We are going to unbox and build the newly released three racing sakura d5. Mr, but first i would like to apologize to everyone for being in active, and that is why, for this comeback, video we are going to build the sakura d5. Mr second, i would like to thank south rc hobbies. Thank you very much. Salt rc hobbies for making it possible to get this kit just days after the release so without further ado lets start okay on to bag number two of the sakura d5 mr build id like to first show the lower deck. They have the same suspension, arms and then for the underneath. I also have covered it with the skateboard deck sandpaper, so it would be protected from scratches and then moving on to the noticeable differences. First is the upper deck. This one is a different configuration from the rr. The r is more of like the traditional that we have in the d4 as well, and then the other kit and then for the spur. They also have the same 83 t 48 pitch and then this one is quite nice for the rear. We could mount the esc and then some other electronics as well, and then this one for probably somewhere here and then this part is kind of new. I think this one is a mounting post for the upper deck. It would be somewhere here, yeah somewhere here, probably, and then this one is for the axle for the transmission, so it here and then the motor mount is a different configuration.

I think that this one is the the one you can actually move the places or the orientation and then for the steering bridge its also the same with the r version also alum, and of course these are the gears and then this one, its kinda yeah. I kinda remember this one from d4 and the d3. This used to be a alum, but for the mr, they ship this one as plastic and its kind of uh, not so good and the bad. For me at least, and then this one is the rear. Bulkhead put it here and then the backlit cover yeah also the same with the r version and then for the steering. I mean the front bulkhead, so its also the same with the uh rr. So i think its kinda interchangeable parts and then this one for the steering wiper. I remember from the rr build that i actually uh trimmed this one, but i think in this version they also have make it a bit uh bigger, but lets see when i have this one in place and lets see. If i have to turn this one as well and then this part, i think this is a mounting uh place for the upper deck, and then this thing is a bit new, so they added a mounting hole for the dumper tray. I believe there is a dumper tray somewhere there in the other bags so that it would be uh the traditional position of the dumper instead of the ifs from drr, but i think this similar part for the rr would also fit in the mr, so that the Mr can actually have a ifs but lets see if, after i build – and maybe i will try to do some uh interj interchanging, all the parts with the rr, probably in the other videos i will make in the future and then for the dumpers uh dumpers.

I mean the differential im kind of disappointed with the our build. I think three racing has to improve the plastic, at least for the uh differential, because, as of now, i havent actually built the actual kit. I already lost thread uh two of the screw here and i couldnt actually tighten it anymore and then the diff is already uh spilling some oil yeah its already leaking, and i havent built the kit. So yeah do three racing. You have to improve this particular part, at least, if yeah you, you want to keep the cost down. At least the differential should be a better quality for the plastic. Now, on to the rear, back head cover, ive already attached the diff and the gears ive added a 0.2 millimeter shim on this side and in this side, so this lock is gone now and its pretty much fixed and feels like the machine is just about right. In the manual, they also pointed out that this side shouldnt be tightened too much because its gon na mess with the meshing and also have to point it out that this particular bushing here or spacer, is kind of hard to actually put in place. Especially with this uh plate in here so probably in the manual, they have to reverse the order, because its really hard to put the earrings having this one come first before the gear. So it should be the gear and then this one onto the suspension, arms, upright kpi, knuckles and then the axle so for the rear, upright up until here, its pretty much the same with the d5 rr.

Then theyve added this part here to go on top of the rear upright. So it would look like this youre going to put the screws here and then this one for the suspension. Arms yeah like that and then for the tpi knuckle pretty much have the same holes in the bottom and then for the linkage and the steering stopper and for the up top view. They change the hose so used to be in this part to change the kpi angle, but this one is moved to the front so its going to change the caster angle and then for this little linkage they have the same length yeah. It would be nice if they have adapt most of the review from the users based around the d5 rr version. One and then the version two now on to the axle so for this particular build of the mr theyve, actually changed the old design or the traditional design, where there is a thread here and then were going to put the hex nut in this one. They have the hex tied to the axle its like a tube and theyre, going to put it there and then theres, just a protrusion thats going to like drive everything i dont know about this one. I think they they would like to get rid of the the pins yeah, probably yeah thats, one of the reason they are trying to solve to get rid of the pin, but yeah man.

I think i think uh innovation and then being unique, is kind of good. If its on the positive side – but i think this one is on the negative just because the axle is one of the most stressed part in the rc yeah, moving the wheel too fast and then youre going to do youre going to hit the brake. This two part here might be the first one to break in no time yeah. This would be the first one that i could think of its going to be be breaking in the part of the rc, especially three racings plastic. You know, as we know it, its kind of brittle and soft compared to what most of the manufacturers have like yokomo and msd, and there you go guys were done with the secure d5mr build and look at that. This kit is amazing and awesome right. Okay, for the final wrapped up were going to talk about the pros and cons of biscuit, in my opinion, what i like and dont like about this kit, so first lets go with the pros. I like the way they kinda designed the motor mount. You could actually move the position forward or backward with this screw here and then the esc location. Here they they added a post or like a plate that you could mount the ac or some other electronics at the rear, and this one this plate here. We could also attach electronics like gyro as they have advertised in the manual or probably the receiver or some other electronics that we could uh put in here and also, i kind of like the way they design the upper deck and then the easy access for the Servo and its also nice that they included a turnbuckle for this linkage or steering linkage and then looking at the manual they kind of adapt.

The setting for the sakura d5 version two so theyve added a two millimeter spacer here: 1.5 1.5 and then a three millimeter spacer onto the post, okay, so yeah. I think thats kind of all for what i like about the kit, oh yeah. Of course, they move back to the traditional but yeah, i kind of like the ifs as well so yeah lets move on to cons or the things that i kind of dont like with the kit. First off is the differential. The plastic, as i have said, is very soft and its already leaking and then the dumpers still the dumpers quality is kinda uh, not so good with the barrel and then the piston having that much of gap, yeah kind of the purpose – and next is this one. I dont know why they have to actually make it slanted. They said in the manual that this one is for the gyro, but i dont think its kind of practical to have the gyro slanted. I dont know right yeah tell me whats your opinion on that. One, and also this part, its kinda annoying, why they had to this is probably a recycled part from some other chassis, but they could just actually printed something with one screw at the top and then one screw at the bottom and then just a two screw here. No need for this other extra parts here, its kind of add weights to the front yeah, and then next is the part where, if this one is your first kit, its kind of annoying that you have to actually trim the battery tray its one millimeter and then One millimeter on both side just to have the battery fit, so it would be really nice if three racing would ship the future, keep having the battery size, incorrect, uh, fitment and, of course, for the bulkhead.

So the bulkhead had to be trimmed so that the battery cover would fit its kind of annoying. Why they have way way. They have to tell it in the manual that the user had to actually cut that they could just ship it with the right size and next is for the steering wiper on this side, its not actually visible, but in the manual. They also indicated that they have to trim the steering linkage or the wiper to be able to have a clearance. Probably we could uh have it to show there. Oh yeah, its not its, not visible that much but yeah in the mind what they say they have to actually cut it. They adapt it from the version ones, uh comment of the users and then in the version two as well, so why they cannot just ship. It with the correct size, but i think the alum version they change the the size of that one or the cut you dont have to cut but yeah pretty much kind of annoying that you have to actually cut that for yourself and then next that i kinda Dont like or i think that the most disappointing part here is the excel, they change the axle to a screw and then the connection is plastic. I dont know what really racing had in mind. Trying to reinvent the wheel. I mean the previous approach of the most company, or most rc manufacturer is, like the golden rule, its been proven, working and good theres, nothing wrong in that and yeah.

I dont know why they had to try to reinvent the wheel. I think thats going to wrap it all so in general, its kind of good and amazing, but theres few cons that yeah youd probably wont like so here is the sakura d5, mr on the weighing scale for the total weight. It is 755.4 for the front. It is 340.2 and for the rear, it is 415.2 for the front to rear weight, ratio or bias. It is 45 front 55 rear so that it is for the mr build. Thank you very much for watching this video uh. Let me know what you think about the sakura d5mr on the comments section, what you like and dislike about this kit. What what do you think the sakura or 3 racing needs to incorporate on this kit in the future? Build or upcoming builds of the sakura d5 line and if you havent subscribed to my channel, please subscribe to my channel like the video if they like and hit the notification bell for notification for my upcoming videos.