This review off very well – am i i’ve been here before let’s put it that way. Nonetheless, straight off the bat this uh, you know it looks, looks good, but what the heck does come on. What okay we’ve got some information here: six white lights: three: are you worthless blue lights, yellow, not enough red, not enough? Okay, so i’m, already pissed off there’s. Your part number right! There we’ve got this, so this is telling me that we don’t have turn signals it’s. Okay, not everything needs turn signals here’s our diagram. Actually, the instructions look very nice. They really do look nice, nice and clean and tidy. We can see the orientation that they want. This in i don’t know, might not be too bad. Let’S take a look here, so we can see what the content is. Uh did i hmm that’s interesting you don’t, oh here they are okay. Here the led holders and the doubles of tape. They don’t have any kind of wire routing, which is always really nice, but that’s. Okay, so let’s start plugging stuff in what’s. Really interesting is that these are all on single. Well, i don’t know what this thing is for here i don’t know, but i like pushing the button, so we do yeah. This is really weird. I mean everything is on one strand. I don’t know why they made that decision. Okay, i guess that’s. The thing here nicely labeled, though i’m, not gon na, complain about that all right, so our red we’re, looking over here we’ll, go right there, okay, so these are our red um to save time i’m gon na plug everything in the way it shows there and then Come right back that is all plugged in no problem whatsoever.

We’Ll take the splitter okay. That goes right here. I’Ve got my little jig here, we’ll unplug our throttle, plug that in here again, taking note of the polarity and plug that in here and now i’m going to shut the lights off a little bit and turn these on. Okay, so everything is on. The whites are very, very bright, where’s red i don’t, see. Okay, hear the reds, uh brightness looks, looks quite good. That’S very good let’s take a look at uh this little mode. Here there are four modes that can be set up optionally and this you can have it stick through the body if you want let’s shut that back off. Oh hang, a second before i do that let’s see. If the throttle does anything in the default position. Nope. Nothing at all, okay – this is just all on next we’ll plug in the switch turn that back on all right, so so by default, we’re in mode one all on mode, two and i’m gon na just pull this up here and if you wan na pause, you Can read everything modes two and three are really not for me back of the led. Why so fast? At the same time, flashing red? Alternatively, i’m curious, okay, let’s just go to mode two! Okay, the headlights are flashing. The blue! Oh wait! There are blues! Also flashing. Oh okay, that’s interesting: this did i plug something in backwards. That is exactly i’ll.

Have this plugged in here’s, blue and here’s, blue and they’re both on the extremities one is on one is not all the whites should be flashing. Have i done something wrong come here? You, okay, so that there okay now i’m following the instructions for mode one which means the blue lights, should be not flashing and the white lights should be flashing, so let’s revisit that do we have all four and we’re going down here. So this is right for the front of the car. The white is flashing, the blue is on back of the card, white is on yellow and red rice are flashing quickly, yellow and red are the same problem, here’s, yellow and red. This red is flashing. This yellow is not flashing, as i showed in the video. I clearly ignored the leads of the plugs and just assumed that these three and these three plugged into the first and second three same with the bottom, so just follow this okay. So now that is on and this one should be flashing. Try this again where’s my little button thing. It’S gone, never see it again, that’s mode, two for mode three i’ll press this once so they should all be flashing, that’s kind of cool strobing here. So it looks like the blue and the okay: the whites are flashing in a linear fashion, that’s very cool. The blues are not they’re just flashing, it appears the rear is the same okay.

The two whites are flashing and flashing together, and these guys here are flashing. Sequentially, if i got that right, i might have gotten it right. Four white is always on and the front uh yellow is flashing. Slowly. Would that be flashing? Slow? You know it could be. Yeah white is always on at the front of the car that’s correct. The blues are also alternating here, and the red should also be here. The rears are flashing, alternatively, that’s correct. So to be honest for me, i would set it up here: okay, that’s, all on we’ll, try again, okay mode, one mode, two mode, three mode. Four. I still have yet to see what the throttle does is it plugged in it’s on okay, so it seems like all this is. All this is doing is just using power if you’re confused about this review join the club. For me, okay, i’m, not going to say for everybody. I do understand why now it’s all set up independently of each other, because they do have this chasing effect, which is impossible if they were set up together. Definitely not something that i would use other than in the full on position. However, some of that strobing and chasing could be kind of cool depending on your application. If you’ve got a drift car, this might be right up your alley. What i do want to try is i’m going to borrow one of these from my trick: rc let’s, unplug, one white and let’s – see if i can plug in believe me here, but this is a dual white i’m just curious.

If this has enough power to run this wow yeah, it does huh that’s, not bad. I wish i had something more operational, like brake lights and reverse lights, but let’s just think about this for a minute. If you’ve got a car with headlights and driving lights and roll bar lights, this might be doable, it really might be doable now, anyway, you know how it operates so again. You know the part number is c23385, a gt power, complete, led kit with control box module. So, in conclusion, for me i think this is a lot of money for just a steady state set and remember that you’re not going to get brake turn or reverse lights. But if you are into drift cars – or you are looking for something with flashing lights, then perhaps 20 – something 21 22 with a well thought out. Product may be worth it to you. Unfortunately, when i purchased this, nowhere was this stated now it’s been about six months ago that i bought this, and the purpose of these videos is to clarify the functionality of a lot of these sets available on ebay, banggood or other sites out there. So folks, i hope this was informative. I do have another gt power, video coming soon, as well as another from my trick rc. So please stay tuned and see here. Let’S move this over there and this guy’s coming soon as well.