Welcome back to another episode from am pro engineering. I’Ve got some good stuff for this episode. Anybody used to this channel is aware of my obsession with lighting picked up this new set from my trick. Rc. This is the sq1 controller, which apparently is very new and is more on their cost effective side of things you can see. It’S got a bunch of stuff that comes with it, but i’ve also picked up some additional hardware for this let’s open. This up here are some installation hardware, these little things i find that are often overlooked. These help you to route the wiring in the body and just really tidy things up so don’t toss. Those aside here are quite a number of leds, and this here is the main controller. All right, so it’s got some velcro on the bottom. This little button here will set up different programs and then we’ve got quite a number of lugs, so what’s cool about this. Okay, you can see there’s only six plugs that doesn’t mean you can’t run more than six different lighting effects. You also have the option to run these little y splitters. Now there are some that go from one to two, and there also are some that go from one to three. However, my trick rc has informed me that this is not something that you can add on to exponentially the greater the number of leds, the dimmer they will get, which makes perfect sense.

Now here we are being told to go to the website to check out the instructions which i think is a good idea, because otherwise we’re wasting a lot of paper, so we’ll just go. There do as they say, insert sq1. Now this comes in a couple of configurations in this case. This is the attack after burner kit, which is designed for drift cars, and, as you can see, it comes with all the stuff down here. You can start off by buying this kit just the way it is. You can also in a moment you’ll see it on the internet, but you can also go on there and customize it by adding splitters additional leds. You can also go on to the page for just the sq1 and just pick and choose exactly what you want for your application. Links to all this are in the description now on their website. You can see here that we’ve got. You know basic information about the sq1, but, more importantly down here, you can select the controller which you probably kind of need. Here’S, your servo y cable. Perhaps you’ve got your own. You don’t have to get another one, but you can get it here. Here’S, your nine volt adapter, so in the event you don’t want to run it off the car. You want to run off nine volt power, so you can there here’s the two way expander. Secondly, you’ve got your three way led and then down here is where you select the leds that you want here.

We’Ve got five millimeter three millimeters, so just make sure that you pick the correct diameter. These are all single leds and these are all dual leds and then down here, you’ll get your subtotal and you click that little button and you’re good to go. I really like this interface because it allows you to really customize what you want all right: let’s search. First thing that shows up is the instruction manual and very nicely we’ve got all the information ahead of us, and this is quite a quite a lovely manual here. One thing to note here is that we have a single wire harness that goes to the controller as well to the motor there’s, nothing here for a turn signal, and that is because, in this particular product it does not have left and right turn signals anybody out. There, with a crawler, a trail truck any kind of vehicle that wouldn’t usually use a left or right turn signal. This is the way to go all right. This is potentially the most important page of the manual we can see here how the ports are listed and then down here what they all do. This is for mode 0, which is all off. So if you wanted to have the lighting off during the day, this is the mode you would be in all leds on so mode 2 has dim headlights as well as dim tail lights, but mode 3 has dim headlights with tail and brake lights.

Uh reverse, as well as backfire, that’ll be interesting mode. Four is what i’m looking for it’s got our full headlights, operational tail and brake lights in reverse, as well as the back again the backfires i don’t know how that works. Let’S! Take a look at that mode. Five is for random when you park your rc car at the rave, six is strobe headlights uh for when you’re back at your car at the rave just joking. I know this is probably for drifting let’s start with our white headlights. I would imagine so we have a headlight, a and headlight b, which are going to go into this port and this port. These are for both white headlights. Okay, so i’ve got my white headlights. I’Ve got my yellow fog lights here, they’re just called uh here’s, just headlight port, a and b amber is our running lights d, a reverse tail is red and then for backfire. I went ahead and threw in the red ones. Next we’ll plug this connector into the splitter, okay, again just making sure that our wire colors match – and i have gone ahead and whipped up this little nonsense to plug things in and look less ridiculous than i do previously. So let’s go ahead and unplug the speed control there plug in the speed control and just confirming the wires all match up and then we’ll plug this into the receiver in the second port. Let’S turn the system on starting at the first time we are at mode 0, which is all off press.

Our mode button here is all on now mode. Two will give us our dim headlights, okay, so we’re flashing, the hazards, because it also does hazards after 15 seconds of inactivity, so we’ll accelerate, so there’s our headlights dim tail lights at the brakes. So, in this case here the reverse lights are going to be brake lights, we’ll go to mode three, okay, so for mode three, we still have the dim headlights, but for that one we have got reverse lights, so our brakes reverse mode. Four should brighten our headlights, nice and we’ll still get our accelerating, braking reverse and are backfiring. I have so many uses for this okay mode. Five, just uh, you know random flashing, accelerate there we go and mode. Six is only random flashing headlights, but we still get operational yeah. We operational tail lights and reverse lights. All right, let’s go back to our favorite mode, so that’s back to zero mode, one mode, two mode, three mode. Four! I know what you’re thinking that’s going to be horrible to have to set it back to mode four. Every single time. Well, let’s see if that’s the case so shut that off let’s go ahead and unplug the battery just to make sure that all the power is gone turn it back on make sure that all the caps are drained plug this back in and turn these back on And i would say it should start at mode four, okay, so there you are mode.

Four accelerate brake, reverse, really easy to set this thing up here. I love how long this cable is usually at least in my experience, it’s very very short, and this ends up, meaning that when you want to remove the body, you’ve got about three inches to lift the body up wedge your hand in there and unplug it. This is not the case, so that’s really really nice and yeah. Fine, it doesn’t have left and right turn signals, but, to be honest, there aren’t that many applications that i want to have the turn signals. So i think this is the way to go now. The last thing i wanted to do is plug in the y splitter into a single port. You can see here that i have two pairs of whites, both plugged into a single port, so that is great. This means that i can have headlights or quad headlights, headlights and uh fog lights whatever now, what i can’t have are: yellow and white together or white and red white has a higher current draw than red or yellow, and this means that the white is not going To work when the lower current draw ones are plugged in now, these keep shutting off because they’re on the hazard mode. This will really allow you to customize the number of lights that you can have on this sq1. Here again, this is called the sq1 from my trick. Rc you can get that from their website.

Mytrickrc.Com and uh i’ve got a place. This is gon na. Go so you’ll be seeing this again very soon. Thank you all.