T c05 i’ve reviewed other dog care products on my channel as well. So be sure to check out those videos, I want to point out for this specific collar I’m, not working directly with anybody to produce or promote this product on my channel now dog here did send me this item, but that’s, because the other dog hair shock collar That I reviewed a few months back stopped working. They saw my message and update on that video, so they decided to send me this with no strings attached so I’m not required to promote this review this or anything else along those lines. But I decided to do it anyway, since this is a new product that I’d yet to feature on my channel and that other video did really well. So, in a nutshell, I had an older version of a dog hair shock collar and it worked great for about two months. Then it just randomly stopped working. I have no idea what was wrong, so I decided just to throw it out because there was nothing. I could do to fix it. So dog here saw my update on that video about the collar not working, and they sent me this product unsolicited. They just saw that comment and wanted to reach out and make things right so I’m really happy that they stand by their products and that they sent me this new product. This was not the shock collar that I reviewed in a previous video.

This is a different model, I’m excited for this one cuz. It seems to be an updated version of that last caller. So, if you’re interested in this item or want to find out more about it to link to it will be in my video description below. Please go ahead, check it out and do your shopping from there here’s acos package two and a really nice and simple retail box with their logo and branding on it, and we can see a nice little product graphic right there. This collar features three training modes. A thousand foot range 0 to 99 shock levels, it’s rechargeable the remote has a battery life of up to 45 days on standby in the collar has a battery life of up to 15 days on standby. The caller is also ip65 waterproof, so your pets can take this swimming now. Let’S go ahead, let’s open it up and look at the package contents. So here all the package contents. First up, we have a Quick Start Guide that you can see right there. We have your complete setup and installation guide right here with charts and diagrams walking you through everything you need to know about using this with your pet. We have some silicon caps right here to cover the contacts for the shock on the collar. We have a USB to microUSB charging cable here’s, a nice wrist, strap here’s, the remote control and they definitely shrunk down the size from the previous collar that I had from them.

So this is nice. The other one was just a little bit big. If you ask me it was fine, but this is nice it’s just a much better size, so we can see we’ve got a nice screen right there. We have your three training modes, so we have your shock, your vibrate and we have your beep. We also have the level adjustment right there. We can look on this side, we have channel 1, 2 and 3. So again you can use one remote control to control up to 3 callers. We have your pairing button on the back on this side too. You can see the microUSB charging port and where we can put the wrist strap and we can turn it over to this side as well. You can see your lock and unlock button for the remote control, so you never have to worry about accidentally shocking, your dog. While this is in your pocket, you can just keep the remote control locked and, last but not least, here’s the shock collar itself. This looks great guys, definitely a shrunken down version from the previous collar that I had. I really like the size on this and they have a clear on and off button for you on the collar. We can see right here. We got our speaker and we have an indicator light for us that will light up here’s our charging port right here as well. So this also has micro USB for charging.

So you can use one cable to charge both devices if your pets gon na go swimming, make sure that that grommet is in place and it’s sealed up. If you don’t want water to get into the collar through the charging port, and then we can see the contacts on the back right there for the actual shock and again we have silicone caps. We can put on there for additional comfort, our pet and it can help decrease the shock intensity. So we have a nice collar that we can just buckle like that, and then we can make our adjustments right there. So we have a twisty tie. We got to remove as well, but that’s definitely gon na be for most sized dogs. This collar should work for you now let’s go ahead, let’s fire it up and try it out. Now that we’re ready to use everything I went ahead. I installed the wrist, strap as well feed it through there loop it back on itself and pull it tight and your wrist straps installed. I wanted to point out a couple more tech specs for you guys on this product as well per the instruction guide. I find that a little bit more accurate, sometimes than the Amazon description, so this is showing us that it’s ip65 waterproof rain resistant and it’s swimming approved it’s, showing us that the remote has a built in 450 milliamp hour battery. The receiver has a 250 built in milliamp hour battery.

It takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to charge each device. This is showing that they have a standby time of 90 days each as opposed to the 45 in the 15 that I mentioned earlier. I think the 45 and the 15 is a much more accurate number, I’d say anywhere between 10 and 20 days, it’s, probably what you can expect for the receiver before you have to charge it. That’S gon na vary depending on how many times you actually have to use it to vibrate or shock your dog or issue any of the other training mode commands as well. The more you use it, the less the battery life will be. So obviously, if you don’t use it that often and it’s, just in standby mode, the whole time you’ll see a much longer battery life and if you’re, constantly vibrating and shocking your dog every hour. It also says the range is 656 feet as opposed to a thousand feet. I think we’ve used it around 300 feet, or so our dogs never really ventured any further than that, so that’s, probably pretty accurate, depending on obstacles and density and other stuff in your area. If your dogs, in a wide open field, it’s, probably to be closer to 650, maybe even more if you’re in a densely wooded forest or a lot of like Wi Fi signals and radio interference, it’s, probably going to be a lot less now, let’s go ahead. Let’S power on everything so to turn on there control you can see the on and off button right there just twist it on now we can look at the nice LCD screen.

We can see all the different icons right there. First up, we have our transmission signal. Icon so we’re good to go in the right hand corner we have our lock and our unlock icon right there to. Let you know if that buttons been activated, then we have a one right here. So we can change the channel one, two or three so that’s going to be for up to three callers right now: we’re synced and linked to the caller one right here on the remote control and then in the right hand, corner at the bottom. You can see the battery level indicator for the remote control and the double zeros is the intensity for the shock right now and that can go all the way up to ninety nine. To change that level. You can see we just got to hold down the level button and then we can adjust the on and off knob at the top to select whatever level we want to start. The shocks at I’d recommend something pretty low to start with and shock yourself and see. So it doesn’t feel very good, so I’ve never shot myself past, like fifteen or twenty so I’d recommend starting lower, obviously you’ll know your pet and their pain, tolerance and how thick their fur is to be able to find the best setting for your pet but start Lower then work your way up in intensity. If you have to now, we can go ahead.

We can turn on the collar as well just hold down the on and off button it beeped. There was a red light now we know that it’s powered on and ready to be used. I want to point out to you: can’t adjust the volume of the beep or the vibrate intensity, but you can adjust the level for the shock. Now you can hold down the buttons and it will continually do the vibrate or the beep or the shock, or you could just push it once for a one time thing so let’s go ahead. Let’S, try the vibrate right now, there’s the vibrate that’s, pretty good let’s! Listen to the beep there’s the beep, and then we can push the shock button right now, so I can actually hear it. I actually have this tester right here, so I don’t the shot myself anymore. You guys can just see it in real time. It will light up this bulb. Once I push the shock, so there we go. Can you see the light I’m gon na? Do it again there it is it lights up, so it is delivering the shock and it’s working properly. You don’t need to try it on yourself if you don’t want to or try it on your pet without them misbehaving, so that’s, really nice and now guys I’m gon na going I’m gon na hold down the beat button so I’m still holding it. It’S still beeping same for vibrate now let’s hold down the shock button as well I’m.

Not blocking that, though, for you guys, so there we go. So if you hold down the shock button, it’s not gon na shock at all. You can only push it and it will deliver the shocks don’t the worry about having that depress in your pocket and continually causing your pet unwanted harm and pain, especially when they’re, not misbehaving, so that’s, really nice, guys again, you can hold down the vibrate and the Beep button and continually vibrate or beep, but if you hold down the shock button, it’s not gon na. Do anything just push the shock button once it will deliver a shock if you need to shock again push it again, but while we’re on that note, this is how I’d recommend training your pet with this collar first you’re going to issue your command, so Baxter know If Baxter doesn’t listen to them, no continues on its behavior issue, the command again and then, instead of saying no start with the beep, so it’ll do its behavior, you say: Baxter! No, it misbehaves backs are still doing it. You say Baxter stop Baxter! No, then you can go ahead. Push in the beep that time your dog might get the cue and stop chances are to continue to misbehave so issue your command again and then issue the vibrate with the remote control your dog may snap. Out of it, then a lot of times they don’t like the vibrate, a lot it just startles them, which is good.

You want to take their fixation off whatever they’re doing that they’re not supposed to be doing and if, for some reason, your dog continues in that behavior then go ahead, issue the command again and then issue a shock on a low setting, and that should correct your Dog’S behavior and guess what 10 minutes later two days later, whenever your dog starts to do that bad behavior, again, they’re already smart enough to remember what’s gon na happen. So as soon as it hears the beat next time, it may stop for you or as soon as it gets to the vibrate, it will stop for you and if it doesn’t it’ll, get shocked again and dogs don’t like to be shocked. So again, it will start associating the beat and the vibrate and even the collar with punishment, so what’s, really nice guys, maybe after one or two shocks at the most it took our dog 1 shock to realize what was going on. So it responded really well to just the beep, and occasionally it had to go into the vibrate, but our dogs stopped doing what it wasn’t supposed to be doing as soon as the vibrate came, because it did not want to get shocked even at a low level. Like 5, so keep that in mind be patient, but it should work pretty quickly for you now let’s go ahead. Let’S get my dog dug and let’s. Try it out so I’m with my dog dog right now and he’s wearing the dog care shock collar as soon as I put the collar on and he got extra clingy and he’s on edge because he’s been trained with these collars.

His whole life, since he was a puppy, and he knows what happens when he’s wearing these collars, so he’s being extra vigilant, an extra clingy because he wants to make sure he won’t get shocked. And I want to point out when you’re fitting your dog with the collar make sure you can still fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s fur. Also, under your pets neck where the receiver is shake it around and make sure it’s actually making contact with the skin as opposed to just the fur. You want the contacts to be touching your pets skin, because, if it’s just touching the fur, they might not feel the shocks at all, so dogs wearing it it’s, really nice guys it’s a lot smaller than the other dog care shock collar. So I really like the form factor on it, so here’s a close up of Doug wearing the collar. You can see. He’S got really thick fur right here, so I just went ahead wiggled it down to make sure it’s making contact with his skin, but it fits great. You can hardly tell it’s even on him right there at all and so he’s pretty comfortable wearing it. He just doesn’t like me, touching his face right there and you can still see the indicate lights as well, so everything’s working like it should and it fits really nice and it’s very compact. Like I mentioned earlier now, we got a glass of water here to submerge the collar in just so.

You know the collars on while it’s submerged I’m gon na go ahead and vibrate the collar. Now there we go so you know, it’s powered on let’s go ahead. Let’S, just drop it right in when you’re doing this make sure if your pets gon na go swim, that you have the charging port grommet plug into place. So you can see it’s submerged in the water right now completely and it’s. Surprisingly floating it looks like it’s floating, so that’s cool it’s, definitely not waterlogged or anything. Yet, even in the speaker, port I’d recommend, if your pet is swimming, that you keep it in the lock mode. You’Re not gon na want to have to make the beep the vibrate or shock your pet while your pets wet and in the water. So it just saw the LED light, it’s still blinking for us, so I know it’s working underwater let’s, let it soak a little while longer then let’s dry it off and see if everything still works. So we just took it out of the water and dried everything off let’s go ahead and let’s test out all the features. Vibrate still works, the beep still works. We can even test out the shock again too, for you guys so let’s go ahead and let’s hold it up. You can see it just lit up the light bulb right there too, so everything works after submerging it in water. I want to point out two really quick, that the LED light was flashing red for me as soon as I powered this on when I took it out of the box.

So this was not fully charged. The remote was fully charged when I open it up and took it out of the box, so this will flash red when it’s time to recharge the collar once you plug it into the charger it’s going to change to a solid red light, letting you know that It’S charging and then it’ll change to a solid green light once it’s fully charged. Then after it’s fully charged and you start using it, it will be flashing green for you and eventually making its way to red again when it’s time to recharge it again. So I’m, really impressed with this product overall it’s got a lot of great features and updates from the other dog hair shock collar that I viewed over. All a couple of things I’d like to see improved upon in the future. Even from this design have to do with the remote control, I’d love the ability to be able to adjust the beat volume and the intensity of the shock, and I really wish the remote control showed you. The battery life indicator for the receiver as well. A couple other callers, I’ve reviewed, have those features or a mix of those features so I’d like to see one product that has all of those features and I’d really like to see instead of the microUSB cable it’s time for everybody to switch over to USB type C and I’ve seen a lot of other products that come with a dual charging, USB cable, so it has one USB end and then to DC ports or plugs or two micro USB ends or anything along those lines.

So you can charge both of these. At the same time, I’d really like to see that feature as well. It may be a different strap, maybe for your neck or with a buckle that you could use, but overall they made great improvements like this on and off button, and they shrunk the size of everything. So that’s, really nice. If you’re interested in this product or finding out more about it, the link to it is in my video description below please go ahead, check it out and do your shopping from there hit that like button for us subscribe to our channel, we have new content coming Out daily don’t want you guys to miss anything, give us a follow online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can message us on WeChat check out our website join our free newsletter, guys follow us on Twitch and join our discord server as well.