This is what it looks like pretty cool it, i would say, goes up to 10 miles per hour, it’s pretty slow for, but for beginner best car ever it’s, really small light easy to play with and let’s turn it on. Really quick it’s got like an hour to last battery. All right got this controller for you. You don’t know how to use this. If you turn it forwards, it turns right. So, like forwards is right, backwards is left and then look it. You push this backwards to go forwards forwards, to go backwards, so it’s like the opposite, so let’s see here. We’Ve got a little jump in the back, but we won’t be hitting it today. Okay, so Music, as you can see, i’m gon na click it forwards. It goes forward backwards, it goes backwards, so it’s pretty cool beginners. You would love this with the little tire i’m going to turn it let’s just say i’m going to turn it forward and turn right i’m going to turn it left going backwards. So, like nice steering it’s really simple, it does so. I have a wood floor, so let me go show you. This wood form see that it’s pretty slippery right there. So when i go on there with the new force rc car, it drifts like this is what the drift looks like put you up there so like if you’re driving, pretty fast and turn they’ll go sure and when you’re going really fast, you can just turn it And it’ll flip around and it’s pretty cool.

I it’s cheap price 15 at walmart really nice. I think this is a five out of a year out of a 10. I would name this a 8 8.5 for beginners. The only thing wrong is, if it had a bit more speed, it would be a bit more cool, but really nice it’s at your natural stores like walmart target. Those are the only stores i’ve seen that, but like amazon, cheap price amazon is probably a bit cheaper, but at walmart and stuff it’s like 14 to 15 bucks, um, nice beginner car. I really like it. Let me show you guys me hitting a jump which, yes, this jump is horrible very hard to hit so yeah bring that picture over here. All right helps. I don’t know how to i don’t know how to flip the camera. You can’t do the video all right. I can’t flip the camera apparently um, my brother’s gon na videos, video it for us um, you guys are gon na, have to comment down below. You could see it, but something yeah that really sucks. Let me go show you it drifting on the tile. Wait, wait! Wait: wait, wait, okay, so we’re gon na go down the brakes out of sight here. You say that gon na hit a big jumpsuit, okay, Music, and if you would like to see how fast it goes pretty fast, if you put it on your skin, it kind of hurts so that’s gon na, be it Music, that’s gon na, be it for today.

Sorry, my family, i have baby sister very loud um. We will be coming out with more videos about this rc car and comment down below. If you would like me to Music review an rc car i will be, my birthday is coming up and i’m pretty sure.