It comes with the car and it comes with a charger, and i actually found this out. The charger is not on the bottom, so i this was tricky, but i found out that you can pop the whole thing off and that charger you can see the plug is right there and it turns green when you put the plug in and then when the Green goes away. That means it’s fully charged, but we do not have to do that because i already charged it up and it’s our full battery what’s different about this rc from other rcs. You can probably already see it there’s a camera on it, and the box comes with this and then turn it on. You just take the wire and put it in the hole right here and then we have a 2.4 gigaheight controller, and this has worked very well for me and you can see you can adjust the steering right here and yeah. This thing has really cool suspension and it looks awesome. This is how you wear the headpiece, so you just have these. This strap, which you put on your head, so you could kind of see there’s one up here, one on the sides, and you can just slip that on like this. When you’re ready, you can like put the antenna up or something and then put this on plug it in and you’re ready to go. So when you’re wearing this headset um, when you stand up, you can get dizzy, feel disoriented and it’s literally like you’re.

Inside of the car, so you do not want to stand up and walk all right so how to set it up to drive how you want to do this. It says this in the instruction manual but i’m just telling you again when you try and turn this thing on and connect the camera it’s not hard at all. So first, you just turn on the controller it’s. The first thing you turn on, then you turn on the headset by plugging this in just like that, you can kind of see it’s on yeah it’s really fuzzy right now. But when i turn on the car and the last thing is you just flip the switch on the car and it should start lighting up blue and red and then or and green, and then let me just show you right now there we are so you can Kind of see what’s going on there, you can kind of see me yeah hi, all right. There we go turning putting on headset can kind of see that antenna’s up and car is going down all right. So guys you have a perspective of the goggles right. Now. You can kind of see we’re in my room: oh that’s, my foot, but yeah. This is my room now let’s head out, but yeah. This thing is really nice speed it up a little bit kind of see. We’Re moving around the house – oh there’s a little bump right there.

Then this is our living room. We’Re going around the house. Now this thing’s really fun to drive and you can go like you can do a lot with this all right. So right now, i’m videotaping on the car. For some reason i don’t know maybe because we’re using the phone to videotape inside the goggles. But here we go. You ready let’s, go spy on my mom, all right, liftoff! Oh there she is she’s. Looking at us hey is she coming, but it’s going underneath the couch and this thing’s super tiny that you can go underneath the cab i’m everywhere? Oh no she’s right here, she’s right here! She is right here, run, run oh no she’s gon na catch us she’s gon na catch she’s, gon na catch and we’re here, okay wow, that was crazy! Oh you can kind of you can kind of see. Is my setup here but yeah there you go that’s spying on my mama she’s out, she’s, okay, she’s gone all right so guys i came back here to give it a rating, and i think this was so much fun. I mean the camera itself. Sometimes it gets a bit glitchy, but the like it’s at the perfect angle right out of the box. This was amazing. This little car really is fun and my ratings is 10 out of 10.. This is so cool and then link in the description where you can get one of these i mean because i really want some of you guys to get them it’s.