4X4. I live in a forest, so many of the less expensive rc cars get stuck. This one does not even got a little wet and had no problem. The price is right, just buy it. I thought i’d share. My thoughts on this race car, my son, is obsessed with racing cars. I love the colors on this one. It caught my eye. It is pretty cool climbs up small edges, pavements and tall grass easy remote to use. My son is three and takes his car outside and off. He goes for ages. Has good speed on it. Moves nicely, too seems pretty durable. Wheels are soft, not solid, great bold colors and an extra battery. My three years old loves thing thing. We have taken it to the beach and wooded areas, and it does really well held off on a review as the tires were coming off the rims, but the seller sent replacements very quickly and they are good to go it’s plenty, quick enough for us in the 4Wd is good ordering another one, so we can play together, bought it for my five year old, easy to assemble, he loves playing with it outside would recommend it’s a great size too. I bought this for my son and i to play with and it has not disappointed. It’S a great value can go over all kinds of terrain. We have tried it on grass, wood chips and even in water, it’s, lots of fun and zippy quick, it’s fun that it can run in the water and float on the tyres very cool.