There is some things i kind of find neat and things like that and let’s go through the pictures, real, quick and actually show you what it actually looks. Uh looks like so there we go, we have the uh. This is the uh traxxas website. The link is below here uh under um this video uh, and i guess i can just click on the link and then it’ll pop up the pictures, but these are a little bit bigger, which makes it way nicer to look at. I love the fact that they’re actually um a lot of colors available and we’ll, see that in a few seconds, but that red looks nice, so it’s based on their c10 chassis, so very nice. I like that they have the small wheels on the front. It is going to be a two wheel, drive dragster, which makes sense. I am glad that they’re not using the same old wheels that they’ve actually used in the past on their past dragster. So it is a new wheel that they’ve made up and here’s the different colors. So right here we see nine different six different colors. I counted real, quick, nine um. I, like the rear of the pickup, how they’ve done it, how the wheel wells actually poked through and how they’ve made it for the body to actually attach there’s no quick release on this, which kind of makes sense. They want to save some money and so on.

Uh, when you go drag racing um, i guess you don’t need to have the body pose hidden and things like that, not like the new corvette that they’re coming out with, but it does look sweet. The c10 ultra wide mickey thompson et drag slicks and here’s. A closer look at the rims details are very nice, i’m sad a little bit that they’re not bead, locks, true bead locks, but they are glued, which is better for drag racing. They don’t. Usually, when they’re b lock, you can’t get a very good b, especially at ultra speed or very fast speed. The b lock is the worst thing you can get for street tires. I hope they are belted tires. I guess we’ll have to wait till they actually come up, hey guys. How are you doing uh so they call them the weld racing wheels, so that’s kind of sweet. Some people were actually hoping for um mid engine, but looking at this, it is going to be a rear engine uh, just like their normal slash, two wheel drive now exactly which one, i am not sure um there’s it’s supposed to be a new chassis it’s, probably A new transmission, housing uh, the wheelie bar, looks good. It looks well made lots of good braces, so an adjustment too there’s five adjustment on the wheelie bar. So if you want it really down low, you can and right now it actually sits at a nice height.

So this is probably at this position right here, so that’s going to be nice to be continued now, there’s, a link – if you guys want to go uh to this website and actually log on and leave in your email, they’ll, send you some junk mail with pictures And all that for future future soft stuff that’s coming out from them. So if i click on the picture now and go through that and then we’ll go through some of the question or some of the things that the guys are actually saying. So it is based on the uh 1967 chevrolet c10 on a drag, slash chassis, so they they are calling it a new chassis – and i kind of heard through the grapevine. It is not a low center gravity, um, slash or it’s a whole new chassis that’s. What i heard anyways it’s it’s, going to be a whole new chassis. I like the details and the front headlights. What they’ve done looks like you can put actually leds in. There hope i hope you can actually put some in these also, but again the more details. They put, then they got ta bring up the price, so hopefully they won’t, cheap out on that the wing at the back is is a little small. I hope they come up with the different wings for the back a little bit bigger, maybe a little bit longer, but i guess some people with 3d printers can actually um make this uh much longer for the wing at the back.

So here you can actually see a little bit of the chassis they’ve done a good job on hiding some of the some of the stuff uh with the pictures. So i went through the pictures and actually tried to zoom into them and try to actually see what was going on underneath the chassis. And let me tell you there’s there’s, not a lot of things. I could actually find underneath that chassis uh, but i find this wing could be a little bit bigger or longer. Uh don’t know about the electronics for this or what’s gon na come with it, but it does look sweet uh. It does look nice, so it’s going to be really really neat. I find and let’s go see what’s going on in the chat. I’Ll just bring the chat in real, quick uh, doesn’t rc athlete doesn’t to be low center gravity. Doesn’T turn lol i’m, not sure what you mean by that a slick piece of carbon fiber on there for wing. Yes, true, i’m sure some people are going to come out with uh neat upgrades for it, like a carbon fiber wing at the back that’s going to be that’s, going to be just great uh it’s, going to look really nice i’m just going up there, real quick, Joe grant uh jen gerding is there or was there bucks or seaworld uh? He says he wants one. I think a lot of people are gon na want one uh i’m i’m torn between that one and low c.

But somebody kind of scared me a little bit when they told me that low c about a year after losi brings out racing stuff, it’s hard to find parts for them or a year or two after so traxxas they’ve been having a good like you can still Buy slash part, and it slash has been around for years, so uh i’m sure they’re gon na have very good parts availability for for for the drag, slash um, i i thought. Maybe they were going to do the bandit arms on a slash body but uh somebody that owns a hobby store told me you’d, be surprised like he says he can’t say it much, but he says it’s it’s it’s, not so it’s a whole new arms, all new Chassis so everything’s going to be a new transmission at the back i’m, not sure if it’s going to be new or same part number, i guess we’ll know once the the pdf comes out and then we can actually check between the the part numbers that’s. How i can tell if it comes from a different car, i just look at the part number it’s. The same part number hey it’s it’s the same as the other one, so that that’s going to be cool, rc athlete says uh green one there’s a green one. I’M, not sure where is there a green one? Um let’s go see. Yes, there was a green one, the green machine. They called it there’s a red line, midnight black, brilliant blue ultra violet and diamond white and green machine diamond white is nice, but ultraviolet is also nice.

I’M thinking the green machine would be cool diamond white. Is nice the white one i i i’m torn between the purple one and the diamond white, but hey that’s, why they come up with a lot of different chassis, uh or colors? So just so, people can pick through them and select which one they want. So it’s really cool lost. My chat there for a minute: okay, i’m. Back on the chat, um good hobbies in there az froggy green frog, rc’s there yeah it depends with low c they’ve gotten better on their parts and like to make sure that they supply parts. For years for their stuff so, and some of their stuff is kind of you can mix and match, but it’s it’s. I i love the fact that it’s a metal chassis on the lossy for the drag racer that that, for a fact, i i love that it’s. Actually, a a low um, a metal chassis, it’s, an aluminum plate so it’s much better. A green fart brain frog arctic for the arctic white. True jack will like that so that’s, really cool cool, so that’s. What i want to tell you guys about that and show you some pictures and show you some stuff so i’m going to make this video, nice and quick um.