A one tenth scale is what theyre saying and some stuff okay lets see what we got comes with some graphics, not really sure. If the wood grain works for this and the white not might not be bad, not really keen on that, and it comes with these things – im not really sure what they are, but once i read the book i bet i do and heres the charger for the N battery that are included and daryl has the remote which we need to put batteries in approximately two weeks after unboxing were going to get to try and run a full battery out of this redcat everest gen 7.. What happened was 10 minutes into driving? Screw fell out of the servo. All caught up broke, everything returned it once got it back 10 minutes in it broke again. Okay, so months and months later, we finally fixed the front end on this little bad boy. A couple little parts and stuff well see how long it goes till it breaks again little tricks. We upped the sharks theres some spots here, where you can upgrade uh mount the shocks, a little higher, trimmed out the thing, some little things to the top thats close enough. Okay, we put the spare tire on the back, so its not so top heavy kind of cool. We upped the shocks a little bit. We got some spacers in there um just to give it a little. This is my favorite one from the start.

So im sorry. I got your face in there thats jack, darryls and um. You know just some little things so now were finally gon na after unboxing. It were finally gon na get this thing on the track and see what it does. Okay, ready set: go: Music, okay, Music dont! You keep me Music. Music is Music piece of uh. Just me me and my whiskey Music me Music, Music, please, Music, me, Music. Once again, Music Applause. We have some issues with the front. End took care of them pretty inexpensively and really proud of this buggy. We did some uh, personalization and stuff, nothing, crazy and basically stock buggy, im impressed. I give it five out of five its been a long time since we run this bad boy. Thank you. Jimmy voodoo child and um. We took it out on the track. Did freaking great five just baby it dont dont beat it up.