Three, three, two two one one is that it is it on you’re on, oh, okay. Okay, all right! All right all right, welcome to race. Night number, two number, two uh hmm. What was i gon na say i don’t know. Well, we got three races for you tonight we got the. What do we have monster trucks, monster trucks? Two wheel, drive two wheel, drive true wheel, drive truck. Do i have to do your show for you? No, the the ratings went down when you were doing this it’s way better. Now all right, yeah we got two wheel, drive truck and the main event of tonight will be two wheel: drive buggy, so right off the bat we’re gon na go and update you on the points and the the point are they over here? Are they over here? Where are the points? Where are the points don’t make me? Look stupid, it’s gon na be full screen view. Don’T worry full screen view full screen view. We got like a budget for that. Yeah i’m working magic, oh man, um. Maybe i should ask for a raise yeah, no it’s, not gon na happen, not in the budget. Okay, all right so we’ll go to the points right points. It is go all right so right now we got harry in first place with eight points followed by sten with six points, because remember he does have a victory under his belt. Third place is ahri with six points, and then you got phil and joe tied for last with zero points, because neither of them showed up to race one all right, so i guess uh.

I guess we’re off to the races. Is that, like a thing off to the races yeah, whatever you want to call it all right? Yeah all right, just get the video goodbye, alright, so here’s your starting lineup for the monster truck division. We got joe and his tamiya mud blaster. With no points we got phil and his tamiya bush devil with also no points in third starting position. You got ahri with his tamiya blackfoot, with two points followed by sten in his tamiya mud blaster, with one point and rounding out the field as harry in last. With four points and his tamiya monster beetle, all right, you stay classy san, diego they’re off and we got joe leading the pack and then ari goes completely up the wall. Just like always uh we got a red flag. We have to wait for this guy. No one in my family runs like that all right back on back action, all right, ahri’s in the way in the back harry hits the wall he drops down to third place. We got joe steaming in the corner into first, followed by phil harry close behind standing forth. Oh, and there goes joe joe crashes, all the nori crashes right into him and then joe’s now back into fourth place. He goes from first to fourth, all right: we got down into turn one again. We got phil, we got power by harry and standing third and joey the wall.

Again, ari gets around him joe’s not doing too good harry hits the wall. Oh jesus christ, everyone’s cool, did i say, jesus christ. I just did all right so they’re going back down to turn around again it’s phil once again in the lead harry right behind him right on his tail, no time giving up big jumps. Oh then, phil hits the wall, oh wow stan almost clipped phil and then r hits phil they’re tangled up harry’s getting away and he hits the wall again. Oh, i think oh and he hits the wall once again. I think this at this point, this ari is having problems with the steering, so he’s gon na have to look into that one all right right now we got uh phil isn’t. She in second place and harry, has actually left everybody so phil’s in second and harry’s. Behind him in first everyone’s, a lap down, except for phil uh, you got joe in your picture. Rounding out that turn uh that looks like who’s that stan. We have too many mud blasters. I can’t tell who’s, who, oh my god, huge hit huge hit by joe. I wonder if he’s okay paramedics will be out there, it seems like everyone’s, okay, we’re back to racing all right we’re going down the final straightaway and it looks like we have that extending your picture harry in first place, phil in second place, the lap down. Oh and how he crashes, he goes end over and phil the nice guy he’s gon na flip him over and then phil gets by him to not be a lap down but that’s.

How the race will end harry will end up in first place, followed by phil. Then standing third, joe and fourth and ari in the back all right we’re here with ahri ahri came in last in that race he looks thrilled to death, um some say baloney is a pancake for people who, like hot dogs, do you agree all right, we’ll. Take that as a yes, this guy loves bologna back to you, steve all right, we’re gon na go to the starting lineup for the first, ever two wheel drive truck race of the season. You got joe on the pole with his triple x, t uh, followed by phil in his rc 10 t4 that’s in third place right. There is ahri in his rc 10 t3, followed by stan in fourth with his rc 10 t2 and rounding out. The back of the pack is harry in his rc 10. T3 i’m. In a glass case of emotions and they’re off all right. We got joe followed by phil and ahri stan and harry going down to turn number four same order, looks like phil gets around joe joe slips back and then everyone piles up and then that looks like. Ah, he was trying to go over joe and he goes all the way to the back of the pack. So we got phil right now with a pretty good lead, followed by harry joe hits. The wall once again stem gets around him. Ari gets around him harry’s.

Trying to catch up to phil and then you got all, and then you got joe once again hitting the wall all right, we’re, going down into turn one and harry’s just trying to put the moves on phil, just like a prom date and uh they get into Each other they’re, going down into turn four and harry, takes the inside down to turn five and harry is out he’s way ahead of phil right now, going back down into turn. One harry puts uh joe down a lap followed by phil and harry goes into over end as the red flag is called so he’s gon na come out and check out his car as phil jr flips the car over nice. Kid all right looks like we’re going to go back to racing and harry goes nowhere. Red flag called once again he’s going to check those are great shorts. This guy’s got some style, puts the car down, gives it a try again and the car is going nowhere. I think he has electrical problems. I think that does it for him for the rest of this race, all right back to the action as joe and last now, phil takes the lead he’s in first followed by ari in second and standing. Third, all right, we got ari putting the moves on sten earlier he’s going down the back straightaway stand following all right at this point: phil that was phil hitting the wall phil and arya running pretty close at this point, they’re about ten tenths of a second behind Each other at this point, phil’s quick time, is eleven.

Eighty, nine and aries is eleven. Ninety seven so they’re running pretty steady together, he’s pretty much breathing down his necks. Going into turn number three sten hits the wall on turn. Four. They both get around him stan is now down a lap joe’s down the lap or two at this point and that’s the end of the race, and we got phil, followed by ahri sten, joe and harry with the dnf hi we’re here with local hooligan phil. I just won that race uh. Do you consider cereal soup wait what yeah there we go Music, how you doing action nothing! But this week what we got team losing we’re going on road. This is the on road, triple xs, graphite edition. What is that? Why do we have all this dirt and now we’re going on road? Yes, we are just to expand our horizons. Look at our team, lossy’s um setup. This is a 2000 car, all of all the fun stuff, all the aluminum sway bar graphite chassis, super light. Super fast did you wear that shirt last week? Probably, but, unlike you, i have a washing machine, i think it’s the same week. Thank you very much have a great day. You still got 10 seconds it’s. Okay, do something Laughter, Music, all right main event, time two wheel drive buggy. We got joe on the pole with his low c triple x, in starting in second position. The tamiya superstood driven by phil in the third position.

The tamiya dinostorm, driven by ari, were two points. He has two points in the fourth starting position is the rc 10 driven by sten. He has one point and rounding out. The field is harry and his rc 10 b3, with four points all right main event. Time. Two wheel, drive buggy and they’re off. We got phil in the lead, followed by joe, then harry then harry then ari then stan in the back and harry and phil already get together. Harry’S going down turn five and harry flips phil gets around him and then harry and joe get together. Oh then sten gets into that pile three car pile up, phil and ari. Take advantage of that they’re after a pretty big lead. You got joe and harry coming into the pictures, then still all the way up. On top and the straight away from the crash you got, phil come down turn five into the straightaway, followed by ari harry in third joe and fourth, and stand right in your picture. Right now we still got the same. We got joe joe, not joe that’s, not joe uh, who else we got where’s that phil all phil gets into the wall phil’s in first place. He gets in the wall. Harry and ari, oh harry, passes ari, and he goes over the top of him harry’s now in second place, followed by ari joe and fourth and stand in your picture in fifth place right now, we’re going to fast forward to the end of the end of the Race and harry and phil have lapped everybody, so everyone’s a lap down, but harry and phil are on the lead.

Left stem is two laps down at this point and looks like uh who’s, that harry and phil, and that was harry and ari. Oh and marion already get together. Harry gets out of that pretty quickly followed by joe ahri’s in third or fourth. At this point, i have no idea what’s going on and then looks like we have a red flag, all right, you in the corner, i don’t know that’s, you see the pirate doesn’t race. This is steve, not harry all right. What do we got? Uh? We got phil phil’s in the lead on the lead lap, followed by harry in your picture in second on the lead lap. Joe is a lap down and ahri’s the lap down and fourth and stem is about two laps down, and i have no idea where the hell standing and that’s phil phil preston’s, the third one harry’s gon na take advantage of that he’s gon na gain some time. Oh and then stem gets a little wide. Oh and uh was that a pretty good jump that’s a nice landing. I don’t know what’s going on and then we got we got. We got joe that’s ari dynastorm, all right, who’s that who’s that extend stan followed by joe, oh that’s, that’s bill, followed by phil, harry harry and phil still in the lead left, fill him first harry’s trying to catch up to him and stem’s getting away no harry. Just body checks him out of the way harry’s on that arrogance, harry and phil are both trying to go over the top of stan.

What is going on? Got phil jr, coming out to the track to fix everyone and we’re back we’re back onto the final lap. Harry’S in first he got a good jump in the start, followed by phil, and then i believe ahri’s in third. At this point then joe and then stems in last, i don’t know what’s going on this is total mayhem and that’s how it finishes. Harry’S in first followed by phil, ahri takes third joe and fourth and stan had problem with some gears and did not finish that race. All right, we’re here down with stan in the pits after the last race uh, i don’t, even know a place he came in, but uh dnf did not finish uh. What do you think about joe was yelling at you about keeping that bench dirty? What do you think about that? We love you joe, can enjoy the dirt? Ah back to you all right. That was a great night of races um. So my producer went over me that i forgot to go over the point situation, so this season in season two we’re actually going to have points per division, so the monster trucks have their own points. The two wheel, drive trucks, have their own points and so on and so on. So every division has its own points class. So we will award a champion in each point series. So every division gets their own points. Each one gets their own champion.

We will still have overall points and that’s all the points combined into one. So one big winner at the end of the year will get the huge trophy, and i hope that doesn’t come out of my paycheck. No it’s gon na have my name on it, though. Yeah, okay, all right! So getting back to that so we’re gon na go right into the recap of tonight. We have the monster truck division, starting it off great race. Harry puts down his second win of the season, he’s still in the lead in the monster truck division. The two wheel drive truck race was the first of the season and the first ever two wheel, drive truck race, fill with the first ever win this season and in the trucks so he’s leading that division and then the final main event was the two wheel drive Buggies, where we really couldn’t see that much, it was really hard to figure out and i’m sorry about that. But anyway, harry puts down his second win in that division with his rc 10 b3 and he is leading that class as well. So right now we’re going to go over the total points. Now remember. The total points is all the points in every class added up so right now you can put that on the screen. Right yeah. Is that going to be the corner again, no it’ll be cut away again; okay, all right, so we’re going to go right for that now, right, right, right now: okay, all right! So the points right now for the season is harry’s in first place with 20 points.

R is in second place with 14. He passes sten sten drops down to third place with 13 points now tied with phil with also 13 points and bringing out the rear. Is our good buddy joe with six points so that’s about it? You know we got all the points in the races were great tonight. I hope you love it. You know what like and subscribe. If you didn’t, i will unfriend you immediately that’s, just how i roll make you walk the plank yeah. You know what i’m doing the comedy, not you you, you lost the show i don’t do a build. People want me back. No, they don’t reply in the comments about how you want him back, because it’s not happening all right so uh next week, uh or next week, whenever that whenever the next races is you’ll, see me and the views will go up and it’ll be great.