Do we have an awesome episode for you? The tamiya ta08 pro just made its way to the channel courtesy of fix a phil one of the gentlemen that we race with and as we expand our horizons onto on road racing, phil went out and purchased this and thought it would be a great idea to Build it on the channel so hes allowing me to build the chassis, however, for the rest of it, the electronics painting of the body fitting the wheels and tires hes gon na do that, because that stuff does not come with this kit. This kit, retails for about 333 dollars, give or take a few bucks and um. You know for that kind of money to not have that stuff supplied with it. You think you know its a bit on the pricey side, but i could assure you from what i saw already online and in reading. This is a top quality kit. It just comes in right beneath the trf line put out by tamiya. However, a really cool article online from the rc racer cool website um says that this has a lot of similarities to the tamiya trf420. The best way to put it he said, is that it shares a lot of dna and in doing some research online and reading. I definitely see that and thats something that im going to address later on in the video, so this particular video im going to do not really an unboxing, but more of a video montage of all the parts get right into the time lapse build.

I dont know if im going to stop and comment at various points, but definitely at the end of the video is when the chassis together, i will go over all the very cool features, all the aftermarket parts you could add to this. What our plans for this are in the future and, of course, give you a little bit of a review of how i felt the build went and the quality of the kit. I could assure you that there will be a follow up episode once phil gets this back and puts the electronics and his radio system in there and paints a really cool body. We will get this out uh. You know on the blacktop tarmac whatever you want to call it get some really cool action. Footage of this in action and thatll be a follow up episode all right so with that heres, the montage, followed by the build enjoy Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music. Well, this build is done. At least the rolling chassis is for the ta 08 pro thats. What youre going to get just a reminder, its only the rolling chassis everything else that you need to get this kit up and running. Youre gon na have to supply yourself. The radio equipment, the electronics the tires and the body as well. My mistake: i said that this kit did not come with wheels at the beginning.

When i opened it up, i realized that wheels were included, so at least you got those but for the price heres. What im gon na say it might be on the pricey side, but after building this, i think its well worth it. It is definitely a nice high quality kit and well talk more about that in a second right now. I just quickly want to go into an overview of all the really cool features of the ta08 pro first off is that it is completely hex hardware, which is a nice touch, considering that everything im used to with tamiya are screws so im a big fan of Hex hardware: i know that the kyosho legendary series, which i built a couple of their kits use hex hardware. So its really really nice, everything is really really flush and smooth just gives it a nice touch overall. Now, as far as the front bumper, its new to the ta08, it has these little foam inserts that come out going all the way across. Well, let me see if i can get one here boom so well, just leave that out for right now, also theres, a new aerodynamic bumper support underneath here that lets the air flow more freely, underneath the car, making it a little bit more aerodynamic the body posts In the front and the rear, you could actually unscrew the bottom, lift and twist 180 degrees and itll adjust these posts to lean forward a little bit like that, which will give you two millimeters in the front and two millimeters more in the rear.

So this way you could put on a little bit of a bigger body. Now again, just as a reminder, this kit does not come with a body, so you could either put your standard body on here your standard, size body when the posts are straight up and down or you adjust them to be a little bit bigger. As far as the diffs in here well the front diff, you use a hundred thousand weight oil and in the rear, diff youre, going to use 3 000 weight oil and youre going to use a thicker oil in the front, because that gives the car more stability, Especially coming out of the turns now your front arms are both symmetrical, so it doesnt matter which side you put them on, because theyre identical. So there is no left or the right as far as your upper arms over here, instead of using traditional turnbuckles, they have. This new, a arm design and for you to adjust your camber all you would have to do is take an allen key or an allen driver and stick it right in here, and there is some hardware in there and you just turn it and that will adjust Your camber and the same thing is for the rear. Where you can see right in here is where you would put your allen wrench or your allen driver to adjust. Now your steering knuckles in the front are made of carbon fiber, reinforced plastic, which obviously give it a little extra strength compared to regular plastic, and you also have steering knuckles in the rear.

Now these are held stationary because of these turn turnbuckles over here. But this is where you would adjust your toe. Okay, now theres actually two ways to adjust your toe. You can use these turn buckles right here, or it might be a little hard to see on here, but right inside here you have these little pills or little sleeves, okay, that you would put in there and thats where your your rear arms sit in and they Give you like a whole sprue of these, where you have different degrees right over here, im, not sure which degree its in there. I just built this as kit spec but um. You could either use these or adjust the turnbuckle right over here. So thats a nice little interesting feature for tunability and of course we have these super short big bore shock dampers that are nice and blingy, with the blue, anodized caps on them. Okay, as for the steering in the ta08, well its the same as the ta07, so any aftermarket hop up parts for that can be used in here for the ta08 as we move to the center of the chassis youll notice that it is v shaped and that Allows you to put more weight towards the center and allows for more responsiveness when turning. This also means that your electronics and your battery are on an angle about 10 degrees and thats, going to allow you to reduce surface contact when cornering as well.

So this car is very responsive right away. Youll notice that the spur gear is in front of the motor and the motor also has an adjustable motor mount over. Here we have to do is loosen these two screws right here and this slides in and out on. The other side is where you would put your battery, and this is also adjustable, so you can fit a nim in here or you can do a hard pack square lipo these posts right over here unscrew and you can adjust the height and using a nim battery. If you need to you, put a little felt padding in here just to keep it in place, i already put a little foam padding right over here when i was testing this out before when you flip the car over youll see three openings, one underneath the rear. Diff the center spur gear and the front diff over here and thats just so that any debris that gets in such as little rocks or anything like that can freely exit the car. So, as far as the build quality heres my take, you could definitely see the difference in plastics between this kit and the other tamiya kits that i put together on the channel its definitely a higher quality plastic than the buggies and the other touring cars from tamiya. That im used to also the fact that it has hex hardware throughout is a bonus as im a big fan of that, as well as far as actually putting it together.

Well, its not overly complicated, even though it is a high end kit. All you got to do is take your time, follow the directions closely and make sure you look out for the little warning signs, because theres a lot of intricate pieces on here that have to be placed a certain way. So please make sure you pay careful attention to that or else youre going to find yourself backtracking and having to take parts of the car off and redoing it. And i also have to give tamiya a lot of credit here, because you can see that they put a lot of thought into this kit. They obviously took you, know, bits and pieces from the ta, 07 or other tao touring cars, but more so they took a lot of you know: ideas from the trf 420, which you see embedded in this. So this is definitely going to be a high performance car and its going to be awesome and im really looking forward to eventually having phil get this back in his hands and then put whatever kind of nuclear power plant. It is in here and get it up and running, so we can get some great action footage of that before i go. I just wanted to share a couple things that im kind of surprised with with this kit. So i have a little notes over here of things that i compiled throughout the build and its not much only take me a couple seconds to get through.

First, there are a ton and i mean a ton of shims in building this of all different sizes, and it drove me crazy because i was like this one looks like a fit. No, this one looks like a fit and theyre all very, very similar. So good luck with that all right also um, like i said just not too long ago, be careful throughout the steps, because there are little like warning signs or reminders of certain bits and pieces that have to be placed a certain way. Um also the front and rear diffs. The internal gears are plastic, which kind of surprised me. I thought for a more high end kit. They would be metal, but then again i could see to reduce weight. They would use plastic and thats most likely. Why, at first i was kind of like oh thats, thats thats, a surprise to me so but then again, like i said, probably because of weight to cut down on weight on this car, because after all, it is super light. I know i dont have a motor and electronics or anything in here, but this is very, very light. Okay, also, while they do give you ball bearings, okay, you would think it was completely ball race throughout there are actually. Where did i write this down? Metal bronze? Bearings or bronze bushings, i guess you can call them uh use that are located between the differential, joint and the main diff housing.

So i was a little taken back with that because its such a high end kit for like 300, and i think it was around 330 dollars. I think this kit is youd think that it would be completely ball race, but yet they skimp out on four little areas of the car and give you those metal bushings. I i dont get tamiya. Why couldnt? They just include the four barracks right and finally – and this one was the kicker for me as ive – never experienced anything like this before, but when building those big bore, shocks, youre gon na have to drill your own hole to make your own bleeder cap for the Shocks and youre gon na need a one millimeter drill bit, so ive never had to do that before on any other tamiya or kyosho kit that ive built. So that was kind of new for me and kind of threw me for a loop and, if youre, looking at your standard drill bits, i think the smallest size that come like in kits is like 1 16. So you might have to run out to your local hardware store to pick up that one millimeter drill bit okay, so i thought you should know that all right now, as far as this, its going back to fix it phil one of the gentlemen that we race With here on the channel again, this is his. He let me have it to build it here on the channel, and we want to do a running video next, so its going to go back to him, hes going to put in his own electronics paint up his own custom body, get some tires on here and Then were gon na meet up so this way we can get some action footage which im really looking forward to so hopefully that video will be out um.

You know very soon, all right. Well, i know it was a rather lengthy video with a lot of information and thats because theres a lot of very cool features of this car. So i hope you enjoyed it and i hope that if youre interested in getting a ta08 youre gon na pull the trigger now and get one alright so again give the video a thumbs up. Please hit the subscribe button if youre not a subscriber and everyone.