So you get notification when we post the next video, as we have many more products like this coming up for review. So let’s take a look at this eachine air loader, which is uh kind of controversial. But then, in this video we are going to be uh neutral about it and i’ll put my honest review in this wow the goodies and i’m, not going to bore you with a detailed unboxing or parts about it, because i believe ali shamal has done a very Detailed video about this product wow some say it looks really ugly, but then i really dig the look of this looks really futuristic but some sort of a spaceship, and i really like it seriously. Honestly speaking, i really like it. I really like this design, not something that only the mother loves. Okay, then close the hatch with the magnet well. This is really carrying no xt60 connector that’s screwed, as well extra of this of what i’m not sure. Oh, some more grill for the front cable tie. So oh yep, the airspeed sensor mount. Then you can mount it uh either here, oh here, okay, so it’s away from the airflow passing over the body, there’s also some more screws. This area will put your flight controller below that plenty of space inside here. To put your flight controller or your esc, they molded this extra layer of foam here to properly secure it. I really like the design, looks really like modern, futuristic kind of shape, so that’s the connector over there.

This soldering, it looks alright, still looks fine, it’s thicker than what i expect and then it’s really stiff, though so the vertical stabilizer, with a 3m tape on it there’s something new. I also saw the extra vertical stabilizer on the front motor mount yeah i’ll, be doing a twin tractor setup right away, which means i have really great experience with a twin rotor. It makes launching way easier. This is basically basically the plane pulls out. From your hand, looks like there’s a slight uh down truss. They already molded the lines over here as a reference carbon boom for the main wing and there’s, two of it black and white sticker instruction manual. The cg clearly marked here as well, really well thought out. Airframe, for just mentioned this new features introduced in this model as well, so, instead of getting your belly scratched now, you have this as a surface to be sacrificed during landing Music. Okay, guys, we finally have this ready for maiden and before that, i’ll briefly go through my setup. I have a maytag f405 wing over here configured and this motor here they are by t moto 2508 size and kv 1700. They are able to run 5s but i’m running this on 4s setup with a 6 by 4 inch apc propeller. But then this is under prop. You can go even further until 7 inch. I have a f5 sky xm plus here. This is a very old 5.

8 vtx, just for temporarily as i’ll be mounting the receiver and vtx over here. I have also already soldered the required connectors for it under this tape so that i can smile receiver, servo and also esc on the wing, and this one has a hot removable easily. This has easily detachable wing with the screw here then the servos they are the emex es08 analog. So four servos on this plane battery will be using two piece of thousand five hundred milliamp 4s lipo battery by infinity, also ese. Here they are by cyclone 45m that support up to 6l and this esc, and with this moto combo, i really love it. It’S freaking, smooth, crazy, crazy smooth and you can find all the same thing. I use here in the link in description just check out the link in description. A lot of people say this is ugly plane, but for me this is a very beautiful plane looks like a robot. Also. I really like the material on this foam because normally other plane as you build, you get dents and scratches everywhere, but in this one it’s perfect man. This is after built. It looks as new as when i got it out of the box. Today is the maiden so wish me luck, man, no, no, no, no, no cold, Music! That was really scary because the plane keep keep climbing up and then my propeller is too small. So i have to be at very high throttle so now i’m flying on manual on uh, stabilized mode is fine, really fine, because it holds it level manual.

This is weird. I think this i think it’s meant to be designed like that so i’m, just i gon na know, maybe continue flying or because i don’t have gps signal i’m, not sure what’s wrong with that i’m on over 50 throttle because i’m under prop. I have to keep up with the speed flying on manual. I think it’s, fine, it’s, really smooth it’s quiet as well it’s a nice plane. I think yes it’s it’s well designed well built it’s, very solid. You can feel that it’s very solid stabilized mode actually flies. Damn nice long range fpv plane, so i think it’s meant to be flown to be managed by autopilot landing to keep my throttle high because of the character of it. I mean because of the under prop issue facing wind, oops, oops, okay feels so scary. My uh armpit is flowing, the sweat is flowing down. My armpit let’s see what’s the voltage like 3.8 motor is a bit hot. Due to the high throttle battery is a little bit. Warm cracker is fine, so yep, so i think that’s, the maiden it’s a great plane, but still to be discovered. You can feel that it’s really really solid tracks very well it’s a solid build plane because of this reinforcement, very strong carbon tube with aluminum tailbone. So all in all i’m, not ending my voltage yet there’ll be more video coming from this let’s say for long range, so that’s all for the review, video of the air loader.

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