So we got an rc toy helicopter here very similar to the e110 that i reviewed not too long ago, but the 120 does not come with the video system, the camera and the or the wi fi fpv, and probably for a good reason. Um. While these are the same price, they had probably added this camera just because it was a pretty cheap off the shelf part and really didnt add much to this model, not too usable and the image quality wasnt so great. So i bet this was probably very low. Cost part to add to their system, but not terribly useful. If you missed that video ill link that video down in the video descriptions, a pretty cool dual blade helicopter here and it flies pretty nice, the 120 uses the exact same remote controller. In fact, this is the same controller i just i just uh, i tested it out. It just bind up no problem um. I just didnt want to take the batteries out this one and put it in the other one, because its exactly the same and it looks like it works. This uses a smaller battery, its a 350 milliamp hour 1s, and it charges a few micro usb here on the side similar to the other battery on the 110, but its a little bit smaller in capacity has a little light here on the side. I should show you the battery charge its fully charged, and it goes into the bottom here and again nokia.

No, you know fpv system on this one just line of sight flying four blade here and on this one here: um and a rear rotor in the back brushed motors. Of course, at this price point thats about what you can expect, you do have a light here. In the front and in the back red one in the back and a white one in the front, got your landing feet. Battery slides in to the bottom like this, and it just snaps right in it does have optical flow as well like the e110 but uh. I dont expect it to work uh. It didnt work on the 110, but if you look at the scale details on this model, pretty nice at this price point again same price as the other one. I think the base is like 80 and then its like five dollars more for each extra battery. You get um surprising that they made this out of plastic its a little heavy, but its got four blades, not sure about the 15 minute flight time that theyre advertising. Well see the um 110 flew for 15 minutes, so uh its a smaller battery, sometimes im kind of wondering how theyre gon na get 15 minutes on a little bit heavier setup here but yeah. I like the uh. I like the scale details on this one. I wanted to show you this on a little bit better camera, not sure about the gold plated uh exhaust ports in the back there im, not sure.

If this i think this is a scale, a replica of another model ill put it up here on the screen. What it is, but um the lights back here are not are not real. These are just uh painted on lights, but yeah lets go ahead and uh. Im gon na obviously fly a line of sight, no fpv in this one. If you um uh want to see an fpv conversion on one of the easier this one or the 110, someone was asking about that in that video um. I only got a couple people that are interested. So if youre, one of those silent types that doesnt comment, if youre interested in that, let me know if theres more interest, i might uh, spend the time to do that because i you know its uh, not i dont think its gon na. Be that super easy. You got ta, take it all apart its like little screws here on the side and then you got ta, get inside there and find a voltage source and then uh probably modify the canopy here somewhere to stick a camera. So you can look out and um. These dont fly particularly that stable for fpv, so it might not be that easy to fly plus you have to get the cg right and everything so yeah ill. Only do it if theres lots of uh people speaking up about that but yeah it doesnt look like uh on the 110 theres, just a couple: people that suggested it.

But if youre interested in that, let me know in the comments. If i dont hear from you, then ill assume that no one wants it. Okay lets go see how this flies all right. So we got a wind coming from my left here, so im gon na try and take it off in that direction and it works the same way got three speeds: uh take off and landing button here you can see. I have aileron and pitch control. Take off Music, so yeah the wind is pretty severe as expected, its not uh really holding position. I have to control it, let go and it just kind of drifts off here its not too bad, but the winds just just really too much for it. Although really youd ought to be able to with optical flow, we really should be able to stay in one spot. Let me get closer to the ground thats, not too bad, but you got ta, get really close to the ground and its still drifting off here now. I just fly it around the downwind, much faster upwind, not as fast, but the altitude hold is not as decent. I mean not to im, not managing the throttle too much. So if you one of those pilots that has a lot of trouble managing throttle this ones. Okay for that, but you do have to fly it around and i would not recommend flying in any kind of wind overall, all right for the money and for the line of sight, this last late type flying its not too bad.

But you know im not a healthy guy im sure so many hardcore healthy guys are like whats this. This is a toy. Well yeah, its a toy, its a toy heli cant do any 3d or anything fancy. You know. Oh dont hit the car ive attracted a butterfly. Oh, he went away so actually this is not as agile as the 110. I can tell it its obviously because its heavier the wind is kind of coming and going Music. Okay. So, by the way i am flying it very close on purpose, so you guys can see it in the camera, see the wind just kind of hitting it, but it you know the gyro is stabilizations, not too bad huh, but yes uh. I would normally fly it about this far away. I see it totally fine, but you guys cant see it in the camera so thats. Why im flying a lot closer? You guys are probably wondering about that. Oh and i can see the lights there lets bring it a little closer here, so you see theres a white light there in the front theres a red one in the back there Music, but this is uh yeah im flying a lot closer so that the camera Can can pick it up? The wind sometimes pushes it a little bit too close to me. I just have to kind of dodge out of the way, not a big deal and im sure ill, probably get cut by the blades, but its not going to kill me all right lets.

Do a uh full speed throttle downwind, oh its fast upwind. I got some speed, pretty speed demons out there lets do some tornadoes here, some whatever these are called funnels. Yes, wind is a little gnarly man flight times, not bad, actually, im not going to run it down the whole way, because i got to get going on. My lunch break right now, but if you want to see like uh fpv camera on here again, let me know in the comments all right lets bring it down in front of me here getting kind of low. Oh, this wind is always really really going gnarly. Now wind is gnarly real low here, bring it down whoa a little bit of a bump. There lets bring it in front of me here and hit the landing button. You still have control over it, but itll hit the ground, and then the props will stop all right its gon na.