This is a nissan 370z rc, 50th anniversary jdm tuners it’s. All that stuff it doesn’t feel as not as solid as the cheapest one off amazon. What’D you pay for this. It was 20 bucks like every time i do this. I expect to get like a ten dollar rc car like a five dollar rc car. This was the yeah let’s go to the skate park. I thought that would be a lot louder. Oh there’s, a trailer, so the thing about locked doors is that if you pull hard enough, you can break the door and not get oh, you just throw the keys at it. It works we’re, opening it dude i’ve got so many big ideas for rc videos yeah, but i had to do this one first, because one it’s going to be fun and easy, but but stay tuned on my channel guys. In fact, you know what. Apparently this is dumb. I make fun of this all the time that if they show you this graph, like look so many people that watch my videos aren’t subscribed, which is: is it honestly crazy number? So if you guys would like to help me out, hit the subscribe button and get this number better you’re the best i can’t believe i just did that at least i, like i’m conscious about it, you know yeah, i i will never seriously say smash that, like Button but guys, please smash that, like button take care there’s no way i could actually, but i said it so i mean really what is okay, i upgraded that’s why it’s 20 bucks that’s why it was 20 bucks all right, that’s.

What it looks like it. Doesn’T need the white shell, but then, without it it wouldn’t be a nissan 470 vx 2000.. It is so light and it’s easy to hold okay. So what are we working with we’re working with a doohickey all right, so we’re going to cut and i’m going to charge this and then we’ll be back with furiosity generosity we’ll be back it’s charge? What did you just say to me? I said it looks like you want to throw that thing, because i do i want to throw it so bad people don’t destroy things for the sake of destroying things, but just you know, sometimes you just want to throw something all right here. It is it’s the lightest thing in the world it’s all charged up. I actually think it came charged all right, it’s it’s, a different controller it’s got a little. Is that nitrous? What is this let’s see if it goes pretty good, it’s, adorable, all right, we’re gon na we’re gon na hit the nitrous Applause, not quite good enough to do a rock and roll. Oh fancy move, i mean it moves yeah. What can we do to make this more fun drive it off the building. Okay, let’s go outside we’re gon na drive it off the building, we’re gon na do what soup does with his rc cars come on, i’ll open the door for you little guy he’s got like a bumper on it, we’re going off roading breaking the law, breaking the Law, did you hear the sound of that? I don’t even know.

I don’t know what it sounded like, but it did not sound quality. Is there anything to do out here, let’s go? We should just go back in the ramp shouldn’t. We nitrous, i was about to say, it’s, going pretty good trust me for a second. What i think about when i ew when i see this. I imagine some kid that got this on his birthday, because his uncle or aunt or somebody just grabbed whatever the rc car on the thing and honestly, if you spend five more bucks, 10 more bucks – and i know not everyone – has it all time. It goes a long way with something like this, so trade in your pennies jar. You know that being said. It goes like i mean like for like a like a little kid like, like a four year old yeah for sure, but a guy in his 30s who’s, making a silly youtube. Video, he’s, gon na drive it off some ramps and maybe a building all right. Oh, we got ta have keys, you got ta, throw them at them again break your keys yeah. I did uh broke here. We are going to drive another building, but let’s get some ramp action in here fun, i’m, going to drive it off that work that into the thing let’s see. If we got to start, we can’t expect too much for this guy, but then we’ll go into the half pipe that’ll be cool or the mini ramp.

Whatever you want to call it, why do you have that it pick it up? It collected a rock good job. Buddy, well, that was neat just try it again. I got ta hit the nitrous. When i go oh and listen and listen to the exciting music, it got suddenly it’s controlling your emotions, and this is a better part of the video actually worked. I still don’t know if that button is a thing or just something to make adults think they’re doing something better or kids, but i did it. Let’S go to the half five minute round, whatever, oh, not until we roll off this thing. Let’S, do a grind: okay, don’t, just backside flipped it at least it lands up right, i’m gon na try. Let me roll into a grind: okay, okay, it can’t flip it. I tried it wouldn’t roll up this little like half centimeter bump, but it totally kick flipped off that. Take that what’s that uh when things when you’re holding things you don’t want to. If you just throw it away from you, it doesn’t exist anymore. What if it does a kickflip into the mini rim? Oh it will pour forward. What was that flip yep dude? Oh i see it. I see it too. I see it Music too. I can’t believe i did the gap. First, try! Applause dude, honestly, okay, you know what i was pretty harsh outside when i was like, spend five more dollars, but it kind of re centers itself and keeps going every time watch it land upside down.

Applause, oh not! So! Tough! Now are you it’s a football? I got triple a i can break my car. However, i want to this ain’t benny hannah i’m gon na cook, my own meat. When i get rice krispies they better snack, crackle and pop i’ve been to subway meat comes on paper. Weird words get your suit out. We’Re going to longhorn, the laces were out Music. Usually it sounded like something broke and i was like i don’t believe this thing can break it’s just he said it right. He said it’s one piece. This thing it’s gon na break right now, jeff we’ll, take that we haven’t even gone into that. Do you think you can gap this Music all right here? We go oh nice without the boost. I i should boot it. It is nitro time you listen to the rock music it’s so exciting. Now, Music, it’s it’s a fake button. It has to be we’ll, try it one more time and then we’re going to go to the roof. I should just get behind and push it nitrous. It dude it goes straight to the nose. It has ambitions to be a gymnast let’s go into a ramp. Do you think i can clear this with the nitrous? Can listen to the rock it’s music little nosedive. We need to lift this up. Bro there’s a lego, brick there’s, a lego, brick it’s, not gon na clear this is it oh, oh, this is not as exciting.

Listen to the country turn the country music off. What music were you playing right? There uh death metal? Okay, that should make it work. Music Applause. That being said, it still works just fine, and i bet you if you pick it up, but you can’t even tell that i kicked it across the whole skatepad that was so satisfying. You guys want to kick it there’s, no way. It’S gon na break going off the roof. Realistically. This is one of the better cheap uh yeah dude, guys when it’s your nieces or net nicest. Is your nice niece’s, nephew’s birthday? I mean this will last what was it? 20 bucks dude. I thought it was 12.99, but it came with batteries. Yeah yeah, it came, we didn’t talk about. It came with batteries in this. Welcome to the the rc review channel, where justin does the exciting ones worth watching, and i just review crappy ones remember this is it it still works, though hike it only didn’t roll away just to prove me wrong. I’M gon na hit the nitrous this time. You guys hear the music you can’t buy a better 20 rc car than this thing. Watch. This thing can go off the roof too catch that catch. It are you, okay. Does it work? Okay, honestly, this didn’t break it’s still like. I could donate this honestly. I’D. Probably just donate a better rc car but i’m just saying this works and maybe you’ll see it in somewhere else wednesday for some mystery challenge or something but it’s, not a bad little car for what it is uh it’s, pretty good.

I still think that you should spend a little more more money and get a better rc car, but for the cheapest one at target it impressed me kind of in the end. I hope you guys enjoyed that i’m. Not gon na do uh any more of these cheapest uh, at least unless there’s, a concept that that that intrigues me but i’m, probably just going to stick to the more high caliber traxxas rc videos from here on out um. But if there’s a specific one. Actually, i have one more cheap one: it’s like a cheap, rc thing, but it’s not it’s you’ll, see when it comes out. As far as the cars go i’m gon na stick to like more high caliber, because i’ve got a lot of fun ideas, so yeah tune in for more. If you want to see more just hit the subscribe button, i mean a lot. I do videos all the time, a lot of skateboarding because that’s a big thing in my life, but i do lifestyle stuff. I do really fun videos with my family uh, whatever i think is entertaining so. If you do watch my videos, that means a lot. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day, and i will see you soon to the soon don’t always know where the sentence is going to end Music yeah.