Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc vlog guys. Today we are going to work on that guy right there, the the trx4 sport uh disregard all the boxes in there. I needed to take that to the dumpster, but the reason why were working on that is because the other day when i did that scx24 uh brushless upgrade that furitek brushed upgrade. I was kind of expecting it to be way faster. Now it had a lot more performance, it was definitely more performing like it had a lot more torque, but i didnt get much more speed and since then theres this theres been this seed playing in my head of a fast crawler. I know i know that sounds really dumb, because crawler shouldnt be fast, but i want really bad. I was gon na put a vxl in the the trx4 sport, but thats been done a lot and then i thought maybe i could do something a little bit cooler and maybe cheaper to make this thing go fast, so ill show you what i want to do Today we got ethan out here: wrenching hes, switching out the electronics evan got a new buggy, so ethans getting evans old buggy, which is an eb 48.4 hes, switching his electronics. He wanted to do it himself and uh. We didnt really have room because i was wrenching back there, but here it is theres the car that were gon na upgrade today, and this is what were gon na.

Do we are gon na put this motor in the titan 12 turn. So this is the motor that comes in the slash and like the rustler, the the non brushless versions of the rustler stampede bandit. This is a 12 turn motor. I think whats in there is a 27 turn, so this should make it a little more than twice as fast. If we put that motor in here now. The other thing about this is because that esc can handle 3s. Technically, we can run that motor on 3s and itd be crazy, fast, so im pretty excited about it. This is again a super cheap upgrade. Look. I actually have the price tag still up there. Uh 21.95. If i can double the speed of my trx4 sport for 21 dollars, i mean thats gon na be pretty cool, so well find out if its a good idea or not because im gon na, do it look by the way we got the potato. The potato driver on a trx4 sport thats, pretty cool, huh. Okay, i lied. This is a 21 turn motor, so a little less than twice as fast, but this is just a basic trx4 sport. I didnt want to do the crazy power upgrades to a trx4 because of all the different gear. Shifting things – and i know those gear – shifters – are actually plastic in there. Probably not the best idea so were doing it to a basic sport were basically just going to switch the motor im not going to do anything to the gears im just going to take that motor out, which is pretty much blown a bit like its burnt up.

Pretty good because we were doing some like tug of war games the other day and uh were gon na put this guy in so lets. Do a baseline run real quick on how fast this is, so we can do a convince comparison. Golly im, like losing my words today, i get so excited when i do this guys, so we can do a comparison on the speed upgrade all right here we go. This is 2s 2s trx4 sport. I mean look at it. Its like dump, dump truck dog slow. I mean yeah. This is good for like trail running, but definitely i mean its got crazy amount of torque its good for trail running, but i want it to be just a smidge fastener. All right lets run this thing on 3s and you guys can see what its like on 3s and then well do the motor swap all right here. It is on 3s, so 3s has definitely got more punch for sure, and then, whenever i slam on the brake like its a little bit faster some of the brake, it actually does endos like its got crazy amounts of torque. Oh look at that. It does wheelies. So, on 3s, its still fun with the 21 21 turn motor, but im hoping when we put that big motor in here that 12 turn thats gon na do some crazy stuff. Now, with that said, youre not supposed to run the 12 turn motor on 3s but yolo, i absolutely love how they have these motor mount.

These motor mounts like that theyre basically lettered there. That makes it so much easier. So we already got the motor out. It is a little bit bigger. You can see. The can is actually a little bit bigger, yeah its just, maybe not maybe its just this cover piece on there um. One thing that bothers me is that the titan 12 turn doesnt sit up top like the sticker. Doesnt sit up top its gon na, be at the bottom uh it doesnt do anything for performance, but im really meticulous like that. But yes, this is going really really quick. I have been. I mean its basically been five screws so far, and ethan is almost done with his uh, his electronic, swap on his eb, which is really cool all right guys. Its in this thing is a beast. This is 2s, its way faster, like remember, whoa its freaking, almost body roll, oh and it does endos. This is with 2s2. I cant wait to see what 3s is like, but yeah. This is going to be way more fun. I think this is going to be my new trail rig, because i can give it i give it power, i would say its basically the same its similar speed to the regular trx4 in the second gear. This one is the uh. This was just one gear, so one gear transmission on trx4 sport, which is very similar to the first gear on the regular trx4, so yeah.

This is this, is a lot more fun were going to throw a three 3s in there and see how much faster it is. But i can already tell you now that this is going to be my new uh. My new trail rig because its like an awesome amount of power, its basically like running 3s with 2s and its actually a little bit faster. Oh man, this thing is awesome. All right lets put it lets, throw a 3s in this thing, all right. A couple of quick side notes, so this motor right here this is the stock motor to see how it says: reverse rotation. So, if you wait, wait lets see come on focus on it there. It goes. You see how it says: reverse rotation. So if you just put that motor in there and hook it up red to red black to black, it is not gon na run its not gon na its gon na go in reverse every time you go so instead of tricking, the esc or programming the esc. To counter rotate it, which you can do on a brushless csc, actually i dont even think you can do it on the vxl, maybe with the app not sure anyways. All i did was do black to red and red to black. So i just crossed the polarity of the motor uh. It shouldnt matter at all so thats. What i did again super simple install, i literally it was.

It was five screws. It was these three up top and then the two motor mount screws swapping out the motor and so a total of 10 screws, unscrewing and screwing, and it was done and its way faster and way more fun. All right lets throw the 3s in there and see what this thing does all right, guys, this things freaking awesome. You guys ready for this watch this, oh my god, so much dude. I definitely think its. The least double, oh, my god did it whoa hold on. I got this oh yeah, i got it. Oh, my god, its got so much torque that it it you can. If you barely hit the brake come on come on, you got! Oh, oh! No! So! Yes, it is crazy! Crazy, next level, fast! So again, youre not supposed to run youre not supposed to run this motor on 3s im gon na. Do it for you guys and ill tell you guys how long it lasts. Oh, my god, its got so much brakes. So i set my multi function. Knob to be my brake so im turning my brake down, no dang guys check out this tesla. Oh, that thing is sick. They dont see it get the tesla, the blue tesla its like wrapped thats cool okay. Here we go so im messing with the brake hold on im, going to turn the brake all the way down. Oh, oh, oh i wasnt even paying attention.

I just hit the curb all right, so i got this thing going. The reverse is like ballistic, but oh the amount of power its so freaking awesome. So i am going to run this motor ragged um its not supposed to take 3s. The titan 12 turn is not supposed to take 3s, but im going to run it ragged and let you guys know how long it lasts were going to do. Trail runs with this thing. Um, i think itll be okay. I think itll be okay, oh my god. Its like a bastard, its, not even a crawler anymore, lets see the crawling capability lets just see. If i go up this curve. Oh oh, my god, you got to be really careful to break. I mean you can still crawl with it. Oh, its so much fun, guys so much fun. I highly recommend if you have a trx4 sport at least, do it once just to see what its like, because it is its so much fun and so much faster. You got to be really careful driving it, though, because it does tractional like crazy and body roll its not supposed to go this fast. All right, melissa wants to drive it shes. My camera woman at the moment were gon na. Let her drive and see what happens. All right, melissas driving it now. Oh turn, it turn it there. You go. Oh, oh there, nice yeah, you turn it towards the the floor or the ground.

Oh my god! Oh man, im so excited this. This car is pretty bulletproof anyways. So a little more speed wont hurt. Oh my goodness. She just did a backwards. Wheelie! Oh shes gon na hit the tire uh. Oh, oh, oh shes, a barrel rolling like crazy guys. You have to try this titan 12 turn and your trx4 sport. There. You go nice im, also getting good at that. You got to try it guys highly recommend it. I will keep you guys again ill. Keep you guys updated on how long this model lasts. I i think it will last pretty long but youre not supposed to run. Oh oh lets see if you can get out of this one. Oh almost, oh, oh you, oh come on come on yeah, you got it nice. Oh then she flips it over on the next one, its got because its got so much freaking power. Oh man. This thing is: freaking, sweet, okay. The next thing we need to try, which is probably not a good idea – is uh putting it with that two speed. I dont know that will be another video all right guys. This motor im not gon na lie the motor is warm um, its hot but again im gon na run. It anyways its. Probably i think its perfect on two cell with this motor but, like i said, yolo guys yolo well, there you have it guys, basically double the speed of your trx4 for freaking 22 thats insane under 30 bucks under 25 bucks, pretty freaking cool.