4, gigahertz, transmitter and receiver, and this is the new dumbo rc x6a. Now this is the latest version, its not what you see on the box, if i flip it around here. It is this one here, which is what i believe to be the newest version of it. So lets get it out. The box give you a nice look at it, show you the specifications and stuff like that. Ive also got the x6 fg receiver, so basically a six channel receiver with a built in gyro, so lets get it out of the box and have a nice closer look and well go over the specifications and stuff like that straight away. I can tell you this thing is built to a very good quality for such a low budget transmitter. It really is good. No wonder these are probably the most popular budget transmitters on the market today, so straight away in my hands. It feels really nice theres, a rubberized texture, going all the way around. The transmitter really really nice very comfortable to hold doesnt feel low quality by any means. If i quickly flip open the battery tray here, you can power it off of um four double a batteries, but youve also got a little battery um input there, so you can run it off of a lipo battery its got uh a protection switch on there as Well, so, basically, you cant, even if you plug it in wrong youre, not going to blow your lipo up.

It will just not work so its got like a protection circuit on there um. So you can use this with either a batteries or a lipo battery, which is really good, because it does also come with a low voltage alarm and light on this actual transmitter. Super impressed im really shocked actually of how nice this feels in your hand, it does feel really nice. Now i paid 29 pounds for this uh, which is a bargain to be honest for a six channel, uh transmitter weve built in gyro a lot of features and well go over some of those features now so quickly, starting with the wheel, it feels really nice theres. No slop to it whatsoever its a nice stiff feeling and its got a rubberized grip. This is the difference between the uh newest version. This one here, the x, uh 6a, is its all rubberized and the grip on the wheel is rubberized as well. Youve got this lovely red band. It just feels uh nicer than just the bog standard plastic versions. It really does youve got a lanyard hole. There, like i say, is a six channel, so youve got six channel buttons on there. Youve got ill quickly. Show you here! Well, flip this open first youve got your um your endpoint adjustments here. So youve got your steering end point adjustments your front when point adjustments, so you can turn it down to 25, 50, 75 or 100 power. Youve got your steering, trim your throttle, trim and youve got your throttle and steering reverse switches as well.

On the top here, youve got a channel 5 knob which basically allows you to adjust your channel 5 and youve got a channel 6 here which basically adjusts your gyro gain. So the receiver that comes with it has a built in gyro. So you can adjust the gyro by using your channel six button, your channel five button and your channel four and your channel three button is all programmable, so you can basically program them how you want to use them, and the manual is a very good manual to Be honest: it tells you everything you need to know how to program it all the specifications. What each button does all the special features that the actual transmitter has um really good little manual, but also, if you look on the banggood um description for this item, it actually tells you how to do things on that. So, im going to leave a link in the description below to where you can pick this up now i didnt get this sent for free. I bought this because they are probably the most rated low budget transmitters on the market today, and the super impressive thing about this is the range you get between four and 500 meters range with this transmitter, which is insane ive, got transmitters that cost basically four times As much as this and i dont get as much range as that, so this is um im very, very impressed by the actual range that this gives and it also runs off a frequency fhs and it bounces or channel hops between 67 different frequencies.

So if youve got one of these and your friends have got one of these youre, not gon na – have to worry about um. You basically running on the safe same frequency and interfering with your um friends model either. That also means you can buy more receivers and then use the same transmitter on different vehicles. But you have to bear in mind if you do that, all your trim settings your programmable buttons and stuff like that, will be the same on each vehicle. So bear that in mind. I recommend just basically using this for a dedicated vehicle and im going to show you what ill be using this thing on in a minute quickly give you a look at the actual receiver itself. Hopefully you can see this. This is the dumbo rc x6f, so basically its um, a 2.4 gigahertz receiver, six channel receiver with built in gyro and the operation operating voltage on here is between 4.8 and 10 volts, which is really good. Having a receiver capable of doing 10 volts is awesome. Im super impressed with this guys. I dont want to go on too much because it is just a basic transmitter at the end of the day um, but it is really nice. I am super impressed, so let me quickly show you what im going to be using that little beast on, so i will be using it on this. My tamiya tt01 type e euro racing truck. So this thing is absolutely awesome.

One of my favorite vehicles in my rc collection, if im honest, but in this form, basically its just my euro racing truck, but what i also tend to do is i remove the body um change the wheels change your body to a nissan skyline and um. I turn it into a drift vehicle, so having a gyro will be pretty cool. I think for the drift side of things, um im also going to change all this out to brushless as well. Ive got brushless kit coming very very soon, so i will share that. All with you guys, anyway, but yeah back to the actual transmitter itself, because thats what we all come to see in this video, like, i say, guys, super impressed with the build quality the specifications just how popular these things are full of money. 29 quid ive got this, for which is an absolute bar. So once again i will leave a link in the description below to where you can pick one of these up and if you do decide to get one guys. Please do use my affiliate link because it does help me out um and it allows me to uh bring more videos like this to share with you guys so without going on too much im going to cut it there.