On the box other than the front picture, so shock absorber, planet gear, wheel, motor high speed and wave box double current alrighty, so i got everything out of the box and it seems like they haven’t, given me a charger, so it has an 18650 1200 milliamp, 7.4 Volt lithium ion battery in it and the charger is actually stored in the bottom of the tank itself, which is pretty cool so that’s, where your charger goes and your battery goes in there. But if you really wanted to – and i reckon it may be – a smart idea – because the videos i’ve seen on these trucks or tanks they’re quite tail heavy – they like to wheelie a lot. So if you actually remove this in a divider, you’ll be able to get a much bigger battery in there or just move your battery as forward as possible. To give yourself, you know that that front weight so there’s not much to the instructions. Just two little pages, explaining kind of how to install your battery and how to use the the vehicle itself. So it has got a couple of little features. As you saw in the in the intro, you can open the doors or windows put a little dirt in there. If you wanted, i suppose, and it has got lights once we put the put the battery in there and turn it on i’m, not sure whether it’s got rear lights. Um no but there’s a couple of little light tubs that you could probably put a couple of globes in and get going as well.

It does have suspension, as you can see all around the middle is a little bit stiff, that’s, good, yeah, nice front suspension and that’s pretty much it there’s, not much else to it. When i pull it apart and change it to brushless. If i can i’ll show you all the insides show you all. The electronics and yeah see how we go from there. The controller is very basic, so it’s, just on and off uh there’s, no steering trim or dual rates or anything just on and off, steering throttle in reverse and it takes three double a’s. So let’s take this outside and see if we can have a bit of fun with it Music, this thing’s awesome, Music, ugh Music. You didn’t think i wasn’t gon na try it here. It’S good fun get a little bit of a rooster spray off it. Actually, oh there we go. This is really good fun, guys seriously for just over 50 australian dollars so worth it. Applause, Music, Applause, Music, uh, all right guys. I really want to challenge this thing. This hill here and all the rocks just here, it’s a it’s. Definitely more of a crawler type of area, but i think this is going to be pretty capable seems pretty good. So far, yeah the tracks are a little bit slippery. Oh yep! We might not be able to get up that big steep bit there. Oh, maybe we can seriously Music wow Music. This thing is such a surprise, slippery, coming down, whoa, Music Applause yeah.

This is amazing. This thing a little bit more front heavy a little bit more front weight and it’ll help a lot, no way: Music laughs, Music, it’s, like it doesn’t, want to get up and then all of a sudden it gets a bit of grip under those tracks and there We go it’s up, that’s, excellent Applause, Music, all day; Applause, Music Applause, uh, Music Applause, that’s, the battery guys all right guys. So as i’ve been saying the whole time, this thing is definitely worth the money. I think, as i said, i paid just under 60 australian dollars off ebay and it’s way more capable than i ever imagined, with a little bit bigger battery or just more weight to the front. This would be even more capable it’ll be more like a crawler or not not saying this is anything like a crawler, but it does definitely act similar to a crawler when you, you know you take it easy on that throttle. So it’s really really good fun. Definitely worth the money go out and get yourselves one of these if you’re, just looking for something different, all right guys cheers catch us in the next video and stay safe, uh, Music, oh Music time Music! Well, thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video don’t, forget, leave a like subscribe.