Look at what finally arrived to the channel the tamiya fighter. Buggy rx memorial that’s a long name i’m. Definitely going to screw that up at some point during the video, so he’s going to call it the rx. From now on, okay, but yes, to commemorate let’s, see what is it 25 years of the fighter, buggy uh being put out that was in 1996 tamiya releases, this anniversary edition or a memorial edition that you can see right over here. Uh in the lower right hand, side of the box and um i’m really excited to have finally gotten my hands on this, because i’ve never owned a dt01 chassis and i’m looking forward to getting it built, and you know it’s, not a competition buggy, but we are Going to put it on the track and have some silly stupid fun with it. So you’ll see that upcoming. In a little bit in the video um, we are going to do a very, very quick time lapse, build this is a beginner kit, so it won’t. Take you know much time to put together, i want to say about an hour to two hours put it together and i foresee probably the most lengthiest part of the build is putting the stickers on and those are pretty cool themselves and we’ll. Take a much more detailed look of that later on in the video now believe it or not, i’m about to make a very bold statement out of all the new tamiya rcs that are being released or re released for the 2021 year.

This is probably the one that i’ve been looking most forward to, even more so than the tamiya evo um i don’t know. This is something about this that i really like, and a lot of people online were i’m, not gon na, say bashing this, but we’re kind of talking about how disappointed they were. When tamiya initially said they were gon na be putting out this anniversary edition of the fighter boogie, they said they don’t really like the look of it, but you know what i do. It’S has a lot of character and that’s. What tamiya rcs are all about and me being a huge fan of the hornet, the solid axle class of you know, rc’s. You know i was really excited when they said they were coming out with this and it was going to be oil filled, shocks all around and so forth, and then, when i saw pictures of it, i was like boom to me and nailed it just loved the Way, it looked all blacked out with the um metallic stickering on it, and i don’t know it just drew my attention to it and i really wanted one. It was just something different, so i’m really glad it’s on the channel. All right, so let’s get a closer look at the box um. As you can see, it has a whole little gold theme going which carries over to the buggy with the gold stickers and the gold wheels and again we’ll.

Take a look at that later on in the video we’ll. Get it open. Do a quick time lapse, build get it on the track and then i’ll see you right back here after just to talk about how the build went, how it ran and what i like most about. The buggy enjoy Music, Music um, so so: Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, hmm, Music, Music, so Music, wow Music, see me: Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, so Music. Well, i hope you enjoyed the action footage, because i know i had a ton of fun out there with this on the track before we get to talking about how it handled. Let me just kind of backtrack to the build. It only took about an hour to two hours somewhere in between there to build this. I was actually out running errands with my wife and my kids, and when we pulled up on the driveway, this was waiting for me on the doorstep so quickly. I got it inside opened up, saw the contents and it really wasn’t much, and so i started putting it together. An hour went by and the car was almost put together. Then my wife was like hey, come eat dinner, so i ran upstairs. Eight quick came downstairs. Fitted it with electronics and then started cutting out the stickers, and that was probably the most challenging part of the build. The body black abs opted not to paint it because well, based on how my hornet runs on the track and how it flips all over the place.

I didn’t want to take the time to invest in painting only to have the paint chip off, and i figured the body’s black already so it’s gon na get scuffed up, as is so i’m just gon na leave it and save myself a good amount of time By not painting it, the stickers are a metallic foil um that is outlined in black and, as you can see, um from the little picture up here, it is surrounded by a very shiny silver. So, as you cut the stickers out, you have to be very careful to cut along the black outline, because, if you’re trying to keep the black outline, um you’re going to get some of the silver and then you’re going to get some, you know edging around it. That just looks weird with the with the metallic shiny stickers, so you want to cut along the black outline and um it doesn’t really matter, because the body is black, so you’re not even going to see that black black outline on it anyway. So that’s just my tip, but i really like the sticker ring um. This part over here of the stickers is almost like: a snake skin it’s texturized it’s like a toned down gold, copper, it’s, very, very cool. I think tamiya did a great job with the color scheme on here, and you know just carries over to the wheels the gold wheels. It just looks very, very sharp. My one issue, though, is because the stickers are a like metallic foil on here.

When i um was, you know running this, and it was, you know flipping over on the track. Um, the gold foil scratches off so just be prepared to have a lot of scratches on here, um, but that’s, really it and most likely once this becomes a little bit more available online such as you know, parts and people start parting, these out i’m, probably gon Na buy another set of stickers and another set of gold wheels because i foresee the gold wheels chipping so just gon na get me some spares and hold on to them um. As far as you know, it running well, there’s. Definitely a lot of slop in the front wheels, so i took some spacers or some some washers threw them on the front axles, uh just to eliminate that and um the front arms on here are the lay down arms that is covered with this plate right here. That extends to the bumper very much like the hornets and the grasshoppers and um the lunchboxes and um. You know those definitely have a ton of slop they’re, very jiggly and if you’re listening closely to the action footage, you’ll probably hear it jiggling around as it’s going around the track. The steering wasn’t so bad um i’m using a savox servo in here it’s. Not one of their high powered uh high torquey servos, it is their entry level base one. It is. The sc 0252 is about 28, very comparable to a basic futaba servo, but i did like the way it handled in here.

I will probably invest in a couple. More to use in some of my other cars i took the the tamiya esc out of here, threw that out and just put one of my favorites, the hobby wing 1060 quick runs in here and um as far as the suspension. Well, as you can imagine, it was bouncy skippy and jumpy around the track and uh definitely a step up, though from the hornets and the grasshoppers, especially with the oilfield shocks all around um. Definitely when it’s going down the straightaway, i noticed a big difference compared to like let’s, say the hornet and the grasshopper, but it’s still skippy and jumpy and bouncy and going over the jumps you kind of want to take it easy and kind of roll over the Jumps because, as you can see from the blooper reel, this thing was flipping constantly um, so the few times um that it went over the jump and landed successfully. You know that’s in the action footage, so you really got ta. Take it easy over the jumps kind of do like a little roll over but that’s about it definitely had a lot of fun. I really really like this, and this will be out on the track again at some point. Maybe i’ll do a freestyle video with this. We shall see maybe launching it off of the rc retro ramp, who knows but um all right, that’s about it for this video, so i hope you enjoyed the time lapse of the run and um my little review of this about it and um.

Thank you.