The gate is going to be roughly 16 inches apart. A lot of people don't know that, actually, when you do competition, rock crawling it's all points based. So, for example, the person with the lowest score wins now. Every time you hit a gate.

For example, this pair of cones would be a gate to get through. If you touched it, it would be. You know, depending on where you are what country you're from it would be an addition of ten points to your score, so plus ten points or plus five points, whatever whatever you guys score, is your own business. If you actually use reverse on your radio and you move the machine back, if your tires roll back from using reverse that's an addition of one point now, if you actually clear the gate, I should go back to this. If you clear the gate, that's a deduction of minus ten or minus five, depending on how you're doing it, but if you're rolling forward it's, not a deduction of your reverse points, you can hope to clear reverse points. If you had to do a lot of reverses by clearing these gates, if the truck actually rolls on its side or rolls over – and you have to go in and turn it over that's called a roll over, you can be awarded points for that, depending on the Competition you're in a lot of people award five points to your score for rolling it over. If you just can't, get through a gate and you have to reposition your truck all together if you've rolled off that can be in addition of five or ten points. So the whole point of the points is to get through the whole course without touching the gate.

Getting your points deducted as you go, try not to reverse as you go and getting to the very end gate, depending on the course that you have and who you're driving with you may have bonus gates where, for example, if you can go through a certain area, You may get a minus ten, which is a bonus if you've gone and hit a few gates yourself anyway enough chitchat let's, get going on this course to show you how I would maneuver it with my rig and test out these cool tires. So this is the starting gate I can take my truck if you guys are doing comp crawling. Take your truck put the tires right to the gate right. Whatever position, you want to be in it's your prerogative so I'm going to go here. I know I have to turn immediately without hitting that scallop in the rock. I also have to avoid my back tire hitting this cone, because the starting gate can count depending on who you're crawling with so a little throttle, control here, that's, really what it takes. It doesn't matter if you've got locking axles or not throttle control and wheel alignment for a good plan. Even if you have to do a lot of backups, you know is just to line it up, so you get the best line possible here. We go line it up, so you get the best line possible, that's, that's, almost silly to say but it's the truth.

So right, here, I'm, going to start pivoting by locking up my back axle on the button I'm able to start turning. My truck like this even crawling it right up on the rock look at that. Not beautiful let's change the view, so you can see what I'm looking at okay now, my back tire is acting like an anchor right here so I'm going to engage both axles. I'M gon na have to be careful because this one here is going to want to push against this rock. You know my driver's side tire, but I'll deal with that. If that happens here we go just kind of crawling now re engaging just the front there. We go positioning and crawling nice. These tires hooked up pretty well on that crawl come on now, I'm going to have to do a pretty severe turn up here, but I'm going to go wide and I'll show you what I mean. This is where I have to go through here, because the gate is on this side, but I've got a very smaller amount of turn, turn around room so I'm going to drop it down a little bit here. Try to spin it around! I may get hooked up on this rock. It may be the bad decision, but let's see if I can do this the right way. First, we got to get it up over here now that I'm hooked right here. This may be a good spot for me to try and turn around so just the Front's are engaged.

The back. One is now an anchor point: okay, I'm, going to engage it a little bit just to get me over that hump there and now just the Front's again there we go trying to climb up that one tire not going to be able to, because you guys can't See but a little lip of the rock there is holding my back tire so I'm going to engage the back, which this is. Maybe this might be where I recognize our o line, but let's see oh very nice, I locked it up again. Oh, it wants to flip me over mmm gon na have to be careful here. Ah, do I take a backup not yet I'm gon na have to though well hold on. This is a great place. Mate! Oh! Not too far, though I may flip over here. Okay, what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na lock my front axle and then I'm, just gon na run these back ones cuz then it'll start to act like an anchor and not roll me forward. I hope, Oh too far forward. Okay, I'm gon na have to back up sorry dudes. No, no, all please! Oh no! Oh! No! Oh! Oh! No! Oh five points! Okay! I certainly still have a challenge here, because I got to climb the rock and try not to let my tire drop down. It'S. Very much like a chess game when you're driving outside of the driver's seat outside, so you can see where all the tires need to be.

You can see potential obstacles and I set this up to be more of a challenge for me so I'm going to have to be careful that I don't roll into this hill right here. All my axles are rolling positioning my tires, anticipating the drop down point there. We go turning on to it. Don'T want to hit that gate with my back tire, though we're gon na have to be careful. Okay, I'm, going to lock up the rear axle just so I can get the front to start. Turning around dropping it in slow don't want to touch that gate. Very nice engaging all axles. So all right there we go nice don't want to touch that back gate, but I've got a severe drop down here right here, so I'm going to have to not have that tire goal. So just the fronts are running. Steering myself around there, we go just dragging it along clearing that gate, but staying up on the lip. As far as I could and then engaging all axles to drive very careful as I drop down in the back there, we go through the other gate. Now, here's a different gate. I set up on purpose. The next gate is over here, which is really a bit of a climb. So I got a descend over this rock go around climb up and then to access the next one drop down severely so I'm going to have to use my back tires as an anchor point now, let's see if it's as simple as it looks, can be deceiving Out here sometimes, but today's been pretty good.

There we go. These tires are actually doing very, very well going to turn myself a little bit here. Just so my fronts can line up better now, I'm engaging the back there. We are up, and over now, I'm going to show you the long turn around. Ok, the long turn around let's lock that back axle like this, giving myself some extra room, because I want to go down the other side perfect. Almost there we go slower gives you more control, then this way you'll see what I was doing just going to back up the camera right there. Now I have an anchor point to go down on worked out terribly yeah let's. Try that again unlocked axles up. We go lock the back one wide turn around there. We go Oh without without reversing I can get down here. I think this is fun as long as I can access the next gate there. So we got the anchor engage. All axles come on there. We go not just the eye lock to the front by accident, so here we go. I can turn around here as well. Just the fronts get up there and there's no dry shafts to worry about breaking. You do have internal gears on those inside those axle housings, but I've got them all upgraded to really heavy duty ones so approaching the side heel area not too bad, I'm gon na take this one kind of wide and make it a bit more of a climb For me, oh I got it stuck there stuck on the front axle, that's, ok, I'll I'll, take the bit well, no don't.

Take the point. Oh may have to oh look at this when in doubt throttle out just a little control. Oh nice, ok! So now I definitely am backing locking up the back axle just so I can turn myself like that position myself and change the camera for you. There we go unlock the back nice, slow wheel, control, just looking for hookup here very nice. Normally, here I go in between the rocks, but not today, let's switch it up a little bit here. I'M gon na ride the outside. Oh look at that a spider move just have the fronts move in here and then unlock it. Oh just the front. Just the friends oh I'm gon na have to back up. I don't want to touch that. Don'T touch the gate. Oh oh, that can't be good. I try to wiggle myself over. Oh back up, take the back up. Okay, there we go all axles running let's! Go these didn't touch the gate, keeping it fresh today moving along a new line. Ah, this is going to be a challenge by itself. I'Ll show you why you're that not much to go on this is actually a huge angle to go up and you tyre drops down right away. The gate is, on the other side, so it's going to have to be a controlled ascent and then a drop down, because this I do tire can go in, and this is the gauge so let's see.

I think a variety of moves are going to be attempted here. Hopefully I can do them for you just so. I can start climbing the rock now I've got a good angle. I engage that back axle very good. Just gon na try ride the top Ridge and kind of skirt myself over there. Oh no! Oh! No! Okay! So I do not want the back to start spinning because that's going to start spinning me off. I think so. If I lock that up and get just the fronts to start carrying me, okay and now the back oh boy, this is going to be a tough one. Look at the tire twist look at the flex in the tire that's a tight, tight, tight gate. I don't think so I think just to even get up here. Oh ah I burned the back gate. This would have been a good opportunity for me to lock my butt my front axle let's, see if I can still do this kay so yeah, I burned the gate, but let's lock the front axle anyway and see if I can move that back axle over so I'M using it as a pivot point. Oh definitely did not work, oh well. I could have done it, but I didn't plan well enough, next time. Okay, only one gate to go and it's all the way over. There looks pretty simple: you could just get over there, but it's not going to be I've made it quite challenging.

So I've got to go up this granite rock, which is definitely on a slope after a huge gap where the tire is going to fall in not only is on, is it on a slope but it's on a slant up and over? My goal is to actually take the front tires, put it up on this rock skirt it over and then climb up and finish just beyond that gate. Ok, so goal number one is to make it up this big scalloped Rock let's. Do this, okay, so I'm, going to start spinning around lock up my back axle, there engage lock just trying to get myself up and over there we go beautiful now to make it on top the rock here's, where high clearance links definitely help you'll see in the Back, I only have straight links there and it's getting caught up immediately, so I may have to take a backup if I want to get up there or I could try to skirt my axle so let's, just back it up on the camera. So you can see so what I'm going to do is lock that front axle now run just the back see if I can move that axle over there, we go that's. What I wanted so I'm gon na start crawling now full axles. Oh, the tire got stuck back it up. I had to take the back up, not a broken part. There we go now. The goal can I climb it? Oh gon na have to be smart here.

Hmm now I said I wanted to skirt it over there. Do I do that with just the front tires: try to bring it over, got ta get towards that gate over there kind of wiggling my way over I'm gon na show you a closer okay, so my back tire is pretty locked up in there right. So I got to start crawling forward, or else it's gon na get stuck so unlock the back. All of them are going together. There we go now that I'm up, oh so close to tipping. Oh no, oh, but I did not hit the gate and I did not actually have a roll over so technically. If I can recover from this, this wouldn't cost me any points just if we were doing a time based one. It would definitely cost me but I'm. Not the bonus is, is that I actually landed in an area that I can get out of. I hope so technically I can come out even though it's off the course line. As long as I go through that other gate, it still counts so lock up the axl turn myself around. Take that one point reverse remember reverses can be as long as you want. So if you want to make a long one go ahead and do it if that can help you there, we go now forward I'm going to take the long game. Now that I've got myself turned around it's kind of a bonus.

For me, I just happen to survive that the bad fall there I'm going to go up on the rock itself. Let'S get up closer, so you can see gon na lock that back axle, oh good, I didn't get caught under that lip that would have sucked okay, unlocking Oh gon na lock up again just so I can get that front moved over there it's sitting nicer. All! Oh it's going to want to fall into a lip that's. Okay, though, come on crawl, buddy, okay, now I'm up high. You can see that I definitely have the opportunity to try and swing around and if I do it right, it will work. Let'S see if I got this so just the front boys, nice and gentle need a bit of a hop. It looks like there we go there, we go there, we go engage the back. Oh, is he gon na? Do it? Okay, so here's another opportunity lock that front up get those rears working for you. Don'T want to burn that gate. All a skate, don't burn it. Oh okay, I'm gon na take the reverse point. I got ta. Do the reverse? I'M gon na fall. Oh burn. The gate that's no fun I'm gon na do it anyway. Oh gate reset just for good fun, fun practice there. We go Oh it's because of the shape of the rock that I'm driving into definitely sucks in there. Those tires right where that lip is but right now, it's helping me okay, perfect, lock the back dif back axle, I should say: oh dang, reverse reversing, reversing with all axles, open, okay, turning just the fronts.

Okay, all just the fronts. Oh I burned the gate again. Dang it I need to measure these out well, I could make excuses all day, but the fact of the matter is I burned that last gate but that's, okay, I had a lot of fun with this crawler today I love these tires. The rim setup looks really good as well, and they did pretty well on this sandstone. It did grind them down a little bit, but not too bad guys. I'Ve had fun. I hope you guys have enjoyed the video. You learned a little bit about competition rock crawling today. You got to see some new tires at the time of this filming, at least, if you like it, please go ahead, take the time to give it a thumbs up, click or maybe even leave a comment in the video comments section down below until next time.