I was impressed with the price. I says no way. Look at this thing. Look at the articulation in this buggy. You can pretty much twist it in half um, just boy made to do what it does. Not a speed demon by any means, but the articulation the shocks tires are just huge Music clips on the side. Kind of diff so were going to uh, see how she tears up Music, easy Music. Now look at this Music, full four link suspension. I mean Music. Four link: no frame Music, just twist Music, Music, so Music case you havent noticed we did change the wheels over. These are the ones that are supposed to be on it theyre fun, but i just wanted to try these. These are probably 120s. These are a lot bigger, but im going to put them back on just because i stole them from another put on there: Music Applause, Music, thats. Another thing i like about the redcat products is all the wheels are interchangeable on all of our redcat products. This is kind of fun just to play Music me: Music, Music, oh Music, and again, just like all my other redcat products. I go ahead and put a little dab, loctite on that servo screw, because that takes a lot of abuse and its loosened up. So you want to do that again. Go through tighten up. You know anything that you can see which comes with routine maintenance on them as well.

Just keep them snugged up: Music, okay, Music, Music, yes, Music, nice setup for the battery Music. Apparently there is an optional rear steer option for this buggy as well, be curious to see that what that does and how much it costs Music. So there you have it redcat everest 10 monster truck crawler. If you want to crawl. This is what it does. Shes, not a speed demon by any means, but it will climb just about everything: 179 dollars boy for the money and what it does 10 out of 10 or wait. 5. 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars for this. The only thing i did was, i went with the bead lock wheels, the ones that were on there were just so big im gon na use those in another project, these theyre softer and it just it just takes it all, and it still dont look so bad. These are, i think, 120s, on this tens. So anyway there you got it there. You got it, you got it, you get it.